Hope yall are are up for a funny story this morning! So the other day I was prepping for a campaign shoot for a client. I came across these bad ass hand-dyed lavendar shorts and instantly knew I had to buy the last pair that  was available. Just my luck..happens that the last pair available was 2 sizes too small for me but bought em anyways… what the heck its only 2 sizes right? WRONG!

After a near death experience of trying to get these shorts over my hips.. all of a sudden I see (in slow motion) the jeans ripping from bottom up. And what is that? A Leopard underlay? ummm no …say hello to my leopard cotton panties. I completely & accidently ripped these jeans in the worst way possible. Instantly I knew this would make a great DIY project (inspired by Balmain).

Sometimes you can turn Trash into treasures. Once a  pair of trashy, underwear exposing, short shorts…NOW they are a pair of safety pin-embellished, rip-effect, distressed cutoffs! Do you have any jeans, shorts, or shirts that are already ripped up  or possibly needs a little pick-me-up? Try doing what I did and turn your Trash into Treasures!




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