Laughter & Daydreams

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Tweed + Leopard – Weekend Ready!

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Energize Yourself!

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pale pink + winter greys

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Photography by Jana Wailliams

{Blackbird Betty blazer, Aveleka shorts, H&M scarf, Jimmy Choo shoes, Beso Beso Jewels, Coach purse}

So here in LA we are experiencing a little mix of winter and spring together… regardless i’m so excited that I was able to wear my shorts today! Early afternoon sunlight and  the golden rays have reminded me that spring is just around the corner and I can hardly wait (it’s my favorite season!). As you guys know i’m absurdly in love with spring’s soft yet vibrant hues! I guess we are already welcoming the change from the winter greys to spring pastels.

Lots of exciting projects that are brewing in the mix right now…something especially special coming up for my readers & viewers in the beginning of february! Will keep you posted!

Hope you  have a lovely day!



Lay & Mix it up!

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I’ve always loved the idea of layering but living in southern California  i’m always limited to so many layers I can wear! (2 days ago it was in the 80′s in LA….seriously hottest winter ever!!!) I created this tutorial for all of you who love that layered look but cant {physically} afford to unless ur willing to risk a heatstroke! haha. Also I just got back from my travels in asia where it was freeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzing and I {finally} got the chance to play with all those layers (and btw lived in my UNIQLO heat tech leggings there). So no matter what side of the world you are at or what climate temperature you may be experiencing I hope you can find a little LAY & MIX inspo here!

(Looks from Right to Left)

Look 1 – BCBG striped shirt, H&M flannel, ALC leather jacket, Rachel By Rachel Roy faux fur vest, David Kahn jeans, Lanvin boots

Look 2- ASOS dress, Rachel Zoe sequins jacket, Rachel By Rachel Roy faux vest, Lanvin boots

Look 3- CeCe Toppings detachable collar, H&M basic black shirt, F21 skirt, Lucca Couture cardigan, Helmut Lang leather jacket, Lanvin boots

Look 4- 6 Shore Road plaid & knitted top, Alpinestars by Denise Foci, Lanvin Boots


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Photography by- Jana Williams

{Leyendecker cardigan, Beso Beso jewelry, Black Bird BettyDress)

I’ve always been drawn to more subtle neutrals & pastels for my wardrobe as well as my home. As i’ve been busy planning my wedding with my wedding planner, Jeannie, I’ve come to an interesting realization. The hues & shades that inspire you should play a major role in your wardrobe , and (vice versa) the shades in your closet should be a reflection of your surroundings (in my wedding).

{via Pintrest}

Some random inspirations im  currently working with for my wedding. Not sure why i favor neutrals over any color….possibly because its like a blank can always build up  and mold it into any hue you desire.

Hope you have  beautiful weekend filled with lots of inspiration & little moments! HAPPY FRIDAY




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{from the top-L to R- Jimmy Choo, Penelope & Coco, Zara, Valentino, BCBG, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, Penelope & Coco, Lanvin, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden, Penelope & Coco, Penelope & Coco, Burgandy Alexander Wangs + Black platform Gucci, Balenciaga, Penelope & Coco}

A years reflection of some of my fave shoes…or shall we call this Shoeflections?  It’s been a good year..but im ready for some more shoe adventures in 2012!

“Give a girl the right shoe and she can conquer the world.” -Marilyn Monroe



A Brand New….

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A Beautiful Blur

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The past 2 weeks has been adventurously spent in Korea & (mostly) Taiwan- this explains the lack of (inconsistent) blog updates ( I will be back on schedule starting today!!).  I’m not sure where to begin but I can say that these past weeks in asia has been a beautiful blur- filled with impossibly the most beautiful things in life! From the breathtaking scenic views from our hotel, my daily dose of noodles & boba, hiking up historic landmarks, dimsum with Eva Chen from Teen Vogue (after 3 years of tweeting eachother!), indulging in my aunt’s {amazing/designer filled} closet, Countdown with a priceless & exclusive view of the Taipei 101 (at my aunt & uncles place), meeting new friends & rekindling old ones……there were one too many adventurous, magical & beautiful moments experienced these past 2 weeks! As for now it’s back to reality! Daily outfit posts & weekly youtube tutorials are back in action!! HAPPY 2012!




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