Photography by Jana Williams

{zara dress, Zara jacket, gifted Kelly Wearstler Scarf, Nanda shoes}

As a kid my mom would joke, “if you eat too much of it you will turn into it!” …so as of last night i’ve been munching on a whole lot of tangerines (mainly because I felt a little under the weather and wanted to jam pack my body with vitamin C), and look who turned into a tangerine this morning?? haha! ok ok… All joking aside, i’m in love with this pastel tangerine orange hue! The idea of dressing in the same colors from head to toe used to be a huge no no but hey, all {fashion} rules are made to be broken, right? (have you seen my fashion Rules tutorial here?)

I’ll be uploading a fun little tutorial tonight on the power of color (have you guys noticed that i’ve been wearing alot more color lately than usual?). Stay tuned loves!

Hope you have a beautiful & a tangerine-estic day 😛




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  • Sydney says:

    What a great outfit, I love the scarf! It reminds me of the rings inside of a tree.

  • chris says:

    Love the white jacket!


  • Sofia says:

    I just love the dress it is so PRETTY!<3

  • Genie says:

    The dress is the perfect shade of tangerine for your skin tone! So pretty!!!



  • Elizabeth Yim says:

    OMG my grandma and mom used to say the same thing too!

    I used to eat the entire box of tangerines in one day. My fingers and toes were orange. It was so bad that my grandma would hide the box around me.

  • Sandra says:

    You look great! I thought you were getting in the mood of the Chinese Lunar New Year where everyone’s also eating tangerines and dressing in red colours!

    Hope you’d be able to do a bracelet/bangle/arm or wrist accessory tutorial soon 🙂

    Thanks and looking forward to your next post 🙂

  • cathy says:

    Love all the tangerine color. (: onceuponasprinkle.blogspot.com

  • Génesis says:

    I dont like the shoes. Seems like you are walking with the fingers feet

  • Martiniss says:

    Your style is really amazing, I always wait for your outfits- they’re so inspiriting :>


  • Daisy Sierra says:

    Hey I love all your outfits (: check out my blog and let me know what you think!!! http://www.daisyglamour.blog.com I’m new at this. I wanna be like you someday!!!!!!!

  • tiffany says:

    love the tangerine color! so cute!

  • MinhTu says:

    This outfit is so elegant! I think you pulled it off gorgeously 😀

  • Kate says:

    It’s a little too cold for strappy sandals today! I’m looking forward to the rain later this week so I can wear my rain boots! 😀 Super cute dress!!

  • Jennifer says:

    I look forward your new tutorial! They are always so helpful! 😀 I absolutly adore you and your fantastic style!
    xoxo from Germany <3

  • KK @BSMMH says:

    I ADORE this outfit…and am love with that muted tangerine color. So pretty! If that’s what happens when you eat tangerines all night, then you should definitely keep doing that. 😉


  • Aneirys says:

    My grandma and my mom used to say the same thing, they used to say I would turn into a potato chip! lol. Anyway love the dress!


  • Style Drive says:

    Love the colours and your shoes!

  • Renée K. says:

    Love the clean lines in the dress and jacket. Love your elegance ”X

  • Elli says:

    Hi Chriselle,
    your outfit looks soooo pretty 🙂 as always 😉

    I have a question: I am 1,74 m tall and 90% of my friends (including my boyfriend) are smaller. I really like pumps and boots with 7-10 cm heels, but I´m sooo afraid of wearing them. They look so pretty but I feel SO uncomfortable. What would you recommend? Shall I wear flats all the time?
    ANd how tall are you without any shoes?

    xoxo elli 🙂

  • AndiCui says:

    Amazing Pictures!
    Absolutely in love with yoor sandals!
    And the jacket is gorgeous!
    Andi from,

  • Nicole says:

    Beautiful dress! Love the color!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  • Pippy says:

    OOh, beautiful scarf and dress! Love it! You look so elegant! xx


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