You know those girls that can pin point their style down in 1-2 words? well yes…Im definitely NOT one of those girls. Here’s a brief description of my style..Classic romantic with an edge of rocker chic with a twist of 70′s bohemian glam wrapped around a clean cut, minimalistic, & sophisticated look.  (*breathing*Panthing*) A BALANCED ACT- basically in other words i dont like to look too girly nor too edgy nor too grown up…but a mix of everything in between. In the outfit above I’m wearing a girly ruffled shirt with a boho maxi skirt which made me look a bit TOO little house on the prairie-like….. so I added a leather jacket to harden it up with a pair of combat booties. And Vice Versa…yes we know the military look is in but it aint cool if you look like your about to go to war in your leather & army darlins’ soften it up with a soft, romantic, sheer blouse. And this is my secret to getting dressed every morning. I tell myself “Balance baby Balance….”




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