(Images via Wildfleur)

…… and a much needed time away from the city starts now. My weekend carryalls are packed and ready to head out to the lush green countryside. Heading up to Napa Valley for the weekend with the family to enjoy the blossoms and butterflies, champagne picnics filled with warm laughter and cozy conversations, and of course to wine & dine my beloved daddy for Fathers Day! and yes we will be scouting for a dreamy, magical, & romantic location for The Wedding this weekend with the whole family! A glimmer of vintage, deep green leaves, & the air filled with a dreamy and magical light……This is how I imagine it to be.

HAPPY FRIDAY darlins’…wishing you all a lovely weekend! and oh..just out of curiosity….where would YOUR dream/fantasy wedding be? In need of some inspiration ladies :)




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