Oriental Oasis

posted by on 2011.06.15, under Editorials

Here’s a recent editorial I styled for Prestige Magazine. Loved how I was able to be as creative as I wanted to for this editorial. Which means layers upon layers upon layers….socks under sandals…pants as tops & tops as pants. A little geisha, a little samurai, a little chinadoll, and of course was inspired by the traditional korean costume “Han Boke”…inspired by their vibrant clashing colors. Welcome to the Oriental Oasis.

Stylist- Chriselle Lim

Photographer- Karla Ticas

Makeup- Johny Saade

Hair- Christopher Saluzzo



Just Flop It Out.

posted by on 2011.06.14, under Chriselle Inc.

It’s been one of those crazy weeks with a million tasks and a few hundred projects to accomplish. Just to give you a little update …Will be heading out to Palm Springs tomorrow with Michelle Phan to film my first tutorial for the launch of my channel! Also we have a big shoot coming up with LA Confidential Magazine…will be styling up a dear girlfriend of mine Lisa Ling. And wedding planning officially begins this weekend. will be heading up north to Napa Valley with the family to check out some venues.

Theres a couple of essential pieces that every woman needs…and I believe the #1 essential is AHHHH-MAZING skin! And that is why you will never see me working on set without a big ol’ floppy hat. Besides its an accessory that can make any plain old outfit look glamorous. So my #1 must have this summer is a Big Ol’ Floppy! When the sun is shining…Just Flop It Out! Protects the skin & glams up the look.

Will be working on a summer essential video with Michelle tomorrow. What are some of your Summer Must Haves?



Prints Charming

posted by on 2011.06.13, under Outfit Of The Day

Strong coffee & frothy lattes, a messy side swept updo, & red liptint  has been the remedy to early early mornings.

This past weekend took some time to get re inspired by my very own closet. Have you ever been completely & utterly bored by your own closet? I’ve had this silk blouse and floral skirt for years and have sadly retired them to the back burner for quite sometime now, but it just takes a new pairing/combination to be re -inspired by those old pieces. Both pieces are interesting (in color & print) on their own, but together, they make a strong statement. I’ve been utterly inspired by the seemingly “wild” aspect of mixing prints. The trick to pulling off “print on print” is to counterbalance the scale of different prints. In other words have one large print and one small print, and keep both in the same color family so the look makes more sense. We can call this organized chaos!

I challenge you this week to think outside of the box and pair up  2 pieces you would have never thought to pair together! (trust me..its quite liberating!) And please leave a comment here, TWEET ME, or FACEBOOK ME with a picture of your new combo! Would love to see what you ladies come up with!

HAPPY MONDAY & HAPPY Prints Charming!

(Blouse- Elizabeth & James, Shirt- American Apparel, Skirt- H&M, Necklace- bought from a street vendor in Guatemala, Rings- vintage, Bracelets- BCBG, Earrings- Forever 21, Purse- Hermes)



On The Go

posted by on 2011.06.10, under Outfit Of The Day

Excuse the horrible quality ..just happened to forget my camera and these are some images from my phone!

It’s been one of those crazy days where I have to run from meetings to meetings then straight to a dinner party. Most of my outfits are transitional from day into night due to my demanding schedule. Perfectly pretty in sheer chiffon for the day paired up with some ankle booties then dramatically switching it up and replacing the booties into 5 in. YSL stilettos for the night. Oh and may I add a bold red lip color for the evening.

Never am I  complete without my ankle booties during the day and  for the evening rarely will you ever see me dashing around without my red lips & 5 inch stilettos.

Are you always On The Go? What are your must haves for the day and for the night?

(Dress- Leyendecker, Slip- American Apparel, Boots- Ash Jalouse, Vintage Bali Purse from mom, jewelry- RoseGold & BoutiqueLA)



I Feel Naked

posted by on 2011.06.09, under Lovely Obsessions

When it comes to my wardrobe I have always adored a perfect juxtaposition- old & new, Vintage & modern, simple & Ornate. Some of my best outfits has been as simple as an oversized white T & wearing layers upon layers of jewels. I’ve always been smitten by strong necklaces, stone pieces, vintage bracelets, & stud earrings. Im an avid collector of anything shimmery & sparkly…here’s some pieces from my collection. Accessories has always played a huge role in my life….Often times I Feel Naked without my clusters of shimmer & sparkles.

