The Search For THE ONE continues….

I think it just hit me now that my wedding is in 2.5 months and that I DONT have a dress yet! It’s a bit unsettling that I have pretty much EVERYTHING done except for finding THE dress. Here a couple of shots that the amazing Jana Williams shot of me at my GENLUX  magazine bridal cover shoot. (HERE’S a peak at the cover shot)  I’ve tried on possibly every type of dress that you can imagine…but why oh why is it so hard for me to pick out THE ONE?

So maybe YOU can be my stylist this time around. What style should my Wedding Dress be?

1.Soft & Romantic (1st  & last look)

dress by Monique Lhuillier//Sash- Temperley London//Shoes- Christian Louboutin

2.Classic & Vintage ( 2nd & 3rd look)

dress by Monique Lhuillier //Sash- Temperley London

3. Glam & a bit of Drama (4th look)

dress by Tadashi Shoji/ headpiece by Twigs & Honey//Shoes- Christian Louboutin

Let me know your thoughts!!!


Photography by Jana Williams//Styling Associate- Laura Arias of Chriselle Inc. // Hair by Daven Mayeda// Make up by Leibi Carias// Florals & Set design by Shawna Yamamoto // Creative direction by- Jeannie Savage of Details Details // Cakes by Rumy

  • Kera says:

    Can anyone tell me who designed dress # 2 (photos 2 & 3) pleaseeee??

  • Lrkilpack says:

    I am also getting married in 3 months and love this dress #2. Anyone know where I can find it or one like it?

  • Lrkilpack says:

    I am also getting married in 3 months and love this dress. Anyone know where I can find it or one like it?

  • Kayleen says:

    I am getting married soon and I am absolutely in love with dress #2. I have looked all over and I cannot find it anywhere–do you know where I could find it?

  • Caroline says:

    Vintage looks gorgeous! I think the v-back and lace also qualifies this dress as romantic so hey- it’s a two in one dress 😉

  • Hope Moua says:

    You look gorgeous in dress #2 but I think you should have a soft and romantic dress .

  • April says:

    I think the vintage on or the romantic one. Either way you look GORGEOUS

  • Nina says:

    classic and vintage! but you’d look amazing in any dress you pick anyway!

  • Angela says:

    the second dress for sure! you look so elegant and classy. <3

  • angela says:

    soft and romantic!! what colors did you pick for your wedding?

  • Ana bejasa says:

    Sweetheart you look beautiful in the vintage classic…

  • Jennifer Smith says:

    Love your blog! But please stop using the word ‘peak’ instead of ‘peek’.

  • hui mi says:

    CLASSIC and VINTAGE !!! you look amazing !!!

  • line says:

    number 2 love it :)

  • Jodie says:

    I really like you in the (2)Classic and Vintage look. GORGEOUS! But you also look stunning in (1) Soft and Romantic.

  • pui says:

    i luv 1.Soft & Romantic it sexy and classic that very suit to u

  • Karina says:

    classic and vintage FOR SURE <333

  • Pin says:

    i’m stuck between the classic & vintage and the soft & romantic one! the soft &romantic one has a really great neckline and its very sexy in a classic way! the classic&vintage one has very nice details though and makes you look very elegant. maybe you should combine the two dresses, LOL

  • Kaishi says:

    Definitely the 2nd dress!

  • Ophélie says:

    I love the first & second dress but I think the second is more flattering on you ! :)

  • Ixara says:

    #2. You look beautiful in it! Like the perfect bride!

  • Siboney says:

    Definitely number 2!

  • Jane says:

    Number 2 – It’s looked perfect on you. The’re chic and classic.

    I think, that the first doesn’t fit on you and the third are too fussy.

  • Olivia says:

    I absolutely LOVE your look in the last photo. I think soft and romantic look suits you best :)

  • Amel says:

    You look like an angel on #2 dress, Chriselle! :)

  • Gladys G. says:

    Hi Chriselle! I think classic and vintage suits you best! :-)

  • Annie C. says:

    Number 1:)

  • Lyra F. says:

    Hey Criselle, I think the second dress(classic vintage) suits you the best. Although the RSoft & Romantic dresses are very beautiful and creates an aura of femininity, it doesn’t make a bold enough statement for someone like you. The Glam with a bit of Drama certainly makes a statement, however, would you like to remember yourself(who cares what others think, it’s YOUR wedding after all)as the Drama Queen on you’re wedding day? I don’t think so. However, for the vintage pieces, you can add a more contemporary accessory to jazz up the look, no more lace though! You have enough on your dress! xoxo

  • Roxanne says:

    Classic and Vintage

    Best Wishes!!!

  • Vanessa P. says:

    2nd, without a doubt .

  • Jammie says:

    Number 2! :)

  • kate says:

    4th look, feminine yet sexy

  • Olga says:

    I think I won’t be the first to say, that 2.Classic & Vintage is the best one!!! Good luck with choosing! 😀

  • Larissa says:

    the first one ! it’s soft, romantic and flowy, and it’s gorgeous ! <3

  • Cherry says:

    #2. It looks incredibly well on you. Stylish but classic, and I always adored long-sleeved wedding gowns 😉

  • Nicole says:

    I would say either Soft & Romantic or Classic & Vintage, although I am leaning a little into the first because I’m partial to Monique Lhuillier dresses. :)

  • Nhung says:

    Number 4 love it

  • Mary says:

    soft and romantic =)

  • Abbie SHull says:

    The second/third look is incredible!

  • R. says:

    I’m into vintage dresses myself and planning to get a similar one for mine but I like the first dress on you better. :)

  • Julie says:

    I love the #2 look on you. Very soft and romantic for your wedding day. It is a bit more conservative than the other choices but I know if I saw that exact look at a wedding I would be in awe. Congrats and God bless your union.

  • Syahirah says:

    choose style #2! you look beautiful in the classic and vintage style.

  • Vivien Chiu says:

    Hi, Chriselle! I prefer the classic and vintage look its because I love the lace at the back and the design of the wedding dress. Have a nice morning, afternoon and night! Stay Chic! <3
    – Pikachu :3

  • Clarine says:

    for me for u — Definitely ~ Classic & Vintage! xoxo

  • Denise says:

    #2 looks amazing on you! #1 does not do your shoulders justice. #3 adds unnecessary drama. #2 says classy and elegant. :)

  • cat says:

    Classic and vintage…the modern one is too busy, the first one is nice too but you look best in lace :)

  • simplychic says:

    #1 is fantastic!

  • Manpreet says:

    You look amazing in #2…:D

  • Oofie says:

    CLASSIC & VINTAGE for sure!!

  • Whoops, sorry .. The 2nd/3rd dress was the classy and conservative one I was talking about.

  • I love the first/second dress. It looks amazing!! I’m even hoping to have a similar dress like that for when I get married: Classy and Conservative at the front and then showing some skin at the back (:
    Good luck on finding The One Chriselle. I’m sure many would agree that any dress you choose will look wonderful on you!

  • Angie says:

    I love the absolutely love the Classic and Vintage look on you! Good luck on finding The One! and congrats on your engagement!!

  • Arie-Lynn says:

    I think #1 or #2 look a-may-zing. #4 is too dramatic.
    Good luck on finding The dress. (don’t stress out :))
    Lookin as pretty as ever

  • Monica says:

    definitely #2, classic&vintage. (:

  • Ashley says:

    The first and second look amazing on you. The lace dress is very Kate Middleton. I think you should check out Her bridal dresses are gorgeous. I like the ones mainly in the spring/summer 2012 collection. “Anya”, “Aspen”, and “Willow” are my favorites. I feel like Anya has more lavish feeling, but the bustier and detailing would compliment your figure. Aspen and Willow have a similar shape but Willow has more crystals whereas Aspen incorporates lace into the design as well.

