The Week Before Christmas…

posted by on 2011.12.14, under Outfit Of The Day

Photography by Christine Chang

{Satine label dress, Balenciaga shoes, Vintage coat, BCBG bracelets, Banana Republic Ring}

The realization that we are one week away from Christmas and 2 weeks away from ringing in a new year  set in this morning! I find that the week before Christmas is always a little crazy & hectic with the thousands of holiday soirees and mid week  luncheons. As I was playing dress up today in this beautiful Satine dress I couldnt help but think how perfect this dress color + design could {potentially} be for my bridesmaids. Coral happens to be one of my favorite colors along with neutrals, pastels, & ivory.

What are your favorite color combinations? What would you pair this coral color with for a wedding?



P.S I finally hired a wedding planner! I’m so ecstatic that she is on board and her eye for detail is impeccable! Will be updating you guys with more wedding deets soon! xoxo

Fringe + Leopard

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Photography by Christine Chang

{Isabel Marant Dress, Wren Alexa Coat, Zara boots, Alexander Wang Purse, House Of Harlow Sunglasses, Dominic Jones & CBD rings- All pieces available at Satine Boutique}

Like i’ve always said a girl needs 1. at least one thing leopard in her closet and 2. a little white dress (the tutorial HERE). This little White Dress is one of those pieces I don’t mind wearing everyday for the next month (and don’t mind me if I do!)….i’m completely in love with the fringe detailing and the amount of stretch it has!

Today marks the 3 year anniversary since my fiance & I started dating… time flies when everyday is a dream and like Dr. Seuss says, “you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams” -dr. seuss

So I challenge you this week to dream big, follow your passion, and love like you’ve never loved before!



Love, Embrace, & Style Your Very Own!

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Everyone’s body shape is unique & different! It’s all a matter of understanding your body type and proportions to look and feel your best! Due to popular requests I decided to go create a tutorial based on different shapes & sizes of real women! I hope that you will be inspired to love, embrace, and style your own body after watching this tutorial!

Laura’s outfit

H&M Blazer, H&M Top, H&M pants, Steve Madden Shoes

Candy’s Outfit

Top to Bottom Forever 21 (including shoes) 

On Candy (left) - H&M Dress, H&M bow belt, Forever 21 nude pumps

On Me (middle) - H&M dress, Jimmy Choo shoes

On Laura (right) – Forever 21 dress & cardigan, H&M Slip, Steve Madden Shoes

On Laura(left) - H&M Skirt, H&M Belt, F21 Cardigan & Top, Steve Madden Shoes

On Candy (Right) – H&M Slip Dress, H&M sweater, Denim Jacket – unknown, Shoes- ASOS


Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!

What kind of body type do YOU have? Would love to know so we can create a part 2 to this tutorial!



Slip It On & Go

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Photography by Christine Chang

{Sachin + Babi blouse & skirt, Manning Cartell jacket, Rebecca Minkoff purse, Lanvin Shoes}

{All pieces available at Satine Boutique}

I’m always on the hunt for unique & interesting pieces….pieces that dont necessarily make sense but for some reason look good together. Like for instance this Sachin + Babi skirt- I would have never thought of pairing-  black & white, mustard suede yellow, and crocodile green together, but for some reason it works beautifully! I appreciate the strong, clean, & assymetrical lines in this outfit. I always try to think outside of the box for my outfits when it comes to pairing unique colors and prints together, but with Sachin + Babi they do all the work for me! Now all I gotta do is Slip It On & Go!

“Fashion is architecture, it is a matter of proportions”

- Coco Chanel

Speaking of architecture & proportions I will be uploading a tutorial tomorrow on my channel based on different body types & sizes {covering the architecture & porportions of YOUR body!}.Cant wait to share with you guys!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope you have a beautiful & restful weekend!



Shake It {Like A Polaroid Picture}

posted by on 2011.12.08, under Chriselle Inc.

Transitioning from the blackberry to the iPhone has possibly been the best move! I’m discovering all these amazing photo apps that i’m obsessing over…particularly this app called Photoshake! Heres a a months review of shoes & small obsessions I captured via my iphone and all I have to do is Shake my phone…YES, literally “Shake It”  {like a polaroid picture} and it will visually lay it all out for you!

{inspirations from Pintrest & style Me Pretty}

As weeks & months pass I’ve been collecting visual inspirations for my wedding and I just love how I can visually lay it all out. This app really aesthetically pleases &  satisfies my visual needs & cravings! Are there any other iphone apps that I should check out that you guys are obsessing over?



