Photography by- Karla Ticas

Hope you all had a lovely start to a brand new week! What better way to start your week than overdosing on colors upon colors upon colors! I find that breaking up pretty pastels with bright neons really adds that extra *umph to an outfit! Wearing Pastels from head to toe can sometimes wash you out so liven it up a bit adding the same color but in a neon shade! Also ever since Coach sent me this Kristen purse i’ve been wearing it almost everyday since! Talk about the perfect everyday purse, right? It’s the perfect size, perfect, shade, & perfect weight for the spring!

It’s been a bittersweet morning as I am sending my little sister off to New York. She’s been living with me here in LA for the past 3 years and we’ve become pretty much inseparable ever since. As she got a job offer out in New York it’s time for me to let her go and let her fly high!! It’s definitely going to be a sunglass friendly  day due to tears & puffy eyes. I’ve always hated goodbyes…it’s an end of a chapter and a beginning of a new. Have you ever had to deal with a Goodbye? If so..How do you deal with Goodbyes?


Top- Zara (similar colorblock blouse HERE)

Skirt- Zara (similar cute & cheap lace skirt HERE)

Blazer- Zara (similar & really cute Neon Jacket HERE)

Purse- thanks to Coach – Kristin Woven Leather Round Satchel 

Bracelets- Thank to Chan Luu – Wrap Bracelet, J.Crew bracelets

Necklace-Twig necklace

Shoes- Jimmy Choo (similar & cheaper heel HERE)


  • Aww yes so bitersweet! I hope she has an amazing time in NY! I’ll soon be saying goodbye to my sister as she’s currently in the process of trying to find a job out in NY as well.

  • I hate goodbyes too, but in your case, this is not a goodbye – it’s more of a “see ya later” type thing. Don’t be sad, because you have nothing to be sad about. From what I can tell you are pretty girl with great fashion sense and a soon-to-be bride (so exciting). So chin-up girly!

  • My boyfriend and I met during our exchange year in Britain. Now we both live in different countries againn and goodbyes are a frequent occurence :) One never gets quite used to saying goodbye to loved ones ^^”

  • Well, considering I live in a city 3 hours away from my home, I deal with goodbyes every month when I come to visit. It was very hard in the beginning, but me and my boyfriend manage to coop with it. It even made us stronger! What is a distance when you cross that longitude with your mind in one second? And now, thx to cellphones and internet you hear with your loved ones every single day! Good luck!

  • Chriselle!! You’re so incredibly pretty and you’re also probably the only person who can style and look good in all yellow :) <3

  • Wooo! That’s bright alright! I love the skirt, bag, and shoes. :)
    But to answer your question, it was hard for me to say goodbye to my parents. I moved away while I was still in my college years and got married and lived out of State ever since. It was sad and I still miss them every second of every day! Keep your head up and FaceTime or Skype-ing really helps! :)

  • You know, Chriselle! You really remind me of the actress Han Eun Jung both face and body-wise! (Look her up!)

  • Hi Chriselle, my sister went on exchange about 3months ago to New York!! My sister and i are really close, we chat the whole day, like best friends. I’m from Singapore halfway round from the States, imagine the 12 hour time difference! Felt a huge chunk of me disappear when she left for NY! We skype during her early mornings and late nights(if time permits), and whatsapp chat all the time. Really helps! Hope you’ll feel better soon cause i did!!:)

  • My boyfriend and i, spend 5 months apart, he had to back to Netherlands to finish some classes to finally be able to graduate.

    so we did everything we could to keep in touch such as letters, facebook messeges, and skype. And it actually works :)

    So don’t be sad, im sure you’ll find a way not to miss her so much

  • Hi Chriselle! This is my first time commenting here, I just wanna say I love the color! I love yellow, it’s such a beautiful and invigorating color! I especially like the lace skirt, think I’ll get one too~~~
    also I kind of know how you feel because I just said goodbye to my mom at the airport today, although I’ll see her again in a few months, I feel both sad and anxious that I’ll have to fend for myself from now on lol. I wish all the best for your little sister and hope you’ll soon cheer up fully to give us more fantastic fashion!

  • Gorgeous as always! However i can’t help but wonder….is your shirt see-through and are you perhaps not wearing a bra? lol

  • Absolutely beautiful outfit! I would be so scared to wear this much neon but you do it so well!

    I have a sister who’s lived with me for almost seven years now and even though lately she hasn’t been home as much, I don’t know how we’ll handle not having her live with us anymore. My kids are also very attached to her!

  • Although as a stylist you have countless clothes, I love to see that you always go back to your basics – like your jimmy choo heels and burgundy leather jacket. You’re unlike so many other fashion bloggers…you actually WEAR your old stuff. Your smile is really pretty!

  • I’m so deeply close to my family too, and I understand how hard this morning must have been for you. She’ll do amazing and you’ll see her regularly.

    You look amazing as always. <3

  • You are a wonderful person both in-and outside, Chriselle. Your videos always make my day!
    My good friend used to be my neigbor till she moved to another country. We think of each other as sisters but we never thought our long distance friendship was an obstruction. We only grew closer. But the hardest part is being unable to look each other directly in the eye. In good and in bad times.
    Take care.

  • You look stunning on the pictures! Neon colours are like the trends of the trends for this season and combined with the pastels ones it just makes a perfect combination!

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