What do you feel Naked without?



WUed Me Over

posted by on 2011.06.08, under Lovely Obsessions

I’ve always had this crazy obsession with pairing Leather & Tweed together.Clean lines, spring tweed dresses with leather lining.  It’s simply the perfect balance between sophistication & edginess.  Dying over Jason Wu’s Resort 2012 collection….

Thank You Mr. Wu. you have WUed Me Over once again!

Hope you are all having a lovely week thus far. I will be on set styling another campaign once again. Outfit post & updates coming tomorrow!



No Certificate Necessary

posted by on 2011.06.07, under Behind the Scenes

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” – Napoleon Hill

Organization is KEY as a stylist…Planning out & moodboarding out the looks is essential before a shoot!

Here are some behind the scenes images from a recent campaign shoot I styled with my team for Jellypop.

One of the most commonly asked questions from my followers is “How did you get your job?” or “How do you become a stylist?”

Great news is that with styling there is No Certificate Necessary nor is there a formal training program. But This means you have to be your very own  teacher and educate yourself.



read fashion magazines of all sorts , tear out pages and keep what you like in notebooks & organizers and refer back to them for inspiration! Another important thing is READ the credits on the pages and learn designers’ names. To me knowledge is key when an aspiring assistant wants to make a great impression.


Its important to intern/assist  a stylist so you can learn the tools of the trade. You will  realize that styling is much more than just creating ahhh-mazing looks..you will soon learn there is tremendous amount of people skills to learn- how to build a clientle, building relationhips with designers, publicists, managers, editors, & photographers. Take this as your “schooling” and be willing to work for free and pay your dues in the beginning.


Compile images of all the shoots you have styled and also references with the people you have worked with. As a freelance artist your portfolio and references is your resume and its also how you start building your clientle!


The styling business is crazy competitive so nurture your passion, stand by your vision, & surround yourself with people that believe in you!

Obviously styling is not as important as curing cancer but there is something so amazing about helping someone look & feel beautiful and to see them shine from within!

If you are an aspiring stylist or looking to get into this business..leave a comment/question below and I will do my best to answer them!



Shimmer & Charisma

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Goodmorning darlins!

Perhaps may have indulged in a little too much chocolate  & macaroons this weekend with one of my best friends in town from NY. Spent most of the weekend in good company  enjoying the golden sunset with a glass of wine.

Although I have failed to find that utterly perfect white dress this past weekend…I feel like I’m getting closer to that “one.”  I find it much easier to shop for others than myself. Perhaps so much of my time is spent researching, meeting with designers, and scouting new looks for others than myself. le sigh…I guess it comes with the job!

“There is no formula for glamour. It combines Shimmer and Charisma. It’s elusive but you know it when you see it.”

Beautiful things & exciting news for this week and the next, but for now, hope your week is off to a wonderful start! Have a glamourous Monday darlins’!

(Dress- All Saints, Shoes- ASOS, Clutch- Vintage, Mom’s Vintage Dior Sunglasses, Bracelets- BCBG, Necklace- Forever 21)



And The Search Begins…

posted by on 2011.06.03, under Outfit Of The Day

Happy Friday Darlins’!

Theres something so romantic about this fuzzy oversized blush pink cardigan. Whether its a feathery pink, whispy violet, muted coral , calming green, or champagne hues…all these pretty pastels are just so dreamy.

This weekend I will be in search of THAT intoxicatingly dreamy gown for me to walk down the aisle ( ahhh..butterflies!) In my thoughts I will be wearing nothing but wisps of tulle and flutters of lace…but I’ve been told (by other brides)  not to have any expectations! So yes the search begins and for some reason something tells me it will be quite an extravagant & exhausting one.

Have a lovely weekend darlins’

(Cardigan- Free People, Top- Mink Pink, Skirt- Marc Jacobs, Clutch- Vintage, Sandals- Zara, Bracelets- Rosegold & Boutique LA)




posted by on 2011.06.02, under Editorials

Heres a recent editorial that I styled. We kept jewelry very minimal to have all focus on the beautiful movement & sheerness of the fabric.

Windswept tousled hair …whisking away in flowing chiffon dresses over the Lush Poppy Fields against the golden sunset.

Styling: Chriselle Lim

Styling assistant: Laura Arias

Photography: Dove Shore

Hair & Makeup: Vincent



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