Mich & Chris Take New York

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MICH AND CHRIS TAKE NEW YORK- Cant believe its already been 2 months since our trip to New York.  Seems like yesterday when I was blogging about our NY Diaries

Here are the final images that we took for Lancome with our Make up artists (Lancome’s national makeup artists). Being talented is a given but seriously they were as sweet as they were  good looking! again Thank you Lancome for a wonderful trip ~ we had a blast!

Cant wait for the next fashion season in September..shall we call that Michelle & Chriselle Take New York Part 2??

Yes, I think so!



Kick Up Your Feet

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(Top- Zara, Jacket- Zara, Shorts- Vintage Levis, Loafers- Steve Madden, Necklace- Bannana Republic, Watch- Michael Kors, Sunglasses- thrifted)

The weather was way too beautiful to pass up so we decided to take advantage of the LA sun (before April showers start!) …Talk about knocking 3 birds with one stone. 1. Attempt to tan my pasty white legs 2. Catch up on some magazines (aka get some work done)  3. Get inspired (and so we did!)

Here are some of my Spring MUST HAVES: 1. A Bright bold colored top (currently loving this deep royal blue) 2. Tweed jacket (dress it down like i did here or you can dress it up for work ) 3. Statement necklace 4. loafers (no joke, ive been wearing these leopard print ones everyday since I got them!) 5. & of course the infamous CIRCLE glasses.

Currently in the works of editing videos for my youtube channel and prepping for 5 campaign shoots I am styling up. And the pressure is on…but sometimes you just gotta Kick Up Your Feet & let God do the rest!



Teal Pony Hair

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Excited to share with you guys one of the many projects I’ve been working on. We recently shot & styled Penelope & Coco’s Fall Winer 2011 campaign and here is a teeny tiny peep show! The first image is one of the many outfits we styled for the campaign! For now you can drool over these 6 inches of amazingness and their cutest little mesh flats. The mix of  patent leather with wood and teal pony hair …i mean c’mon…..AMAZE-BALLS!




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The little sis (who is all grown up now *tear) planned me my fancy 26th bday din at Valentinos. Wined and dined the night away, with some of my favorite people,  in our private wine cellar room where they had wines stored from the 1920s! With age (not that im THAT old yet!) I am realizing that less is more…quality over quantity. I am beyond blessed to have a small group of friends but they are the most loyal, committed, and compassionate people ever. From the wine tasting to the birthday cake (my sis got me my fave cake from Susina Bakery) and all my presents (which I’ll do another blog or video about this week)..it was a perfect night! My girlfriends know me so well….here are some of the gifts they got me….a beautiffffful mirror (im in the middle of re vamping up my place ), leather scallloped shorts from Michelle Phan (how perfect and awwwe-dorable!), and these crazy nude lace up shoes (la-la-lovvvve!) .

Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes and making my week memorable. I am excited to see what exciting things this year will bring! I hope to continuously grow and inspire yall!



Breakfast At Chriselles

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Use your Accessories to Accessorize your home…not only does it give your space more personality BUT its also a good way to compact and save closet space! Your space should be a reflection of your style & personality. Loving this tea set idea…Breakfast at Tiffanys….or shall we say Breakfast at Chriselles? (Images via The Covetur)



Roses On Her Bum

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A couple months ago I had the chance to style up a lingerie editorial for Serendipity Magazine. As your Wedding gown should be extravagant…what you wear on the special night of should be as important! I styled up 5 looks for 5 different type of girls…From “The Pinup, The Vixen, The Babydoll, The Showgirl, & The Belly dancer” 

My favorite look has to be “The Pin up” look. You cant tell  from the first image but the back of “The Pin Up” look was just Oh So Cheeky! I created a cute little bow out of random tulle fabric and these ahhh-dorable cheeky roses on her bum! You can get your Serendipity copy at your local borders, CVS, or Barnes & Nobles!

Styling- Chriselle Lim// Photography- Karla Ticas // Makeup- Leibi Carias// Hair- Sienree Du



Junk Into Jems

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Pairing a little boho lace with strong edgy leather is the perfect balance of in between rocker-boho-chic. I found these leather shorts on sale at Topshop when I was out in NY for fashion week. Also found this lace top from topshop as well….the sheer bell bottom laced arms had me at hello.

I was in downtown LA fashion district the other day buying fabric for a new DIY project im working on and spotted these gorgeous peacock feathers. Had no idea why I was buying them at the time but was determined to put them to use someway somehow. I went home to scout some janky jewelry that I could revamp and found these cheap earrings I had stored up in my “junk” bin and stuck these feathers and VOILA!

Turning Junk Into Jems…..thats my profession.



Spring & Sass

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Some of my spring inspiration – My Satin sheets, ruffled bikini, nude & sheer knits, long legs, floral prints, and fresh roses….. I smell Spring & Sass in the air!

Sphistication & minimalism is generally my style genre but c’mon we all have a romantic & girly girl hiding deep within’.

What is your inspiration for this spring?



We Run LA

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oh Sunny days how I adore thee….but do I really have to store my favorite (faux) fur jacket until next season? ’til next season my love.

for now….Catch me runnin around LA with my short shorts and these round frames all spring long! We Run LA.



Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious Little Black Box

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As Mary Poppins keeps her Lamp and her bed in her purse…I keep my jewels, hats, gloves, jewels, and more jewels  in my Magic Black Box.

As an avid collector of jewelry I am also an avid collector of luggage and things that can transport my goods from Point A to Point B. As a stylist I need to have access to my accessories and be able to lug them around easily without having to rent a U-haul (trust me..i’ve been there and done that..and there’s NOTHING glamorous about it!)  This black box on wheels seriously has become one of my best friends (i love ANYTHING on wheels…so i dont have to carry it with my wimpy little arms) and if I tried I could probably fit my lamp and my king size bed too. (ha! I wish!)

As Ms. Poppins would say, “Oh, supercallifragilisticexpialidocious, even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious.”




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