Helmut Lang jacket, Gifted Mcginn Dress (similar dress HERE) , Mango belt, Zara heels (similar ones HERE), Celine Trapeze Purse, Gifted JNB earrings, Arm Candy-  similar Friendship Bracelets, similar Spiked Gold bracelet

Photography by- Jana Williams 

Today my fiance & I will be leaving the hustle & bustle of our work behind to attend our tasting for the wedding! We’ll be picking out our favorite dishes to serve our guests on the big day! Something tells me that he will be the one choosing the main entree (he’s quite the chef!), and i’ll be the one selecting the deserts ( I have a major sweet tooth!). But what i’m most excited about is that afterwards we’ll be heading over to select our wedding bands! It has finally dawned on me that our wedding is in less than 1.5 months! OMG..and I still have not found a dress that I absolutely love quite yet. The anxiety is now slowly building up!! Make sure to follow me on my Facebook & Twitter for some live adventures on our tasting & wedding band shopping! Will be keeping you guys updated on todays adventure! xoxo


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