Photography by Jana Williams

{zara dress, Zara jacket, gifted Kelly Wearstler Scarf, Nanda shoes}

As a kid my mom would joke, “if you eat too much of it you will turn into it!” …so as of last night i’ve been munching on a whole lot of tangerines (mainly because I felt a little under the weather and wanted to jam pack my body with vitamin C), and look who turned into a tangerine this morning?? haha! ok ok… All joking aside, i’m in love with this pastel tangerine orange hue! The idea of dressing in the same colors from head to toe used to be a huge no no but hey, all {fashion} rules are made to be broken, right? (have you seen my fashion Rules tutorial here?) I’ll be uploading a fun little tutorial tonight on the power of color (have you guys noticed that i’ve been wearing alot more color lately than usual?). Stay tuned loves! Hope you have a beautiful & a tangerine-estic day :P




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