Put A Leash On It

posted by on 2011.12.07, under Outfit Of The Day

Photography by Christine Chang

{Rachel Zoe jacket, Steven Alan plaid shirt, KSUBI jeans, Balenciaga dog leash (used as a belt), Viktor & Rolf handbag,Oliver Peoples glasses}

{All items available at Satine Boutique}

It took me some time to embrace color but I have learned that adding a strong neutral piece (such as this rachel zoe leather jacket) can really tame things down. Speaking of Taming things down….why dont we just Put A Leash On It? no, REALLY! That neon piece of leather wrapped around my waist is actually not a belt but really a dog leash! A highly functional piece dont you agree? It can 1. Tame the outfit & add a pop of color to your wardrobe  and  2. Tame the puppy down & make a statement while you take him/her on a stroll!!!

I’ve had dogs my whole life but recently my little pomeranian passed away (We had her for over 10 years). I havn’t had the urge to find a new dog since her passing but its been getting quite lonely…maybe its about time? hmmmm…

Hope It’s bright & beautiful where you are, and if not add some warmth and color to your wardrobe today!



Tweed, Pleats, & Stripes

posted by on 2011.12.06, under Outfit Of The Day

Photography by Christine Chang

{Isabel Marant Tweed Jacket, A.L.C maxi pleated skirt, Wren sweater, Alaia Belt, Lanvin Mid Calf Boot, Alexander Wang bag, Dominic Jones jewelry, Michael Kors watch, Oliver people’s Sunglasses}

{All pieces available at Satine Boutique}

What I love about basics is that when they stand alone they are, well, simply your plain ol’ basics. But when paired together there is nothing so basic about this outfit, right? My need for  Tweed, Pleats, & Stripes has been completely satisfied this season with these 3 basic pieces!

Im heading out to Asia in 2 weeks so I have been on a filming & editing binge!! We have been filming non stop with all the upcoming christmas & New Years tutorials. Can you guys believe that in a couple of weeks we will be ringing in a new year? Do you guys have any holiday tutorial requests of what you would like to see??



Play Dress Up

posted by on 2011.12.05, under Outfit Of The Day

Photography by Christine Chang

{Joy Cioci Blouse, Kelly Wearstler Skirt, Alaia belt, Wren jacket, Alaia purse, Lanvin Boots, House Of Harlow glasses}

{All pieces available at Satine Boutique}

This is one of those outfits that I would not mind recycling & re-wearing over again ( Cuss if I do…call this a fair warning!). My heart melts for simple pieces that have an unexpected surprise in the back, and this lavendar Joy Cioci blouse just makes my heart flutter {and not to mention the unexpected wrist slits}. I recently treated myself to these burnt rose Lanvin booties as an early christmas present to myself. I can officially say that these booties are the most comfy 5 inchers that I own, and not to mention that they match practically everything (Dont judge me if I run around the city in these babies everyday this season!)

“I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick.” - Audrey Hepburn

No matter where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing today…. every day is an excuse to Play Dress Up!



Glamour Or Romance?

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As some of you guys may know by now..I am a recently engaged bride to be. As excited as I am sometimes the process can be quite overwhelming! From the venue, to the food, the guest list, and to the finest details of things-linens, invitations, lighting, etc. To be quite frank i haven’t had much time to plan my wedding due to numerous different projects im currently working on. But hey, before you go and judge me now…. I’m FINALLY meeting my wedding planner for the first time this week {that’s a start, right?} and I figured some of my viewers & readers can lend a helping hand here too {if it’s not too much to ask for}.

As most brides will go find the venue, location, & date first, I on the other hand will go out of my way to find THE perfect dress first! {Again, please don’t judge me! That’s just the stylist in me!! le sigh}So right now i’m debating between two styles & silhouettes that I absolutely {equally} love!

So the girly girl in me wants to have that princess moment when I walk down that aisle with lots of tulle, mesh, & volume! Who doesn’t want to feel glamorous on their wedding day, right?

On the other hand I feel like soft, delicate, & romantic describes more of my personal style. And yes i’ve always {secretly} have dreamt of having a Grace Kelly moment!

Would love to hear your thoughts and what you guys think! I’m thinking about making weekly updates on my wedding so you guys can keep me accountable and make sure i’m on track!! And im ecstatic to have you be a part of this very special journey of mine!

With that said…. Go Glamourous or Romantic?



Images from top left to right

Glamorous Dresses-1-3. Vera Wang 4. Unknown 5 -6. Pronavias

Romantic Dresses- 1-2. Monique Lhuillier 3-6. Elizabeth Filmore 7-8. Elie Saab


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