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A Fresh Bloomed Closet


This past weekend my sister Eye It Try It and I went to go visit some of LA’s best flower markets….I must confess, I can never resist the full ruffly blooms of peonies, especially the pink ones. To think outside of the box one must be inspired…and for me to be inspired (epsecially on a monday morning) a vase full of fresh blooms is almost a necessity.

Love how designers are taking inspiration from fresh blooms from the vase to the runway. lets call this A Fresh Bloomed Closet.



  • Sydney says:

    absolutely in love Rodarte’s design :DDD <3

  • Val says:

    Are you still making fashion videos on YouTube? If so I’d love to see you do some videos on giving people style advice- for example someone can explain to you what style they like and you can put together an outfit with their suggestions or people can send in photos of themselves (faces cropped if needed) and you can explain how they could have made an outfit better or give them a make over by finding pictures online of clothes that would suit their body type. Or heck even tell them what their body type is or anything to help them learn how to dress themselves.

    Hope my ideas weren’t confusing and I hope to see you giving out styling advice, when would most of us ever get a professionals opinion?


    • Chriselle says:

      Thanks Val! Yes I am still making videos with Michelle Phan on youtube but will be launching my own channel soon!! Will definitely be adding a video on different body shapes!! God created every woman differently!

  • Megan says:

    Love! As a floral designer, I always get so excited when I see others inspired by flowers. Fashion and Flowers: a perfect mix!

    • Chriselle says:

      How get to surround yourself with fresh bloomed beauties al day! and yes I agree fashion and flowers are a great combo! xo

  • Maureen says:

    I saw that Rodarte pic in Elle yesterday. I love Rodarte, indisputable fave of mine.

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