Strike A Homerun

posted by on 2011.10.14, under Fashion Tutorials

Since it’s homecoming season..I’ve been getting alot of requests on how to look chic at a football game! I decided to dedicate this tutorial on How To Take your Sports Gear Beyond Sports Practice! Whether you love playing sports, watching sports, or maybe you hate sports but you accompany your bf to a sports game just to be a good girlfriend ( know who you are!). Well take some time to look cute…it’ll make watching sports that much more exciting!!

Also I hope you enjoy my random facts & embarrassing stories at the end of it all :)

<<<Jacket, cardigan, skirt, purse- all from Forever 21, Boots (not shown)- H&M, Sunglasses- House of Harlow, Belt- Banana Republic, Accessories- Banana Republic>>>

<<<Dress- Forever 21, Sweater- Forever 21, faux fur vest- LF, Boots- Prada, Thigh Highs- American Apparel , Accessories- Banana Republic>>>

<<<Trenchcoat- Michael Kors, Blazer- Aqua, Shirt- Zara, Sweatpants- from cousins’ USC gear, Shoes (not shown)- Converse, Glasses- House Of Harlow, Purse- Coach, Accessories- Banana Republic>>>

<<<Cap- From my fiance’s stash of hats, T- cousin’s shirt, Hoodie shirt- Splendid, Jacket- Bebe, Jeans- Sevens, Shoes- Alexander Wang, Purse- Coach, Jewelry- Banana Republic>>>

So are you a sports type of girl? or are you like me and simply just enjoy dressing up for the games?? be honest !! :P

Everyday, every moment, & every occasion is a reason to dress up & Strike A Homerun!



Random Snippets

posted by on 2011.10.14, under Lovely Obsessions

The Glitter Guide came over  the other week to capture some  Random Snippets of my life-

1. My passed down Hermes -love pieces that have had a history // 2. Im an avid sunglass collector. I’ve had lots of luck when it comes to finding designer vintage goods. My favorite find so far are these vintage Diors’ circa 1960s. // 3. Mixing & matching pieces from Givenchy, Free People, Michael Kors, Beso Beso, and another vintage find (on my right). // 4. Stacks of books to keep me inspired & a bouquet of fresh hydrangeas to freshen up the house. // 5. I love jewelry but I also love things that organizes my pieces! //6. The new Gucci Black Strappys..Welcome home babes. // 7. My favorite part of the morning- adorning myself.

What are some of your most coveted obsessions?

<<Images via GlitterGuide/ Photos taken by  Jessie Webster>>



Points & Chains

posted by on 2011.10.12, under Outfit Of The Day

It’s been a while since i’ve taken my pointy shoes out for a stroll! After the past couple of seasons  of round toes & Chunky heels ..the sleek & Pointys are back! Like all things in life, wether we like it or not, things will always come back in full circle! Although I do not believe in hoarding onto things, but if there is a certain item that you absolutely love…. don’t throw it out just because it’s “outdated.” Instead of trashing it recycle & reuse aka keep it in storage! Also obssessing over layering thick chains on top of one another although its a bit reminiscent of Mr.T and his gold chains!

<Top- zara, Pants- Zara, Shoes- manolo blahnik, Bracelet- Vintage & Michael Kors, Jacket- Helmut Lang, earrings- Bebe, Necklace- Express & Kate Spade, Clutch- Barneys co-op>



Rich & Royal

posted by on 2011.10.11, under Editorials

Something little as seeing your name on print as the official “Style & Fashion Director” got me quite excited today! This is my first issue as GENLUX’s Fashion & Style director so please check it out! We have 2 editorials I personally styled in this issue…One being this editorial “DADAIST” and another editorial with President Vicente Fox and his wife!

Fall is my favorite season to dress up for…this season it’s all about the Rich & Royal hues such as mahogany red, jade green, burnt orange, & plum purples. TGIF (Thank God It’s FALL) !!!!

<<Styling- Chriselle Lim, Photography- Tracey Morris, Makeup- Alexis Ellen, Hair- Kristin Heitkotter, Nails- Tracy Clements, Model- Kira Dikhtyar, Styling Assistants- Laura Arias & Candy Vazquez>>



FAB Five

posted by on 2011.10.11, under Fashion Tutorials

12,000 entries later we FINALLY have the  5 winners for the “ I Feel Naked Without….Giveaway“.

Before I announce the winners…I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to all those who entered. This contest was simply a little appreciation gift to show you all my gratitude for continuously supporting my channel &  The Chriselle Factor! Although its quite exciting to see my blog & channel grow at a tremendous rate…. I realize I would not be here if it wasnt for my lovely readers & amazing viewers! Your love & support is truly what keeps me going and strives me to become better!

Yes we went thru ALL 12,000 entries and picked out the following 5 winners (youtube names)-

Sooooooooooo who are the FAB Five???

The Following 4 winners will be sent a set of Armcandy from Beso Beso - Karkaraff, TheKatarcher, Meghancsylvester, SuperMaterialGirls

and the following winner will be sent a set of armcandy + The Barbie Ring from Beso Beso- Weendyzhao

CONGRATS to all of our lovely winners! We will be contacting you via youtube!

With your continuous support I will be doing more appreciation gifts & giveaways! Thank you!

And please check out BesoBeso’s amazing little collection here!