  • Carmen says:

    Classic and vintage! You look GORGEOUS in lace long-sleeves!

  • Sierra says:

    I definitely think classic and vintage looks the best. It suits you very well and you look absolutely gorgeous in it!!

  • tlbl says:

    i would choose number 2. it may be a tad bit more conservative, but i feel like number 3 (based on the limited view of it from the photo) is a bit too dramatic and busy. I think number 1, while being very beautiful, does not seem interesting enough to suit you. number 2 is very flattering and pretty.

  • Cassandra says:

    #2 of course

  • Andrea Yun says:

    Classic and vintage! definitely! It suits you so well!

  • Zan says:

    You look amazing in #2.

  • Laura says:

    2. classic & vintage

  • mon says:

    the 1st one =)

  • malak says:

    the second one is a win!

  • Valeriya says:

    Of course classic and vintage.

  • Joan says:

    Classic and vintage, definitely.

  • Heyni Solera says:

    Classic and vintage. Love that dress on you.

  • Mendy says:

    Definitely the vintage one! Goshh love that one soo muchh ! Looks a bit like the one that Kate Middleton wore btw.. But the long sleeves are anyway amazing! 😀 Good luch with choosing the right dress!

  • Cindie Do says:

    Lace – and – Laces
    The best look for you is the second dress, it’s a full vintage and romantic lace dress. I love it, beside … it looked like it designed for you!

  • Toni says:

    2. Classic and Vintage

  • Serena says:

    I love the Soft & Romantic AND the Classic & Vintage, but it’s all up to you! You are beautiful in everything you put together. My only concern would be if the lace sleeves become uncomfortable in the summer heat, but that type of problem usually depends on where your ceremony will be and everything. I wish you the best!

  • Ksu says:

    2.Classic & Vintage ( 2nd & 3rd look)
    It’s amazing! Looks perfect on you)

  • Karla says:

    Classic&Vintage.. it’s just gorgeous!

  • Mrs.B says:

    glam and a bit of drama

  • joy says:

    the vintage one!!! it’s just PERFECT!!!

  • kathy says:

    the second one! really looks beautiful on you :)

  • Oline says:

    Wups, i ment number 1 and 2 😀

  • Oline says:

    Number 2 and 3, so classic :-)

  • Afrodite says:

    Wish you the best! Have a happy and wonderful marriage! (:

  • linda says:

    Definitely classic and vintage! you suit it 100% 😀

  • shiela grace says:

    id go for the soft and romantic..
    i went to a lot of weddings and brides do look great showing their sexy skin with gown flowing while they walk the isle..
    good both in photos, videos and also in person..

  • Shirley says:

    definitely the vintage. looks like everyone before me thinks the same too!

  • Lisa says:

    I’d go for classic and vintage! this dress looks like it was made for you.

  • Rachelle says:

    Classic and vintage 😀

  • lindas says:

    2.Classic & Vintage LOOK the best
    You are very skinny the 1st one sow your bone it is scary to me

  • jedi says:

    The “I’m-already-pregnant-look” is best. If I am wrong about your tastes in clothes, please, I just mean that you appear to be gaining weight or are a little heavier in the eyes and hips – that’s all. Though you don’t look pregnant or anything.
    I think that you should wear the wedding dress that makes you look the most desirable. I mean, what husband wouldn’t want his wife to be the least pregnant looking woman there ever was? Really, that’s all. The last picture is hottest. Give him that.

  • lily says:

    classic and vintage, please, i’m not bashing but no.1 is lack of drapery in the chest area, it make your figure look too thin. i love glam drama tadashi shoji minus the drama (the feathers or what it calls)

  • Vanessa Kwan says:

    Asdfghjkl! You look so pretty in all of them! Personally, I really like the classic and vintage on! (:

  • Gina Zammit says:

    You’re so glamorous! I think the 4th look – the headpiece, overcoat and shoes fits your style and personality the best!

  • Caitlyn says:

    I love the first one it suites you best
    god bless on your wedding

  • Karen says:

    You have really amazing shoulders and collarbones so the soft and romantic look really shows that off!
    But I think the vintage look is a bit more different, just because more bridal dresses seem to show more flesh, and this will stand out. The back cut-out is very nice too!
    But based on the fact that you’ll probably take more photos from the front, I’d vote the soft and romantic look… If you think you can work the vintage look’s cut-out into a lot of your photos, then go for that 😉
    Either way, I’m sure you’ll look wonderful! Enjoy

  • Angel says:

    I love how all the dresses looks on you! I think the best dress that looks nice on you would be #1. Soft & Romantic! It gives that elegant look which looks beautiful on you. But personally, it would be in between the Classic & Vintage one, and Soft & Romantic. I think the 4th looks a little too much. But either one, they all look beautiful on you! I wish you to have happy wedding <3

  • Although I luv the way the glam looks that romantic sooooo right for you. XD

  • Kim says:

    They all look absolutely beautiful on you, but I think the best choice is definitely the classic vintage dress! It’s absolutely perfect for your body shape and slender arms.

  • Niki says:

    I loved the classic vintage dress on you. The lace arms is a must! It’s so gorgeous on your skin tone and with your slender arms. And the little bit of bling at the hip just pulls it all together <3 love it!

  • Narumi says:

    Criselle, you look pretty using all them! But I personally liked the Classic & Vintage one! I wish you make a good choice for your big day!

  • ns says:

    the 4th look looks great and combining between romantic,elegant and glam

  • Svetlana says:

    classic and vintage! looks amazing on you!

  • Tylor says:

    Chriselle I’m so happy for you. I chose #2

  • ana says:

    depends on the venue of where you’re getting married. but overall the second look fits you better… it’s sweet & innocent, plus it’ll look great from years to come. the first one is pretty but not for your body type, makes your shoulders/chest wider than they probably are in real life and… ummm… makes you look like you have no breats. sorry. <3

  • Suad says:

    i would go with the vintage one, it’s just… breath taking !

  • Manyee.K says:

    It’s really difficult to have a decision as all of the looks are very pretty, but i will choose 1.Soft & Romantic

  • Shreya says:

    Vintage. love love love lace 😀

  • Sai says:

    They’re all beautiful but I think you really glow in the FIRST ONE!

  • Angela says:

    dear chriselle, you are beautiful and i was apsolutly amazed with second dress, i wish you all best for your big day, i hope you will have best time of your life! awww, im living for that day

  • sarah-jane says:

    I ADORE dress #2!!! Its just perfect!

  • jennifer says:

    NO WAY. DEFINITELY VOTING FOR THE 4TH LOOK. The first one shows a bit too much, and the stomach area is kind of bizarre/empty. The second one is elegant, but it’s too wrapped up! You have beautiful shoulders, so show them off at your wedding!! DEFINITELY THE LAST STUNNING PIECE!!

  • Hey! I like your style, and think you are so amazing beautiful! :-)
    I like the first and the second! I think they are the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen! :-)

    Love loove, I wish you the most amazing and romantic wedding!

  • AMINA says:


  • Katerina says:

    I prefer the Soft & Romantic, I love the details that is on your dress and it looks more sweet on you and classy ;D xxx

  • AMINA says:


  • Bodor says:

    100% Classic & Vintage, it’s amazing you look like a princes wearing this dress

  • saagi says:

    CLASSIC AND VINTAGE for sure!! 😉

  • Ada Lee says:

    Loving the Classic Vintage one sooooo much, and it looks perrfect on you, even though the rest really looked amazing too. But I’d go with the Classic Vintage.

