As you can tell im a wonderful photographer espeicially when it comes to self portraits! ha! Well I just wanted you to see the detail on this Junya Watanabe (Comme Des Gracones)  jacket. It’s probably one of my faves…sheer draping sleeves with a nice boxy tailored body…PURRRR-FECTION! This LA weather is such a tease …the other day it was in the 80s and i was  happily skippin away in my romper…..but now its  been POURING all week long! When the weather is colder I tend to dress darker, sleeker, and a bit of grunge & rock n roll. So due to the rain..I am wearing a leopard sheer blouse by Equipment, Junya Watanabe jacket, and H&M pleather leggings. and i cut off my face because I hate wearing make up in the rain. But I might as well put a bag over my face in honor of Junya Watanabe and his recent runway show…….. Yes I love the dramatic and drapiness of Junya’s collection but c’mon no need to hire a pretty model for this show..nor do we need a hair or make up team for this one. I guess what I’m tryin to say is When All Else Fails Wear Black And Put A Bag Over It. (Im just joking..dont quote me on that!)




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