Splashes Of Color

Heres a little preview for tomorrow’s outfit post! As much as i love my scarves lets be real..in this 90 degree LA weather..the last thing I want to do is be drenching sweat under my silk scarf that is bundled up my neck! Instead i’ve been wearing my scarf as a cardigan overlay  by simply belting it together with my dress. Will be posting the full outfit on tomorrow’s post!




  • Karin says:

    Wow, 90 degree weather! It snowed today here in Sweden…

  • Pauline says:

    You´re just so amazing with clothes and stuff!!! I absolutely love your style!

  • Anthea says:

    Where can I get this scarf? I love it!!!!<3

  • Talisa says:

    Love how you have layered your scarf, you’re always so inventive with your styling. It keeps your outfit looking lightweight and fresh for spring!

  • anita says:

    wow! love the colour …

  • Love the scarf the colors all work so well together like a watercolor painting <3

  • Jennifer says:

    I love silk scarf…

  • Nancy says:

    I thought about this before but never tried it. Now I simply MUST! Sooo beautiful <3

  • Ana says:

    OMG – GORGEOUS!! <3

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