  • meera tamata says:

    chrisella u look fabulous in whatever u were and you are incredible beautiful – but i think u sud stick wid the last one u look ahh….mazing!! m a big fac of urs and i watch every video – keep rockin it and yes u sud choose the last one :) good lick wid ur wedding :)

  • Kamorandez says:

    Number 2 is so beautiful

  • Keity says:

    The vintage one is amazing on you!!!!
    You have to pick that dress!!!

  • Katja says:

    i love the first and the second one…but the choice is yours 😉

  • Christina says:

    I really like the classic and vintage style of dress. It was the most striking gown! Beautiful!

  • Nina says:

    Lovely Chriselle, I think that #1 look is the perfect fit for you. I see you as soft and romantic girl and it looks so beautiful on you. #2 seems like a dress for a nun 😉 You got to show a lil something something :)) Whichever dress you choose, I am sure you will look stunning! I wish you best of luck :* :* :*

  • youyoub says:

    Classic & Vintage is the best and the most perfect ! *____*

  • EeWen says:

    classic vintage!!! you look so awesome :)

  • Morana says:

    You look great in all of them, but I vote for vintage. It’s the most beautiful, lace is for me the must on the wedding dress. It’s not too strait, but still minimalist as it fits you the best. First one makes you look too flat, and the last one is not weddingly enough – I think it’s better to be as white as possible (maybe champagne would pass) although people get married today in various colours.

  • KD says:

    omg it’s soooooooooo hard to pick between the first and second look, but like most people here, i’m going to have to agree that the second look is my favourite. it’s so youuuu, elegant and sophisticated.
    congratulationssss 😀

  • Andreea says:

    the second or the one that was featured in your first sneak peak of the Genlux bridal photoshoot? no matter what u decide, u’r gonna look gorgeous !!!

  • Maybelline says:

    hi chriselle, i think the second gown suits you best

  • Akatsuki says:

    The vintage look please. soft and romantic dress is nice too but it will look much better on someone who has bigger boobs. haha! Anyway, the vintage dress looks fab on you! Please choose the vintage one.

  • Katie Campbell says:

    Definitely the Classic & Vintage! You look stunning! It reminds me of Kate Middleton’s dress a tiny bit with the lace as well :) Like a princess :) hehe <3

  • Vanessa Neo says:

    I find that dress 2 fits you really beautifully! GO FOR DRESS 2! ^^

  • Hannah says:

    DEFINETLEY the classic and vintage one! The 1st one (soft and romantic) doesn’t really suit your body in my opinion. The 4th one I couldn’t really see in the picture lol! But the 1st one is AMAZING on you… Just like everyone else said. Good luck findin The One! (:

  • Jojo says:

    the classic & vintage for sure !!!
    you are so beautiful in that lace dress <3

  • Nancy (Thi) says:

    classic and vintage, you look gorgeous

  • Kari says:

    Classic and vintage! It looks perfect on you <3

  • YUlia says:

    classic and vintage dress

  • Leah says:

    classic + vintage all the way!

  • Jana says:

    Classic and vintage u look stunning in that dress :)

  • Sonia S. says:

    Classic & Vintage for sure, u look so great in that one

  • Dezi says:

    I think you look beautiful in all of them! I say go with the one you love the most, but I like the others also love love love the Classic and Vintage look

  • totadina says:

    the lace dress “vintage ” is ageless amazing you won’t regret it
    love form saudia arabia

  • Mitch says:

    I think the 2nd look.. Classic & vintage but i also like the last dress. Haha. I’m excited for your wedding!!! Please post it here. 😀

  • Adrienn says:

    Obviously the 2. one!:)

  • Sophia Charfi says:

    I like the soft and romantic one !!

  • Vy says:

    I have to say that the classic & Vintage fits you best:) The romantic one is also a pretty dress ,but I feel as if there is something missing. CLASSIC AND VINTAGE!!:)

  • Lil says:

    I really like the last look.

  • Abby says:

    i think the 2nd one-classic and vintage-it is beautiful!!!!!xxx

  • MJ says:

    I really like 2.Classic and Vintage look on you. :)

  • jojo says:

    I think the first one is stunning.The second one is too much vintage I think. The first one is very elegant and looks very well on you.

  • Lydia says:

    I think the first and second dresses are both stunning on you, but the second one (Classic and vintage!) is just… absolutely perfect. It hugs you, it’s modest but oh so very sweet. Incredibly flattering cut!

  • Veronica says:

    all the dresses are very nice!but i think the second one Classic & Vintage matchses you more than the others!the choice is your btw.and i’m sure it will be the best!
    Good Luck!

  • Ina says:

    The lace one suits you the best. From my experience, no matter which one you choose, you will find THE dress after the wedding :( True story….

  • Xiaoyi says:

    I totally like the 2nd classic and vintage!

  • Shara says:

    The Classic and Vintage for sure
    you look very lovely and beautiful in it

  • Claudia says:

    the 2nd one!! Classic and Vintage :)

  • Cecilia Li says:

    2.Classic & Vintage

  • espenine says:

    I think you should find a gown that doesn’t not emphasize what you don’t have, i.e a full shapely bust. So No.2 is the one for you.

  • halina says:

    I like #1 cause even if you named it soft and romantic, i think it has sophistication and a like drama with the low cut cleavage, but if your family is conservative #2 is best.

  • Vanessa Adeline says:

    Love the classic vintage! Those type of dress are the one I would love to wear when I have my wedding :)

  • Linh Dang says:

    Definitely the second look.
    The dress is so beautiful, it’s gonna fit you perfectly!

  • Alma Bach says:

    I think that dress 2 is very, very beautiful! But number 1 is also beautiful.
    If it was me I will pick number 2!
    I think you and the dress is very beautiful, so it will be perfectly!

  • Lorena says:

    2.Classic & Vintage
    IT IS PERFECT! You look amazing in it!

  • sdouda says:

    the classic and the vintage is soo perfect for you especially the V cut on the back it suits you perfectly i pick 2 for you but the only right choice is yours and i’m sure that you have a good taste :))

  • Claire says:

    The vintage one is just amazing *_*

  • Celes says:

    Soft & Romantic !!!
    But I think you should keep searching, all dresses are really cute, but I think you can still find one that fits perfectly for the day (and your personality) and when you find it…U WILL KNOW! ….The one that makes you feel like you can stand up against every disney princess…that´s the dress, lol
    Good luck my fashion guru =)

  • Carmen says:

    I really like the Classic and Vintage white one! It is so beautiful and i feel that not alot of people can pull it off,well, not anyone i know. It really does fit you like a glove! =] God Bless you and your family! <3

  • Giulia says:

    The 2nd look is great and really sassy on you!

  • GMae says:

    I both like the Soft & Romantic and the Classic & Vintage looks. But if I really need to choose one, I’ll have the Classic & Vintage dress! It’s very classy and is really really cute! But if I were on your shoes, I really can’t decide what dress to wear as well! All three of them are fantastic dresses! ♥

  • Karen Ong says:

    Classic and vintage, second and third pics, love it, elegant and just fits your personality

  • Shey says:

    I love the 3rd and the 4th look!!!!!!

  • Patrycja says:

    lace! its amazing :)

  • Chloe says:

    Totally 2nd dress because it is timeless :)

  • Olivia says:

    Definitely the Classic vintage it is very feminine and looks way better on you. It shows your amazing figure. The others make you body look more masculine than you really are. The lace makes your boobies look AMAZING!

  • Teresa says:

    Classic and Vintage :)

  • Ludo says:

    The second dress is amazing!! :)

  • Hannah says:

    The lace one is perfect for you!

