Outfit Of The Day

Nostalgic From Seoul

Photography by Christine Chang

{Kaelen pleated skirt, Manning Cartell jacket (as seen here), Wren sweater (as seen here) , Lanvin booties, Alaia belt, Oliver’s People’s sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff purse- All pieces available at Satine Boutique}

These images were obviously taken (in sunny cali) before I came out to Seoul, FREEZING, Korea! It’s been 5 years since i’ve been back and I’m beyond ecstatic to be here! I guess it would be accurate to say that i’ve been quite nostalgic since i’ve arrived here this morning! I spent majority of my elementary & grade school days growing up here in Korea, so it’s really nice to be back to rekindle my love for this country!

ok ok, enough on being nostalgic…can we talk  for a minute on how FUHHHHHH-REEEZING  it is out here? Recently ive been receiving tons of requests on “How to look chic in the freezing cold without looking frumpy.” I guess those requests came right in time since i’ll be standing to that test this week! Didn’t realize how blessed we were out in LA with perfect weather 99% of the time…perfect as in being able to pair my fave booties with a short mini + a  lightweight sweater type of weather.

Will be uploading a new Christmas tutorial this week + major updates from my twitter + facebook from seoul, Korea!

Hope its lovely & warm(er) where you are!



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  • Nana says:

    I’m in seoul now! i’m wearing 3 sweaters, and my boyfriends super ugly coat…. T____T save me!

  • Jessica says:

    That skirt is absolutely stunning! Pleats and a waterfall hem.. what’s not to love about it. Have a great holiday and enjoy Korea! xoxo

  • Ladyzkmr says:


    Im also a blogger about lifestyle in Korea and about korean cosmetic.

  • Fun feature, I surprisingly had a good time reading it, keep doing the hard efforts.

  • nicole says:

    the skirt is amazing!!
    you look great as always!!


  • Julia says:

    메리 크리스마스 ! I lived in Pusan for 18 months – two Christmases and loved it but rarely managed to look chic while being warm!! I look forward to your posts on looking chic + warm in that wet cold, and wish I were eating 김치 this Christmas!

  • Bgo says:

    Amazing skirt!!! I like it too much.

  • Tania says:

    I Chriselle! I love this skirt! it looks great on you. I always check your videos and I really love your style. Have fun in Korea! :) best regards from Barcelona! Tania

  • trtr says:

    you dont know how to dress and your Korean

  • amali says:

    Loved the outfit Chriselle! I hope you’re having an amazing time in Korea :)

  • Gina Zammit says:

    You’re from Seoul?? I love that city! I hosted a travel show there last year.. would love to go back!

  • Amal Covone says:

    You are playing aren’t you!?

  • Cassandra says:

    I love the booties. Have a great time in Seoul. :3

  • OMG just found your blog and I love your style! Im in love with you lanvin boots =)!

  • Jules says:

    I grew up in Korea too!! Seriously, best country ever (well, tied with the US). Enjoy your visit!!


  • Tineey says:

    Love the outfit! Always looking forward to your videos. xx

  • Benedetta says:

    i’m interested in “how to look chic without freezing” post!!
    have a great time in korea!!

    love xo

  • cathy says:

    Great glamorous look; You look very stylish as always. I’m excited for the upcoming video!


  • Benedetta says:

    i’m interested in “how to look chic without freezing” post!!
    have a great time in korea!!


  • i love how completely mismatched this outfit is, but it still looks amazing! I used your photo on http://www.mystylesources.blogspot.com, if you don’t mind :)

  • Kate says:

    Can’t wait for the tutorials. And you look amazing 😀

  • Kathryn says:

    Such a unique outfit- I love the color pairings!

    XX Kathryn

  • monkeyshines says:

    gorgeous pleats and golden jacket!


  • Aw, I LOVE Korea and am super jealous that you’re there right now…although I can’t wait to see what you put together for winterwear there. I remember looking about as elegant as a snowman when I was there one winter. :) Have a great time!


  • Nohemi says:

    Awesome outfit like always, I really take insipiration from your website everytime I have to go buy some clothes. So, are you korean? Or you just happened to go to school there? And, do you speak korean?

  • Pippy says:

    I absolutely love your skirt! It is so unique! I also really like the handbag with the jacket. Perfection!


  • Amy Kang says:

    You are so lucky, I’m half Korean and I haven’t been back since I was 4 years old (I’m 20 now). My husband just recently came back from being deployed there, but that was before we were married. I can’t wait to visit there and finally get a chance to explore the one place in this world that I absolutely need to go back to. Have fun!

  • Nisha says:

    Wow, thanks for the quick response Chriselle!
    My bad, after I read your post I assumed you meant you took these pics right before you came out to Seoul airport 😀
    Eagerly looking forward to more great fashion tips from you!
    Have fun there! :)

  • vicheka im says:

    do you have any suggestions on what to wear for new years eve? aside from the typical sequins, something else flashy

  • Daisy says:

    ahh have fun in Korea! and i love that skirt! :)

  • Nisha says:

    Is this what you wore IN the freezing Korea?!? Ought to feel cold coz of the skirt, isn’t it? Man, I’d like to look trendy like you and still be able to bear the cold.
    I need more advice, suggestions, and ideas for dressing chic in winters! Coming from Thailand to Texas, I’m not used to cold temperatures at all!
    When I’m outdoors, I’m usually wearing 2 tshirts, 2 jackets, 1 tight cotton leggings, a jeans on top of that, socks, and gloves. I look like an Eskimo.

    • Chriselle says:

      Hi Nisha! If you read what I wrote I talked about how I took these images before heading out to Korea. there is absolutely no way I could pull that off here in Korea right now! its freezing!!! will be posting more warm layered stuff this week! xoxo

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