Photography by Jana Williams

Lately i’ve been experimenting around with many  different hair styles for my wedding- thanks to my hair bff Daven Mayeda. And as you guys saw from yesterday’s post..Kerastase products has really helped me ease the pain of growing my hair out!

So my mom came to visit a couple weeks ago and left me some of her vintage purses that she wanted me to bring to the shoe & handbag repair store I go to. I was actually on my way to go drop off this vintage croc purse when I realized how much I loved it with my outfit! Long story short I never made it to the store but instead got some awesome outfit pix out of it! (mom, if your reading this post hope you understand! I’ll take it in later this week!! promise!)

The time is ticking..and i’m getting quite anxious because I havn’t found THE wedding dress for my big day yet, but to ease that anxiety I decided to wear this beautiful white lace blouse. Pair it with some blue denim skinnies…and voila it’s an everyday bride inspired look!

Hope you all have a beautiful day!


Top- Keepsake

Jeans- Thanks to Denimology

Shoes- Zara

Purse- Vintage

Bracelet (Left) – thanks to Courtney Kaye- Electrum Cuff



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