  • Abigail says:

    The second one! The one with the lace 😀 It works really well for you<3

  • oyu says:

    All look very nice dresses but I want you to wear 2nd&3rd:) Look very very nice!

  • Chrissi says:

    the first one is so chic! :) it fits perfectly to you.

  • Maria Louise bendixe says:

    *I ment The vintage one is The winner ( also Think it’s more romantic) :)

  • Maria Louise bendixe says:

    I love The bag on and The sleves on The vintage on. It’s soo pretty and feminin and special.
    I Think that The First one look really good ob you, But for you I Think it’s too ‘clean’ for being your wedding dress.
    The drama looks cool, But I defenately Think that a wedding dress sould be romantic and Kind of innocent. It also sould Make people cry because it’s a biiig new step in life and they Want The Best for you (I know it might sound a little wierd). The theird one won’t let tears Fall. The romontic is The wedding winner.
    I hope you find The right one and have a amazing Day! :)

  • Michelle Leo says:

    Definitely the 2nd and 3rd one (Vintage). It’s traditional and it suits you BEST. However the 4th (Glam) dress is definitely something different, which you are capable of pulling off. Though I think that sort of dress is much more suited for the evening 😉

  • pv says:

    2.Classic & Vintage ( 2nd & 3rd look)

  • Stephanie says:

    Please make me and you a big gift and take the second one. The lace are just so nice!!

  • Fariha T. says:

    I love the lace one (classic & vintage).

  • Hayley says:

    The lace is simply stunning.

    I am trying to find my wedding dress too but my wedding isn’t for 17 months.

    Best wishes for your upcoming wedding, so exciting!

  • MihanaD says:

    The long sleeved lace! . The first one was gorgeous too, but not flattering at the chest.

  • Gigi Oh says:

    Think lacy & vintage looks the best on ya as it complemented your body shape n curls well. But I think it will be better if going along that line but less covered up. You could dress dramatic for evening gown. I think that will be fun! Haha.

  • thania says:

    The second one (long-sleeved lace) 😉

  • amy says:

    i like the 1st it look so nice on you

  • Jennifer says:

    You look absolutely stunning in the class/vintage dress. The entire dress is amazing and I love the sleeves. Plus the embellishment on the waist is too cute! I hope you pick this one! Best wishes and congrats on your engagement!

  • Liz says:

    I personally think vintage one is like it is meant to be 😀 seriously, it really suits you and your style. Definitely VINTAGE!!!

  • Amanda says:

    I’ve got to vote for 2.Classic & Vintage but Chriselle you would look beautiful in anything.

  • candy says:

    the 2nd and 3rd one :)

  • Beatrice says:

    the first or second one!

  • Scarlet says:

    Most definitely the CLASSIC VINTAGE one. looks the best on you!!

  • Sandy says:

    LACE! Lace is always so beautiful and it looks fantastic on you. (:

  • Slimbee says:

    Oh…definitely the 2nd..lace dress.I think it is the one, it suits your faces perfectly. But of course it or number 3(2 is my pick for you). Good Luck

  • Nkauj says:

    The lace dress is absolutely stunning on you! Completely gorgeous, timeless, and unique.

  • Narumi says:

    I definitely agree w/ what the majority is telling. I for one would go for the second look which the classic and vintage. It looks so elegant, classic, and eternal, conservative yet sexy. But then, any dress would look good in you anyway. More Power! xx

  • Stella Chung says:

    CLASSIC & VINTAGE, all the way.
    you look so pretty!

  • deyna says:

    I’m in love with the classic & vintage look ♥
    i love the glam look too but you may look back and wish for a ‘white wedding’. it’s a dress that you should probably dress up for another event.

    best wishes chriselle

  • Chantelle says:

    The second one!!!!!

  • Tayler says:

    Second one allllllll the way! It’s so feminine and beautiful, and it compliments your frame amazingly. Its absolutely stunning!

  • claudia says:

    Absolutely the 2nd one, Classic and Vintage look, it looks beautiful on you, the dress makes your whole outlook elegant and stunning!

  • Laura says:

    Although the first one is gorgeous, and I LOVE IT, it doesn’t look for me like a wedding gaun. I’ll have to go with the 2nd one, still really pretty.

  • SuChan says:

    Totally the Classic & Vintage one.

  • Naomi says:

    I absolutely love the long sleeved lace dress! Its so feminine and classic, yet different. I think it fits your personality perfectly! + You look gorgeous in it. Congratulations, and I hope you have an amazing wedding day!

  • Lila Rosado says:

    The second, the Second & Third one <3 <3 <3

  • Sue says:

    classic and vintage! so chic!

  • Claudia says:

    The soft and romantic piece just makes me feel like getting married! Absolute stunner!

  • Lilian says:

    The second one! You’re absolutely BEAUTIFUL in it! I would love to wear that kind of classic and vintage dress one day when I get married too! 😛 Congrats Chriselle! Good luck with all the preparations and stuff!

  • Janice says:

    the SECOND one! You look so beautiful and elegant in that lace dress, though it is a long sleeve dress, the V cut and the bow at the back can show your good body shape. Anyways, hope you can soon find your perfect THE ONE! <3

  • Julie says:

    They’re all gorgeous, however the classic vintage has much more of a structure to it and will accentuate your shape in all the right places. It’s just beautiful and elegant.

  • Amy says:

    LOVE LOVE the lacey dress!!!!!!! :)

  • Shruti says:

    The Lace one Rocks… :)

  • R says:

    The “classic and vintage” one!!! it looks really good on you and the lace is soo pretty and elegant 😉

  • Teagan says:

    #2. Classic and vintage. All look beautiful on you but #2 seems to suit you the best!

  • the long sleeved lace! it’s timeless and you looks classic, you’ll look pretty and up to date even when you’re grandchildren look at the pictures of your wedding :)
    plus, modesty is sexy 😉

  • Mei says:

    Soft & Romantic or Classic & Vintage ( 2nd & 3rd look). I don’t like the drama one that much…

  • zenaida says:

    The second dress I LOVE IT!!

  • Jestina says:

    Love the lacey dress!!!!!

  • Christina says:

    Congratulations I am so happy for you! You look absolutely beautiful in all of the dresses, my personal favorite is the soft and romantic look. It is a beautiful and graceful style that frames your body nicely, but anything you choose will look beautiful on you. I wish you the best of luck!

  • Hannah says:

    The first and third one are beautiful but the second one has a timeless elegance to it.

  • Karla says:

    I think you should go with the Classic and Vintage because the whole look just suits you so well and I just get a different vibe from that one compared to the other two. You don’t have to go over the top with the glam and drama because I think that just kinda overshadows your beauty and everybody needs to see how pretty you are! :)

  • Lauren Fish says:

    Soft and romantic! You’re so pretty :)

  • Lauren Fish says:

    Soft and romantic!

  • beni says:

    The first one, while beautiful, seems has too low of a neckline, make it over-revealing. I think the 2nd one is very elegant and Grace Kelly-like!

  • Hly says:

    You should pick the long sleeve 2nd and 3rd look. The detailing on that dress is to die for. Also the dropped back is just so beautiful. It gives the dress a very romantic elegant feel. Not to mention its flowiness and the neckline falls just right. You look amazing in it!

  • Alice says:

    Definitely 2.Classic & Vintage ( 2nd & 3rd look)

    dress by Monique Lhuillier //Sash- Temperley London

    1st one make you look too skinny and make your chest look not pretty..

    But I also liked the dress that you wore from magazine cover

  • Sarah says:

    definitely the classic and vintage either 2 or 3 :) so pretty!

