Special Food For The Skin To Eat

posted by on 2011.07.28, under Lovely Obsessions

As most of you guys know I live with a food enthusiest (my sister Eye It Try It), and I am engaged to a man who believes that in another lifetime he was or should be the asian Anthony Bourdain of the Food Network…so by default (not by choice) im ALWAYS eating!!

So last night I had Sake, Coffee, AND rice for dinner (literally and not so literally..you will find out)

So when I recieved this package in the mail today… I was excited beacuse I knew it had to be some real legit food if they’ve been around since 1957! Dont mind the fact that it says SKIN in all caps.. all I saw was “Food…since 1957″.

And to my surprise…it was all along a skincare line called “Skin Food.”  Cute & catchy name right?

From their Coffee Body Scrub, to their Rice Mask Wash Off, to their Black Sugar Mask Wash off…..how awwwwwe-dorable are these names. Names so good that it gets your stomache growling & thinkin of whats for dinner already.

and I kid you not they smell as good as they sound and look. I know they said its not edible..but I beg to differ! Its too good to be true!

Im not a fan of drinking sake but i might have to think twice about this Peach Sake emulsion for the skin. I love their saying , “Special food for the skin to eat.” and yes…

So yes last night I had sake, coffee, and rice for dinner! Well what I REALLY meant to say was…..my SKIN had sake, coffee, and rice for dinner. ;)

At this moment I can feel my skin eating away all that peach Sake. Layering all these products on my face Im sure I will have dreams of Peaches, rice, and coffee tonight.

So on the topic of food…..If there was one type of food that best describes you what would it be?

I would be a tangerine- im sweet but sometimes sour and im hard to peel but once you get to the core im a softie on the inside ;)



p.s Thank you Mina for sending me this lovely package xoxo

2 Things…

posted by on 2011.07.27, under Lovely Obsessions

And my coral obsession continues. I can ALWAYS count on my coral pieces to perk up my tired face in the morning. Nars creme blush in “Orgasm” and my new found color obsession with Vegas Vault by MAC.  These are my 2 beauty MUST HAVES for this summer!  What are your 2 beauty must haves?



Summer Bikini Beach Wrap

posted by on 2011.07.25, under Fashion Tutorials

In celebration of this hot hot weather..I decided to dedicate a tutorial on how to look chic at the beach! In this tutorial I teach you how to create 5 different looks all with a square scarf!

Instructions & breakdowns to follow for each look after video.

1. Lay your Square Scarf  & fold it in half into a triangle

2. Grab the tip of the triangle & one of the bottom end of the triangle.

3. Double knot the ends together

4. Grab the bottom end of the other triangle that has not been tied yet and double knot it to any of the other ends.

5.Slip each arm into each hole from the back.

6. Spread out the fabric evenly on each side so it can beautifully drape off your arms.

1. Lay your Square Scarf  & fold it in half into a triangle

2. Grab the tip of the triangle & one of the bottom end of the triangle.

3. Double knot the ends together

4. You have now created one large hole, spread out the fabric on both sides of the hole wide enough for you to step in.

5. Step into the hole and pull up the fabric up your body and slip your arm into the hole.

6. Safety pin or tie the  fabric on each side securely.

1. Lay your Square Scarf  & fold it in half into a triangle

2. Grab the tip of the triangle & one of the bottom end of the triangle.

3. Wrap it around your waist

4. Knot the fabric once around your waist (only once!)

5. Grab the loose end and bring it from the front all the way around to the back.

6. Double knot the two loose ends together

7. Tuck all the loose ends away and make sure the fabric is even around the waist area.

1. Lay your Square Scarf  & double knot the 2 parallel sides .

2. Repeat the same step on the other side

3. Grab the two ends and slip each arm into each hole.

(image not available)

1. Take any end of the scarf and wrap it around your neck and double knot it.

2. Grab the two ends of the fabric and wrap it around your body.

3. Either pin or tie the two ends together and tuck in any of the loose ends.


In this tutorial I am wearing a bathing suit from H&M, a scarf from Zara, House of Harlow sunglasses, & all jewelry from Beso Beso.

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! I Would love to hear your thoughts & comments! Also would love to know which look was your favorite! Leave me a comment here and post up a pix on my Facebook page here with your version of the bikini wrap!

Life’s a Beach….so just WRAP it up (with a square scarf) :D





posted by on 2011.07.22, under Outfit Of The Day

So summer is flying pass at a stunnin pace and soon, the hot, sultry days will transition into cool august nights! But I gotta admit I quite adore the idea of mixing soft cashmere sweaters with the shortest skirt, or cozy cardigans with perfectly tailored shorts!

