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She Wears His Shirt- In Search Of The “IT Girl”

Gotta admit..it’s been quite a crazy weekend with a mile long list of fittings & prepping for clients this weekend. Crazy days like these calls for an easy to wear one piece shirt dress! An oversized mens button up you say? hmmm..well on its own it can look quite “sloppy” but its absolutely AHHHH-mazing what a tiny little belt can do. It can cinch in your waist and all together completes an outfit! Rarely will you ever see me without some sort of belt on! 

So Im doing something NEW & EXCITING! I have been soooo inspired by all of your lovely comments, FB messages, and tweets I really wanted to do something where we can inspire one another. I will be featuring one girl each week with ahhh-mazing style on my blog and facebook. All you have to do is Tweet me, facebook me, or leave a comment here with your version of the outfit Im wearing with your own little twist to it. Make sure to also leave your Name, Email address, & Tell me what style inspires you! I will pick the chosen Chriselle “It Girl” for the week and feature them at the end of the week!

So I challenge you this week…Grab your dad’s, boyfriend’s, husband’s, or brother’s button up and belt it at the waist with a really nice belt! and dont forget to TWEET ME, FACEBOOK ME, or of course leave a comment HERE with your men’s shirt! Who said she couldn’t wear His clothes? She Wears The Pants! WHOOPS…. I mean She Wears His Shirt!

<<STYLE TIP- Add wooden or brown colored accessories to neutralize a bright bold color. Adding Wooden or brown elements to an outfit tones down a dressier piece and gives it more of an “earthy” feel.>>



  • GS test says:

    She Wears His Shirt- In Search Of The “IT Girl”

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  • Morey says:

    Superbly illuminating data here, tnhkas!

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  • Heather says:

    Hey Chriselle! Here is my look…


    I love to add some stacked bracelets and a crossbody bag to make a look more casual and trendy–so that’s what I did! Hope you like it :)

  • kyujin says:

    Hi, Chriselle ! We’re twin sisters who are passionate about fashion. Your blog always inspired us to be more creative and try out new things. We both loved preparing for this challenge and I hope you like it. We tried to create two complete different looks by coordinating with different accessories. Enjoy: )


  • Sydney says:

    omg this is a really challenging and fun contest!! :)

    i send good luck to everyone whos joining! :)


  • Dorina says:


    My inspiration comes from the idea of a the bad twin and good twin. I have used my boyfriends dark woolen shirt. I have accentuated the waist with a bright red scarf. I have added red back and red satin socks to bring more of this gorgeous red color. I accessorized it with a of pearl necklace. For the “good twin” I have used white cotton button up.

    Good luck to everyone and big thanks to Chriselle for this amazing idea, like always :)

  • Amy says:


    This is my take on an old vintage men’s silk button-up! =)

    What inspires me ranges from music, movies, to blogs like yours. I particularly love the fashion inspired from the book The Great Gatsby! Gotta love the 1920s =)

  • tayler says:

    love this look!!
    and that is such an awesome idea!! I will definitely be doing that in the future!! :)


  • Tessa says:

    Can we win multiple times? ^^

  • David says:

    Please tell me where you got that shoulder bag.

  • Irene Lozano says:

    This is one of my man’s shirts, I accentuate the waist with a wide sash and I’m wearing shorts under it; he loves when I wear it. My hair covers the XXL earrings, and about my nails… don’t really have an explanation to that lol



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