  • Totally Tammy says:

    3. Glam with a bit of drama! You know your guest are expecting a statement from someone with such a great sense of fashion!!

  • Coffee says:

    The Classic and Vintage one! The long lacy style just looks so beautiful and elegant on you, and it’s so flattering. More than any of the other dresses in my opinion. :) You’re beautiful, and so is that dress!

  • Angela says:

    classic and vintage. reminds me of purity. 😀

  • Sherly says:

    The classic and vintage one!!! You look amazing in that dress, Chriselle <33

  • Pamela says:

    Classic & Vintage – the perfect dress for you!!! Love ya :)

  • Crystal says:

    The 2nd look….Classic & Vintage It looks great on you!

  • m says:

    i think the one only our magazine cover is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy says:

    I pick the 2nd look “Classic and Vintage”. I love the use of lace and the look of the dress overall. It’s very classy and you look absolutely amazing! Congratulations on your marriage, and I hope you can pick THE ONE soon! Haha.

  • Theresa says:

    I think the second one looks really good. It conforms and compliments your body shape very well as it shows your thin waist and long arms off. The whiteness of the dress helps bring about the sophisticated and pure look. The dress is also vintage style which goes well with you also. This also kind of reminds me of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, which is absolutely lovely and amazing. Congratulations on your soon-to-come marriage! Best of wishes! <3

  • carla cruz says:

    the 2nd dress!! its beautiful,.

  • Olivia Jardin says:

    2nd dress all the way, the classic vintage look kooks absolutely stunning on you

  • Rachel says:

    Definitely the first one in my opinion. There’s two much going on with the third dress and I really am not one that enjoys long sleeved dresses. The first just looks so much more feminine to me.

  • Keke Agar says:

    I vote the lace.

  • Renee says:

    I’m loving looks 1 and 2! But I think the vintage lace dress looks super pretty on you!

  • Florence says:

    Definitely the second one. The Classic & Vintage look will be timeless and when you look back at your photos in the future, it won’t look dated. =D Think Grace Kelly! <3

  • Holly says:

    Oh I mean the gown ;;) not the wedding 😛

  • Racquel says:

    omgoodness! i just love the second one with the lace. it look so beautiful, and the low back is really pretty. The last one is my second choice :). hope you pick one soon.

  • fhee says:

    i think the classic&vintage style is the best for you…
    hm…may i ask?where will be your honeymoon place?is Bali on your list?
    *im indonesian.. 😀

  • Glady says:

    The vintage long-sleeved lace one Chriselle. You own it.

  • Holly says:

    The wedding in the first and the last pic. U look absolutely breath-taking.

  • Laura says:

    The classic and vintage !

  • Momo says:

    2nd look best 😀

  • Julie says:

    Hi Chriselle, I’m a fashion student from Victoria, Australia and have been following you since you’ve started. I love your styling and am constantly looking for inspiration from you everyday :)I’m also getting married in march next year and love your wedding tips too. I really like all the looks from you but there is on Australian designer that I believe would suit your style perfectly. It’s soft, feminine but the embellish details are out of this world and I believe you’ll look amazing in the style of her gowns. The designer is Gwendolynne. I hope this helps in someway with choosing your dream dress :) good luck and congratulations!

  • Alice Lee says:


  • Tina says:

    Classic & Vintage ( 2nd & 3rd look)look, looks very good on you

  • Keianna Fernandez says:

    Definitely the Vintage. <3

  • Autumn says:

    I think the first look is the best!

  • SuChan says:

    Definitely the Classic and Vintage look. 100%

  • Ria says:

    The second one (long-sleeved lace) suits you bestessst! Congratulations on your wedding soon!

  • t3wwi3 says:

    2nd and 3rd will look amazing on u!! <3

  • melisa g says:

    The 1st doesn’t flatter your chest at all. The second one all the way!

  • Isabella says:

    definitely the second lace dress. it compliments your thin body and the full lace arms accentuate how feminine and long they are. also, its not too revealing in the front, but has that nice peek of skin with the backless V-cut. please please please wear that one! its perfect for you <3

  • Vin says:

    THE LONG SLEEVE LACE ONE!!!! It’s absolutely stunning and that style is definitely making a come back. You look amazing in it and would look even more beautiful wearing it on your wedding day :) However, you would still look just as great in any of them. Congrats! xx

  • Simple says:

    2.Classic & Vintage ( 2nd & 3rd look)

  • en says:

    #2 fits your body type the most i think

  • saintangelius says:

    Classic & vintage hands down! You are so tall, graceful and willowy that the lace resonates very well on you. It’s a more timeless look compared to the other 2.

  • Mariana says:

    2nd look.

  • Cecily says:

    Your problem is that everything looks good on you. So of course you would have a problem choosing (not finding) the perfect dress. Its fun watching, but I hope you pick one soon.

  • Yshi says:

    I’m in LOVE with the first one. I always believe that on your wedding day you should always wear your heart on your sleeve. You should show how you feel about love, and the first one describes it best. Congratulations and may you stay in love for as long as you can.

  • Emily says:

    As much as I like the 1st one, classic/vintage is definately the most flattering/suited for you!

  • jodieee says:

    1st or 3rd. the second one is too “kate middleton”.

  • Lizzy says:

    The first one is really more for the chesty bride because the neckline goes too low on you and it doesn’t do your better attributes justice, however the stunning lace one with the long sleeves was made for you! It is the perfect dress because it flatters your beautiful shoulder blades and slender figure. Not many women could pull that off so well. I think you should choose that one for the ceremony and the glamorous feather one for the reception

  • Jenn says:

    Soft and Romantic suits you amazingly.

  • 2.Classic & Vintage ( 2nd & 3rd look) really catch my eye and works on you very well.
    I’m no pro in styling but once a took a glance on this dress, i was like “it’s this one, Chriselle is gonna look AH-MAAAAAAZING in this, especially when she’s gonna walk down the aisle” :)

  • Annie Pegues says:

    definitely the classic and vintage, you look like an absolute angel and dream (:

  • KAREN says:

    definitely the classic and vintage

  • Siv Hoang Lim says:

    the soft and romantic one!

  • tweetybird1117 says:


  • Karen says:

    Well I think, the 2nd-3rd looks so pretty on you. But do you picture yourself wearing any of them? Which one do you see when you close your eyes? It’s quite tricky aye!. You look like a princess! But definitely you look gorgeous with the 2nd-3rd dress. :) . Congratulations!

  • Heather says:

    I think the first dress makes you look like a goddess! Romantic, classy and unbelievably sexy! You honestly look flawless good luck and a big congratulations:)

  • Hossai says:

    The 2nd one (the lace one) is absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Stephanniie says:

    All of them are pretty but none of them has your signature.
    They are simply not your personal style.
    Keep looking Chriselle 😀

  • Sona says:

    The first one, I think, is the most you! I love the classic and vintage and the glam one is so new, but the soft and romantic just seems like ‘your dress’. Of course, as a viewer and not a friend, I can only tell you what I get about your personality from your videos and blog, but from those things as reference points, I think the 1st one looks the best for you!…. Plus you look super hot in it!!!!

  • Emaline says:

    Classic and Vintage :)

  • Andrea W. says:

    The second dress with the lace is beautiful on you. You have such a sweet, romantic and classy personality the something so simply and classic is perfect :)

  • Carol says:

    The lace dress is absolutely beautiful. Classic and Vintage. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to which dress you love the most. Good luck and congratulations!