I am here at my soon to be mother-in-law’s place..isnt her view specatacular? Planning on a romantic mid-afternoon picnic this weekend!

HAPPY FRIDAY darlins’! Wishing you the loveliest weekend!

(Sweater- Free People, Shorts- Free People, Shoes- Alexander Wang, Earrings- Vintage Dior, Belt- H&M)



That Golden Hour

posted by on 2011.07.21, under Outfit Of The Day

Love that feeling…. you know that salty, sexy, sun-dried, wind-styled feel…. that comes from being in the ocean. Although the hair is tousled and perfectly wind swept  nothing can compare to the feeling of toes in the ice cold saltwater after a long summers day. This time of the day is my favorite time of the day….when the breeze comes to life, the sun starts setting..and its that picture perfect hour of golden light. It’s that Golden Hour!

(Dress- Free People, Belt- H&M, Sunglasses- House Of Harlow, Jewelry- Beso Beso)

(Photos taken by- Jimmy Ngo)



Letting Go To Breathe

posted by on 2011.07.20, under Chriselle Inc.

So it has been a wildly scattered & intensely busy week thus far but I got the chance yesterday to soak up the sun all while filming a new tutorial! We stopped to catch a breath at one of my favorite sushi restaurants with a grand oceanview to Catalina island. Oceanview & an afternoon at the beach, in all this golden summer sunshine, I cannot help but daydream for a moment about the BIG day! (eeek, butterflies!)

an oh! I love my new billowy summer dress from Free people and how it whisks in the wind with each little  footstep. In the midst of madness sometimes something as simple as taking a stroll at the beach & eating some sushi instantly relaxes my mind, body, &soul.

and you? How do you guys relax in the midst of chaos?  I think we can all use some pointers on relaxing and Letting Go To Breathe!



Shapes For All Season

posted by on 2011.07.18, under Chriselle Inc.

Last Fall/Winter I wore these round shades everyday  and today im loving the extreme cat eyes. Between Audrey Hepburn and her slightly cat eye sunglassses in  Breakfast at Tiffanys and Jackie O’s infamous oversized round shades…fashion always has a point to repeat itself.

Round glasses are vintage inspired and can be quirky & fun! Not sure about wearing  them to The Met but The Olsen twins clearly loves their round shades.

Im currently obsessing over my cat eye frames from House Of Harlow…they are uber glam & uber chic! The cat eye trend is totally reminiscent of the 1950s and early 60′s.

What do you guys think?  Do you prefer Round or Cat Eye? Would love to know!



Bejeweled Crisp Whites

posted by on 2011.07.17, under Chriselle Inc.

Somehow and someway there was an overflowing of inspiration after viewing Marchesa’s Resort 2012 collection. The crisp whites bejeweled in rustic gold stone & sequins and cannot get enough of this seafoam green…possibly a great wedding color?

Wishing you a beautiful sunday darlins’!



(via- Glamorous Little Side Project)

A Night Off

posted by on 2011.07.16, under Outfit Of The Day

After an impossibly busy week Michelle and I took some time off last night to catch a breath and unwind to some ahhh-mazing food, wine, and tons of laughter at my fave restaurant in downtown Church & State.

MICHELLE’S OUTFIT- I adored her look last night! chic chic chic was written all over her!  She was wearing highwaisted leather shorts with a perfectly loose silk blouse…very sophisticated & chic! Her leopard print stilettos and oversized blue envelope clutch (love the metal detailing) was just the right amount of accents!

MY OUTFIT- When wearing colors from head to toe I  try to keep it all in the same color family. For example: peach top, fuschia skirt, burgandy shoes (all in the pink/red family).

Blouse- Rachel Roy, Top- vintage, skirt- zara, shoe- alexander wang, Purse- Hermes, earrings- vintage dior, sunglasses- House of harlow

An overflowing feeling of excitement on all the new projects we are working on..someone needs to pinch me…am i dreaming or is this real?

Hope its beautiful where you are!



Describe My Style

posted by on 2011.07.15, under Chriselle Inc., Outfit Of The Day

Happy Friday darlins!

As today is Fashion Friday I decided to post up some of my favorite outfits from the past 2 months and I just came to a realization that I am way girlier than I thought. Majority of my outfits consists of one pieces and skirts! I love experimenting with fashion and I hate constricting myself  to one type of style but sometimes I have a hard time describing my own style!

So maybe you guys can help me out today…how would YOU describe my style in one sentence? cant wait to see your comments below!




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