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Pack My Bags & Set On A Jet Plane

Last year, around this time, I took a trip to Guatemala (for one of my best friend’s wedding) and I absolutely (die hard) fell in love with their textiles, carved wood, silver & jade jewelry, and of course their colorful hand made fabrics (this explains my obsession with Proenza Schoulers S/S 2011 collection)

But this time around I’ve been obssessing over  these eclectic paisley & moroccan prints. Well…Maybe  it’s that time of year again to Pack My Bags and Set On A Jet Plane.

…I’ve been in dire need of a change (I’ve had short black hair for almost 4 years now) and I figured If I dont do it now I never will. I shall confess….I’ve always daydreamed of having luxe sassy red hair! To think outside of the box you have got to change …it will re-inspire you in oh-so-many ways!

And there we have it another eventful & productive week has come and gone. so HAPPY FRIDAY darlins’…..for all i know i’ll be frilocking in my red hair & paisley prints this weekend!



OUTFIT BREAKDOWN: Zara Blouse, Zara wedges, Michael Kors rosegold watch, BCBG bracelets, Alexander Wang duffle bag, Cartier necklace

  • Fer says:

    Hi! Your post really made my day! I´m Guatemalan and reading you been there made me happy!! I would love to read more about your trip over there!

    • Chriselle says:

      aw yay~ i love the Guatemalan culture, people, and eclectic mix of prints..its one of my inspirations! Im planning to go back again this year!

  • Crazy4makeup says:

    Foto are so pretty!!!!

  • Mae Lu says:

    You do colors better that most people I know.

    What is your advice to someone who has mainly only grey, black, creme and tan in her wardrobe for infusing color into her closet???

    Mae Lu @ ~thereafterish.!

    • Chriselle says:

      neutrals are the best way to pair colors with! When i wear a striking bright color I always neutralize it with a neutral color. Its all about balance!

  • Diana says:

    You totally made my day! I’m so Guatemalan and it makes me proud that someone like you appreciated my culture! thanks!

  • Dawn says:

    You look amazing with red hair! That dress is so cute too, love the whole look.


  • Sydney says:

    i love your hair :)

  • siboney2046 says:

    I love red hair!!

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