  • Inastasia says:

    Soft & Romantic

  • maria says:

    I think you should go with 1. It really fits are small frame and and the belt is very simple and nice. However, I think you should fix the cups, they look a little slouchy and makes you breasts look.. kinda saggy… But it’s so beautiful. I think you should go with it.

  • Alissa says:

    Out of these three, I would definitely say the Classic & Vintage. However, that dress you’re wearing on the cover of GENLUX is, in my opinion, THE most perfect dress.

  • angelathao says:

    I love the Classic & Vintage one makes your shoulders and neck look nice. I kinda makes me think of “Purity” and “Innocence”. The Soft & Romantic one makes your shoulders and chest look wider. The Glam & a bit of Drama looks more of a party dress to me.

  • Chloe says:

    The 1st one! You look stunning, classy, polished, and romantic.

  • S says:

    I think #2, the Classic & Vintage, looks absolutely gorgeous!

  • MeekMeek says:


    1. Soft & Romantic
    dress by Monique Lhuillier//Sash- Temperley London//Shoes- Christian Louboutin

  • Zanadi says:

    I love the Long Sleeve Lace dress
    #2 Looks original & CHIC !

  • HannahC says:

    Definitely #2, Classic and Vintage. The lace seems very you and the cut looks great on your form!

  • ash says:

    The FIRST look definitely. You look like a princess there. I think the vintage is a runner up, but it’s so forgettable, conservative, and plain.

  • Katie says:

    I love the soft and romantic. It look beautiful on you.

  • MC says:

    I think the Soft & Romantic one is just beautiful on you Chriselle! Although they all look very nice. :-) The vintage lace one was very sweet, & the glam one was cool, but I feel that if it were me I would want to wear the soft & romantic one because it is the most feminine, sweet, and princess-like of them all. Congratulations on your marriage! <3

  • Mads says:

    Although they all are phenomenal, I would definitely choose Number 1. It’s simply perfect.

  • Diana says:

    I think the Classic & Vintage dress is so beautiful but you look amazing in all three. I’m partial to the Classic & Vintage as it reminds me of my own wedding dress that was my mother’s as well <3 Good Luck!!

  • Aomme says:

    Definitely soft and romantic!

  • Mika says:

    the second one is the best. It makes you look like a beautiful princess. Although, you’d look good in anything. Have fun picking your wedding dress! :) xx

  • Ohhjenn says:

    The last one! it’s too gorgeous to over look & not choose it!!

  • noodles says:

    The Classic and Vintage look is the best one! That one is just fantastic on you! :)

  • Eileen says:

    Why don’t you try some drama? If I were getting married, I’d wear something that will be remembered. =]

  • Thoni says:

    I think, to pick the right wedding dress is to find the dress you really fall in love with. Imagine yourself walking towards your fiance with a dress that tells the story about the two of you becoming one. A dress that would represent giving yourself to your other half. You’ll find the right dress when you look in the mirror wearing that dress and instantly see yourself, with your soon-to-be husband, full of love.

  • ANI says:


  • TheJCApt says:

    You look amazing in #1!!!! You need to buy the dress, haha. I got married last June and the dress was the first thing I purchased. It completely changed the idea I had of a simple wedding. My friends say the dressed upped the ante 😉 Good luck!

  • ShihyingCarrien says:

    You look amazing in classic and vintage!!That dress makes you look feminine and it adds a touch of elegant to the whole outfit.xD

  • aiya says:

    i like the classic & vintage look on you

  • Priscilla says:

    the 1st or the 2nd one. Not the 3!

  • Sam says:

    You should go with the romantic look. Lacy long sleeves wedding dresses are so overdone. The glam look is a bit too much. The romantic is simple yet elegant. It makes you look like a goddess, and it really doesn’t matter what size your breasts are. You look gorgeous. And you should be the perfect one on your wedding. So what’s more perfect than a goddess, right?

  • rosalynn says:

    classic & vintage
    hands down :)

  • Angie says:

    #2 looks best on you :)

  • Lisa says:

    you should go classic and vintage <3

  • Hannah says:

    I think something more fashion forward would look great on you. Also something high in the front and low in the back with mid-to-short sleeves would look great. Not a fan of the soft & romantic, the neck line isn’t great. The vintage and classic doesn’t match your style. I’m learning more to the dramatic one but it’s hard to tell from the picture since you’re seated. How fun though!!

  • Amelia says:

    But I have to agree with the others, I think the second dress looks amazing on you!

  • Amelia says:

    I LOVE YOUR FIRST DRESS!!! SO AMAZING! I will save this picture for my wedding in the future! :)

  • leetal says:

    i think soft and romantic, but not the top choice. you have an incredible figure, but this particular type of dress isn’t the most flattering for your bust area (i’m not trying to say anything, god knows i’m going to have a much more difficult time with my curvy/plus size yet petite figure). i think soft and romantic with a flair (as opposed to all out diva like the 3rd option)… maybe a cool accessory that sets you apart and gives some personality will complete your look and make it completely you.

  • Melodie says:

    The classic and vintage one looks best!

  • Asta says:

    I adore the Classic & Vintage dress <3 It looks amazing on you! :)

  • Cai YI says:

    I think the classic vintage is perfectly for you! <3

  • Dee says:

    I love the “Classic & Vintage” one!! But no matter what style you choose, you’ll definitly look beautiful and dazzling!! (:

  • Erica says:

    Number 2. DEFINITELY NUMBER 2. But that’s mainly because it’s my dream wedding dress, and I want to live vicariously through you :) I hope you have a wonderful wedding, when’s the wedding youtube series starting? <33

  • lina says:

    I think you’d look AMAZING in the first dress…
    so my choice is Soft & Romantic!!!so chic!!

  • Soraya says:


  • Kim says:

    Classic & Vintage!

  • Kim says:

    Classic & Vintage!

  • Mathilde felden says:

    Nr. 2 Classic & vintage! Is is so beautiful!:)

  • classy and vintageeeeee! but you are so stylish you can pull off anything ! <3 just wish you a ver happy time ahead <3 x

  • Alessa says:

    Classic & Vintage, Definetly!<3

  • Jill says:

    I definitely love the lace dress. It may seem a bit “old” for a style, but the designs always pack a punch, and if it covers your arms (like the 2nd/3rd one), then it adds even more drama. The “Soft and Romantic” isn’t bad either, but I like the lace better :)

  • Sade says:

    Classic & Vintage

  • Ann says:

    Dif look number 2/3! The first one at the neckline make your chest look a little bit to flat( no offense!) Lace dif give you the soft and romantic look. You can make it your own more easily. And the glam one nah for a photo shoot its ok but not for your big day! x

  • Pa Tang Thao says:

    I really like the lacy wedding dress on you. So beautiful and vintage.

  • Naomi says:

    OMG the second and third dress is my favourite. Its soo Kate middleton and i think you look so classic and beautiful. I was not crazy about the final one with the fuzzy shoulder scarf thing. Waaaaayy too busy and dramatic for a wedding.

  • Marie says:

    You’re amazing in the last one… you look like a princess! Congratulations from France xx

  • Alina says:

    I really like the 1st look, but the 2nd suits your bodyshape better.

  • Neha Hudait says:

    SECOND ONE WITH THE LACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kacey says:

    I think you could make a paper bag look amazing, but I like the classic and vintage style the best I believe.

  • July Bride-Sandra says:

    Hi Chriselle
    I am in love with the Classic & Vintage look on you. My dress is similar (no long sleeves) and I have a portrait back. I am soo in love with my dress.
    Good luck!

  • Emma says:

    Soft Romantic and Classic Vintage. they are both so gorgeous. You would look stunning in both.

