A Brighter Place- Happy Spring!

posted by on 2011.03.21, under Lovely Obsessions

Although gloomy & drizzling here in LA…it’s officially SPRING! HAPPY SPRING to you and yours!

Let us celebrate all the neons and brights seen all over the runway this spring and experiment with bold pieces.

Together we shall make the world a brighter place!



Colorblocking, Starbucks, Heels, SafetyPins..

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And an eventful weekend it was….Styled up the Spring editorial for Bunker Hill magazine. Spring is around the corner, flowers are slowly blooming, and Colors are finally arising.With Spring’s near arrival, soon there will be blocks of colors on every corner. Pairing a rich royal purple with a blood orange red  has to be one of my fave color combos for this season.

Love how in every image im inseparable from my Starbucks (Black..please) and Blackberry  with shoes and safety pins in the oher hand. yes.. the necessities of a stylist. Colorblocking, Starbucks, Heels, Safety Pins..Yes the story of my life.

(The Brands of the looks I styled above are from: Marc Jacobs, Celine, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, BesoBeso, Moschino, BCBG Maxazria )

Hope you had a lovely weekend  and that your week is off to a perfect start! HAPPY MONDAY!



A Trip To Abu Dhabi …All In Your Closet

posted by on 2011.03.17, under Fashion Tutorials

Funny how trends work. First we poke fun at trends and talk how ridiculous they look…we slowly start seeing editorial & magazines adapt to them…then we question ourselves if we think we have the balls to rock that look too….then we see the mass starting to adopt it into their wardrobe..then TADA we finally rock the look on ourselves. I swear its like a 5 step exhausting process (ugh!)…..Although turbans have been around for a very long time no one would dare to wear it as a fashion statement until Sex & The City 2 ..the adventures and wonderful fashion tales at Abu Dhabi.

This spring you will see tons of Carries gone loose in their bright colored spring turbans. It’s a HUGE fashion statement and can make ANY plain ol’ Jane outfit look quite modern. Michelle Phan and I recently created an amazing DIY video for this look…stay tuned darlins’ …for now get ready to take a trip to Abu Dhabi…well within your closet that is.



Round Things Part 2

posted by on 2011.03.15, under Lovely Obsessions

I cant lie..when I walked out of the house last night in full swing of polka dots from top the bottom I did fill a little clown-esque. But seriously my love for polka dots are undeniable. Just like the whole red on red (monochromatic outfits) has been a huge hit this season…you will see TONS of print on print as well. My lust for Round things and monochromatic colors will forever livvvvve! (pants are from zara, top is from Dolce&Gabbana)



The Higher The Heel The Closer To God

posted by on 2011.03.14, under Behind the Scenes

Cant believe how fast time flies! It’s been 6 months since I styled the first Penelope & Coco campaign (See the last campaign here!)   which was pretty darn ahhh-mazing. I felt like this time around everything was an upgrade from the location, to the model, to do setup, to the styling, etc. Its all about growing and becoming better than the last time around…that’s how I measure success.

Styled up 8 ahhh-mazing looks for their new look book & video campaign…..everything from minimalistic grunge to quirky sophistication. Not to mention that Penelope & Coco has added some SKY HIGH WEDGES & HEELS to their fall 2011 collection. Cant show you how bad ass they are quite yet but soon my darlins’ soon. Besides….The Higher The Heel The Closer To God :)

Another busy week..filming a fashion tutorial with Michelle Phan today for yall( I know i know we’ve been lagging in this department!) ..Styling up another 3 campaigns & Editorial this week! Happy Monday!



Time Machine

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Yes I know I’ve been completely overly obsessive over my round round round shades but not gonna lie  I am AS obsessive with these extreme cat eyes! Super inspired by the 1950s Costume glamour especially their intricate accessories! Hold up…Let me quickly step into my time machine and take it back to my favorite era….the 50′s. The days of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophie Loren . Thank u Tom Ford for makin these glasses and for temporarily taking me back in time.

Which decade inspires you?



And The Winners Are (Drumroll Please…)

posted by on 2011.03.11, under Chriselle Inc.

So after a LONG exhausting day of prepping for 4 shoots coming up … I decided to sit down and read ALL 114 comment/entries of all the Women On The Go. and I cant tell you how MOVED i was by all of your passion, hunger , and eagerness to do what you guys love to do, and some that dont love so much what they do but still continue to press forward. I realized after reading 114 comments that it was nearly impossible to select the 2 winners on my own. (My goodness)  if I could I would want to spoil each and every one of you! (unfortunately I do not have 114 bracelets to give away! HA! maybe someday…) So I decided to generate a random number for this contest!

And the winners are (drumroll please….)

Comment #73 and #19

CONGRATS MEL & JENNY! Please Contact me ASAP so I can send you over your goodies!

Thank you ladies for inspiring me to continue to do what I do! Will be doing a bigger and better giveaway at the end of this month with one of my fave brands…so stay tuned!



Embrace The Awkwardness

posted by on 2011.03.10, under Chriselle Inc.

(I Spy a Pink lacy bra, leopard print bench, Eye Of the Tiger , some of my styling work framed….here are my fave pieces in one place)

As a kid i’ve always HATED my thick, coarse, textured hair….I always wanted beautiful, thin, and silky hair. But after 24 years of a love/hate relationship..i gotta admit I love being able to style my hair once and never having to style it again for a whole week (don’t worry kiddos I DO take showers and I dont bite!) Im just sayin’ in a given situation if I didnt want to style my hair for a whole month..i wouldnt have to because I got some thick ass moldable hair. My mom says my hair is like Play doe…style it..mold it..and it’ll stay put for life! (no joke!)

Loving my awkward length hair..im also really diggin this model’s awkward choppy length hair. Love it when girls go against the grain..Embrace The Awkwardness..love yourself and your hurrrrrr.



Coral Lust

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Really diggin this Coral color. Must get my hands on that coral hat and that gold rose clutch. dying!



Flaunt Your Best Asset Forward

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Reminder: It’s daylight savings this weekend! YAY! that means longer sunny days to come! (in my head this translates as more time to play in my short shorts)

One of my favorite things to wear during the spring is high waisted short shorts only because they elongate my already long legs! (take note!!) My staple this spring is a plain top with bright or bold patterned print bottoms! Lets Talk about Spring Must haves… go invest in a slinky white blouse that you can dress up or dress down ( im wearing an Equipment blouse here..my fave!). Also invest in some fun colored pants or printed pants for this spring such as these ahhhhh-dorable polka dot pants from ASOS.

Flaunt your best asset this spring! It’s allll about balance darlins’. When showing off major leg cover up them twins up north…and when flaunting your baby twins make sure you are covered up down below! You dont want to show off all your goodies at once..too much of something  aint a good thing ladies!

“It’s more interesting to have just a picture of a small detail – then you can dream all the rest around it. Because when you see the whole thing, what is there to imagine?” -Dries Van Noten

Flaunt your Best Asset Forward this spring! So what is YOUR Best asset??



P.S will be announcing the winners on Friday for the Giveaway!


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