Ladylike Silhouette

posted by on 2011.10.10, under Outfit Of The Day

I’ve had a longstanding love affair with 50′s style silhouettes- cinched in waist, full skirt, accentuating the hourglass figure! Although this dress looks vintage it’s not!  I actually found it tucked in on the bottom shelf of the Anthropologie sales rack…in my size!

It seems so far yet so close…. spent the weekend traipsing around town planning the wedding.We finally got the venue & date locked down which allows me to mark off 1 out of a thousand things to do on my checklist! I guess we all have to start somewhere! My goal this week is to figure out the colors, flowers, and linens! If you guys know of any good wedding blogs or inspiration please send them over my way..i could definitely use all the help!

Today i’ll be on set styling the YMI jeans spring/summer 2012 campaign as well as styling Michelle Phan on a special little project we are working on!

Happy Monday and  hope your week is filled with joy & glamour!

<Dress- Anthropologie, Jacket- Zara, Shoes- Jimmy Choo, Belt- Zara, Bracelet (right)- Bannana Republic, Bracelet (left)- vintage, Necklace- Kate Spade, Earrings- Vintage, Rings- Banana Republic)

Photoraphy by- Christine Chang



Dance In The Rain

posted by on 2011.10.07, under Outfit Of The Day

The rain this past week was suprisingly refreshing and brought some life to my wardrobe! I was finally able to mix up my spring neutrals with my winter leathers! I’m excited that I am now finally able to bring my boots and coats out from storage and really put them to use! It’s my favorite time of year…that awkward “in between” season. It’s not too hot & not too cold which means I can Juxtapose lights against darks, sheer chiffon against leather,  and shorts paired with coats!

This touched, moved, & motivated my soul yesterday while watching Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford- “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.”

So 3 things- Do what you love to do, Don’t settle, and Dance In The Rain (with your fave pair of boots!)

<Dress- Zara, Blazer- Zara, Shoes- Prada, Purse- vintage Gucci, Belt- Zara, Watch- Michael Kors, Bracelets- Banana Republic & Coach, Rings- Banana Republic, Earrings- Vintage)

Photography by- Christine Chang




posted by on 2011.10.05, under Fashion Tutorials, Outfit Of The Day

Instead of your typical Outfit Of The Day post today.. I decided to create a little video on my two looks of the day! As a stylist im ALWAYS on the go from fittings & meetings with clients straight to a fancy dinner party. I usually work around one piece that I can transform from day into night…casual into glam! ENJOY :)

Day Look-

Blouse- Equipment, Blazer- Zara, Shorts- Nanda, Belt- H&M, Purse- Coach, Boots- Steve Madden, Accessories- Coach & Beso Beso, Sunglass- House Of Harlow

Evening Look

Blouse- Equipment, Skirt- Zara, Belt- Zara, Necklace- Kate Spade, Bracelets- Coach & BesoBeso, Shoes- Jimmy Choo, Clutch- Jimmy Choo, Watch- Michael Kors

Of course i’ll still be updating my blog daily with my outfit of the day pix but let me know if you like these OOTD videos every so often!

Cinematography by David Christopher Lee



Rotate & Repeat

posted by on 2011.10.04, under Outfit Of The Day

A couple weeks back The Glitter Guide invaded my humble little abode and I shared with them some of my fave pieces, obsessions, and tips! You can check out the feature here!

Im sure some of you guys have seen these pieces in previous outfits but theres absolutely nothing wrong with wearing something twice and mixing it up a bit!

Here are my 3 pieces i find myself continuously mixing & matching

1. My Giraffe print 3.1 Phillip Lim Coat- every girl ought to have something animal print in the fall/winter!

2. Anthropologies statement necklace- Another go to item of mine when I need to spice up my look!

3. Nude & Sparkly Jimmy Choos- Nude heels are a must (they go with everything) & a little bit of bling never hurts!

Do you guys have any pieces that you continuously rotate & repeat?

(Coat- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Blouse- Vintage, Leather Shorts- Forever 21, Necklace- Anthropologie, Ring- Beso Beso, Bracelet-s Free People, Nude booties- Jimmy Choo, Sparkly nude heels- Jimmy Choo)

Photography By Jessie Webster



Dreams Of Plaid & Dots

posted by on 2011.10.03, under Outfit Of The Day

After a week long vacation i’m finally ready to get back to work! After 7 days of wearing flowy summer whites and breezy one pieces it surely is nice to be able to wear my favorite silk blouse, tweed bottoms, and tall leather boots. I’m such a homebody at heart that its so hard to keep me away from LA for too long.

I can already’s going to be an  intensely busy week with lots of catching up to do! I announced it on my Twitter & Facebook last week, but I recently have taken on the position as the fashion director of GENLUX magazine ( a luxury LA based magazine). As some of you guys know Ive been working as a freelance stylist for the past 3 years, and for a prestigious magazine to recognize my hard work, passion, & talent and to bring me on as their Style & Fashion director is truly an honor. I also have some exciting projects brewing in the mix of things that I cannot reveal quite yet!

Mondays are when dreams come to life…a new week, a new day, a new start to strive for what you love! “If you dont have some time to dream, then you never have a vision” HAPPY MONDAY!!

<Blouse- zara, Shorts- H&M, jacket- zara, purse- Coach, Necklace- kate spade & express, Ring- Banana Republic, Bracelets- Free People & Banana Republic>

Photography by- Christine Chang




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