  • o. says:

    the firs one does something really weird with your chest.. and it makes your breast disappear. Second one is the best, but keep looking, I hope you will completely dazzle us :)

  • Maryam says:

    I love the fourth with the greek mythology head piece on you!
    I think that you should wear two dresses in two different styles. show off your edgy style in one, and your love for your mothers lace dress/ katemeddiltons in the other.

  • Yvannah says:

    its between one and 2. soft and romantic is so beautiful. but vintage looks so stunning on you. not every girl can pull off that look. but if i were you, i’d go with vintage because not every girl can pull that style. but for me everything depends on the theme on your wedding. soft and romantic is great for a summer and winter wedding. vintage would really go with spring and fall.

  • ouarda says:


  • Jane says:

    Though all the dresses are stunning, the soft and romantic one seems to hang off your frame a bit much. If you got it fitted, it would loose the soft and romantic feels–I think your frame is just too thin for the dress (so many girls envy thin frames though, so that’s okay!), the dress requires a slightly more curvy body. The glam/drama one is a risk, which is edgy and fun and playful, BUT also means you’ll probably look at it in 10-20 years and say, “WHAT was I thinking?” You should definitely go with classy and vintage. It’s a silhouette that will never go out of style, it fits you so well, and the back is stunning.

  • Amelia says:

    The classic one! The others are cool, but the classic one is really gorgeous and looks best on you. It’s the most memorable.

  • V. Marie Ino-Smusz says:

    First and Last. Although, I can hardly even see the Glam Dress because you’re crouched and your hand is blocking your neck. I would really like to have been able to see the front of the Glam dress. Dress #2 the Classic Dress is a bit too Classic and I think you should show off that marvelous décolletage of yours.

  • lovelovelove says:

    #3 is gorgeous and seems more you. I love that one!

  • Jen says:

    Classic for sure!

  • andi says:

    number one for sure!!!!!!

  • Priya says:

    I love the classic & vintage dress on you!! =] it fits you so well and you look beautiful =]

  • Gaby says:

    Classic and vintage i love it!

  • Bethaney says:

    I love the second look on you, I find that the lace is just amazing and the belt. Although I love how the first one seems light and flowy( I don’t know the spelling for it). I guess the final decision( with my opinion) would be where the venue for the wedding is at… if inside then the Lace would be perfect for it, but I believe that the first choice would look amazing for an outdoor wedding.

  • Chanel says:

    Classic and vintage look so beautiful on you! The lace fits you perfectly and the dresses itself is like made for your body, looking so beautiful! But I would lower the neckline a bit and wear cap sleeves instead, since it shows a bit skin, and you can wear a thin, silver diamond necklace and ear studs with it!
    But, I have to say: you look absolutely amazing in each and everyone of the dresses! Completely divine and perfect!
    Lots of love, Chanel

  • maya says:

    Its difficult maybe because you are searching for something unique which I cant see in these dresses. I believe you’ll find something which will describe you and inspire us, as always. Keep up the search, you’ll find the one..

  • Grace says:

    No 1- love it!

  • Shannon says:

    Definitely the Classic and Vintage one, looks absolutely gorgeous

  • Julie says:

    soft and romantic, so amazingly beautiful and elegant. although all 3 styles look amazing on your figure, i think the vintage style might actually be a bit too classic compared to your everyday super fashion forward style. on the other hand, i think the glam dress might be a bit too out there for your wedding. after all, weddings do call for a bit of a more traditional side in my opinion :) so soft and romantic is perfection!

  • Youjeen says:


  • Jas says:

    no offense, but you dont really have the breasts for soft and romantic one (but don’t worry i dont have much breast too-____-‘) i think the 2nd and 3rd, or lacy one would look amazing on you! ^.^

  • salma says:

    i love the lace dress , u look gorgeous in it :)))

  • zyra says:

    2.Classic & Vintage ( 2nd & 3rd look)

  • Anna says:

    Classic & Vintage :D!

  • Jessica Zhang says:

    Classic & Vintage. I love the lace detailing!

  • Sara says:

    Vintage. You’re very thin and your chest/collarbone and shoulder area does not look good bare (like in the first dress.)

  • Megan says:

    first and last! beautiful dress!

  • Nadia says:

    Soft and romantic deffos :)

  • Victoria says:

    I’d go for classic and vintage! The laces add that extra elegant glow! :)

  • meital says:

    Classic & Vintage ( 2nd & 3rd look) rock them all!!!!
    Good luck chriselle and congratulations from Israel!

  • Uyuu says:

    Classic & Vintage is my choice. Everything else is nice but the Classic Vintage is simple and classy.

  • Stephanie says:

    #2 & #3 Classic and Vintage. It just looks so gorgeous on you, reminiscent of Kate Middleton’s dress. The lace is so chic and gorgeous.

  • Sandi Jones says:

    The first one suits you the best!

  • LadyN says:

    The Classic & Vintage. Tout simplement MAGNIfIQUE =)

  • Criss says:

    2nd and 3rd :) <3 all the best~!

  • Justina says:

    Classic and Vintage. Simply effortless, elegant and timeless.

  • Lilly says:

    the soft and romantic one is beautiful, but i gotta say you look absolutely stunning in the classic and vintage one. of course, the glam one looks cool too, but would you really wanna look super fashionable on your wedding day? haha i’d stick with stunning ♥

  • Sydnee says:

    Classic & Vintage is my favourite of the bunch. It channels Douches of Cambridge Kathrine and I loved her dress so much. I think it flatters your shape the most but I know that you will look gorgeous in whatever dress you choose. xo

  • Jessica Wu says:

    soft and romantic!

  • Jane Candy says:

    I’d deffinitely go for the second dress, the one with lace like top part. Suits you very well.

  • Clémence says:

    Soft and romantic ! <3

  • Wendy says:

    All 3 look great on you, but I like Soft and Romantic the most! =D

  • Audrey says:

    CLASSIC VINTAGE! Though they all look great, its by far the most flattering on you

  • Cait says:

    It’s hard to say. You look virginal in the ‘soft & romantic’, especially in that last photo but I think you would be best suited for the lace in the ‘classic & vintage’.

    ♥ Whatever you finally choose we’ll still love you in it. ♥

  • So Lala says:

    Classic and Vintage look is the best. Although a bit of drama is nice, but I think for a wedding you should be all white. As for the first dress, perhaps the top is not very well fit. It’s too wide around the chest, and doesn’t give you enough support.

  • Elora says:

    Defiantly the vintage one, its sooooo stunning!! <3 I would love that dress for my wedding~! xx

  • Kristy says:

    You’re stunning in all of the dresses but Classic and Vintage stood out the most!

  • Mia Van says:

    Please, do not wear the third one. I don’t like it very much and it’s not a classic wedding dress. You should wear the first dress because it is totally gorgeous and it fits perfectly to you! :-)

  • Julie says:

    The Second one! I like the lace on you!

  • Ven says:

    Glam & a bit of Drama

  • Natalya K says:

    Classic. Vintage. Amazingly beautiful. You look amazing in the romantic style as well, but the vintage look suits you best. Such lovely dresses! ^-^

  • Marianne Cayco says:

    hi chriselle! i would pick soft and romantic… but that would be because I have that kind of personality and it’s the theme for my wedding too ;). your theme is french villa inspired (am i right? hehe i read it from your other entry)…… i think it’s more vintage inspired…. so i guess vintage dresses would be better ….. but i say pick the one you like the most and you think fits you best and looks best on you. actually all of them look good on you… it’ll really be up to you! :) good luck!!!

  • Sabine says:

    The one with the lace is so awesome!!!

  • lazuli says:

    I think Soft & Romantic look suits you the best.
    Maybe I have old taste but I like more voluminous dress, with lace and lots of soft but refined details.
    I wonder what the groom will be wearing. I’ve always thought the two outfits should match, like a pair. Sometimes they don’t accord and it’s simply a style fail^^;
    Maybe you can start by choosing your shoes or accessories you want to wear for the wedding. Then the image of the perfect dress going with those will come to your mind. I often have ideas for outfit this way.
    I imagine vintage veil would look absolutely great on you. Vintage dress then?
    Good luck!!

    PS: btw gorgeous pics^^

  • Kitt says:

    Classic and vintage!! That one is gorgeous!!

  • Jen says:

    Classic & Vintage

  • Jennifer says:

    I really don’t like either of the other ones but #1, the lace is too granny like, and the other one is just not wedding like :s
    I adore the first one though, it’s absolutely gorgeous and perfect!

  • Kaman says:

    Second one!

  • Rebecca says:

    I totaly fell in love with the Classic & Vintage dress, so timeless and beautiful!

  • Kim says:

    *Soft and romantic* dress is absolutely gorgeous on you.

  • Michael says:

    2.Classic & Vintage <3

  • Jenny says:

    Soft and Romantic for sure!
    The Classic and Vintage is slightly too white and an off-white looks more expensive and pretty while white-white can look cheap. Classic and Vintage also doesn’t look too comfortable even though it’s gorgeous. The Soft and Romantic look is very “you” and beautiful! Your wedding day is supposed to be romantic and that dress just does it for you!

  • Diana says:

    The first photo is goddess-like. If I had to choose your dress it would definitely be the one in the first and last photo. Gorgeous.

  • n says:

    First one 😉

  • Marija Proshina says:

    VINTAGE!!!!!! <3333333

  • Aileen says:

    vote for vintage & classic!!! totally timeless look!!

  • Tharshi Siva says:

    FIRST ONE….it looks nice on you and it will probably be more comfortable since it will be hot in the later months :)

  • Diana Dang says:

    Soft and romantic! I would like to see a better shot of glamour tho.

  • Sheri says:

    Classic and Vintage! :3

  • Stevanie says:

    I pick Classic and vintage, it looks gorgeous on you.

  • Lindsay says:

    First and last for SURE!!

  • Lois says:

    Classic & Vintage

  • Julia says:

    The lace dress is beautiful, but I’d say on you the first picture (soft and romantic) was the most stunning!! Whatever you choose you’ll look amazing in though :)

  • Soft & Romantic <3
    You look just stunning on that dress!

  • Margaret says:

    You make a such a wonderful bride :)

  • Riani says:

    The lace dress looks really good on you. You should have that as your wedding dress

  • Thea says:

    2nd and 3rd ones

  • IoanaP says:

    Soft and Romantic…I think it fits you very well, but that’s just my opinion…I’m sure you’ll find a dress that you think is perfect for you….you still have plenty of time….good luck ^__^

  • Grace says:

    lace dress lace dress lace dress!!!

  • Kate says:

    DEFINITELY 2nd and 3rd look!!!!!
    They are amazing and you look extraordinary.
    I really that dress, because it so delicate and romantic, it reminds of you 😉
    Pick that one :)

  • Monica says:

    the lace is beautiful! i think that’s the one :)

  • Soft and vintage! It looks magical on you!

  • Yazmin says:

    The first and second for sure!!You look fab in those two dresses.Xo

  • Olivia says:

    You look absolutely amazing in the classic & vintage dress! Even though I do like the soft and romantic quite much too. You’re so beautiful!

  • Elle says:

    Definitely classic & vintage! The lace is absolutely breathtaking on you!

  • Elisa says:

    the dress in the third picture is stunning!!

  • Aves Gry says:

    You look stunning in either dresses. I really like the lace number on you. It is a very timeless piece, but I also love the dress in the last photo. It is elegant and breathtaking. I can imagine you now in that dress with the wind blowing and the skirt of the dress flowing as you walk.

    THATS GRYT, Aves Gry

  • Juliana says:

    The last one! Glint and Glam

  • Yin says:

    Chriselle, you look gorgeous in all the dresses but i think, from following your blog and videos, I would say Classic and vintage is the best way to describe your everyday personal style. You could think about following through that way :) Love u!

  • Flavie says:

    2.Classic & Vintage! I love the back, it’s sexy and elegant, you are gorgeous in it.

  • cathy says:

    Ohmy gosh! So beautiful! <3

    Giveaway @ my blog! (:

  • Aneirys says:

    The last one was definitely my favorite =)

  • Lottie says:

    Classic & Vintage! The lace dress looks so beautiful on you :)<3

  • Gisella says:

    Definitely soft & romantic :)

  • Beautiful. But get on that dress search!! My dress took 12 weeks to come in.
    My best advice is to enjoy the process and don’t be a Bridezilla. The process is fun so don’t stress. Everything will turn out just the way it’s supposed to.

  • Vera Pereira says:

    Omg I loved the soft and romantic and the classic and vintage! those are so perfect!!
    Have a great time planning your wedding and congratulations! =D

  • Mira says:

    You look absolutely stunning with the soft and romantic look!!!

  • elijabeseu says:

    soft and romantic.
    because your neck and shoulder are beautiful!

  • S says:

    Love you in your classic and vintage!
    But I’d prefer the gorgeous dress in the soft coral colour with full bloom bottom
    (the dress with lots of intricate details petals-alike).

    Btw, Chriselle, do you mind to tell me where did you got your header type font from? What is it called? Kinda like thee type font you had very much. Glad if you could tell me.

    Have a blessed day!

  • Alice says:

    I love the classic & vintage look. You look amazing in it.

  • Annabel says:

    I think classic & vintage suits you the best!

  • Amada says:

    Hi I think you’re so stunning I love love love ur style!! I personally think that the first and last dress is absolutely beautiful and you look radiant in it!! Wish you good luck!! Xoxo

  • Amber says:

    Classic and vintage super cute

  • Fate says:

    The first and last dress screams you. :))

  • 3lin says:

    omg…u look so stunning!!

  • Alanna says:

    2nd and 3rd picture dress is stunning on you, it would be perfect!

  • Mélanie says:

    The style Classic & Vintage for you!

  • Maria says:

    Classic and Vintage suits you best!

  • Sabine says:

    I love the third look! Absolutely beautiful! I would not go for the glam/drama look on your wedding day. Good luck and enjoy the process of deciding! You’re getting married!! 😀

  • Elaine says:


  • Elena says:

    1st one ! definitely !

  • You look incredible in these pictures!

  • Stephanie says:

    Chriselle, you would look amazing in pretty much anything but I’d have to say the stunning lace dress is eminently befitting for you!

  • Tanja says:

    definitely number 1! i think it looks SO SO gorgeous on you!

  • Martina V. says:

    I’m for CLASSIC AND VINTAGE – so gorgeous! You will be stunning bride. I’ve had lace wedding dress, too.. Good luck

  • Abi says:

    I think the classic and vintage dresses are beautiful, and the soft and romantic style too. I think you should stick to things like that with maybe a little bit of a twist to represent your interest in fashion and your unique personality :)

  • Julie says:

    I love the lace dress in the 2nd and 3rd photo! :) So gorgeous!

  • Lisa says:

    the classic vintage photos are just stunning they are my Favs for sure. Though I’m certain you’d like amazing in anything.

  • stephanie laysa says:

    You are so stunning in Classic and vintage. 2nd and 3rd photo. if I were as skinny as you are, i wanted that to be my wedding dress too.

  • Norhan says:

    Soft and romantic for sure,,, congrats XoXO

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