Studded But Treeless

posted by on 2011.03.31, under Chriselle Inc.

Some of todays inspirations. Walked into the Oscar De La Renta showroom and immediately gravitated towards the coral branch display. If there was one thing I could’ve walked out with, from the store, it would’ve been THAT coral display…..sadly it was NOT for sale, what a shame! But I did find these ahhhhh-mazing coral studs (fyi- I will forever live and die with stud earrings on.) that were reasonably priced. Walked out of Oscar De La Renta Studded But Treeless.

For now I shall attempt to paint my trees coral…until Oscar decide’s to give in to my request.



A Striped Muse

posted by on 2011.03.30, under Lovely Obsessions

Currently obsessed with anything and everything striped…whether horizontal, vertical, or slanted. It’s just downright a classic statement pattern without being too obnoxiously bold. Maybe it has to do with my obsession with long clean lines (ok fine, thats just my OCDness) or maybe it has to do with my childhood love and inspiration…….

A-ha! that must be it. Where’s Waldo… Forever A Striped Muse of mine.



A Balanced Act

posted by on 2011.03.29, under Outfit Of The Day

You know those girls that can pin point their style down in 1-2 words? well yes…Im definitely NOT one of those girls. Here’s a brief description of my style..Classic romantic with an edge of rocker chic with a twist of 70′s bohemian glam wrapped around a clean cut, minimalistic, & sophisticated look.  (*breathing*Panthing*)

A BALANCED ACT- basically in other words i dont like to look too girly nor too edgy nor too grown up…but a mix of everything in between. In the outfit above I’m wearing a girly ruffled shirt with a boho maxi skirt which made me look a bit TOO little house on the prairie-like….. so I added a leather jacket to harden it up with a pair of combat booties. And Vice Versa…yes we know the military look is in but it aint cool if you look like your about to go to war in your leather & army darlins’ soften it up with a soft, romantic, sheer blouse.

And this is my secret to getting dressed every morning. I tell myself “Balance baby Balance….”



Eat Mustard, Wear Mustard

posted by on 2011.03.28, under Outfit Of The Day

I don’t know what it is..maybe its my slight hatred/distaste in how mustard actually tastes but i’ve never been a fan of anything mustard related. Well until The Row, Acne, & Proenza Schouler served me Mustard in a way I’ve never had before. & now I have a slight change of heart..ok fine..a HUGE change of heart…I absolutely LOVE MUSTARD!!!

I worked up a combo that i’ve never done… paired up this mustard jacket with this bright blue electric shirt with high waisted polka dot pants! Mustard can be a color that can easily look bland so i wanted to perk it up with a bold statement color underneath! And pair it with some funky pants!

So I challenge you to pair up a color combo you’ve never tried before and add some polka dots into your life. Polka dots is another subject but keep in mind Print & dots will  also be HUGE this season.




Just Flow With It

posted by on 2011.03.27, under Editorials

Summer days are just days away.

Take note…Invest into a bright colored Maxi this summer!

Just Flow With It.


Outfit Of The Day: Metal Plates

posted by on 2011.03.26, under Outfit Of The Day

Although its officially spring..this Cali gloom has gotten me all twisted in how I should dress. Not quite ready to spring into spring with all my pattern play and bold colors. Seriously when all else fails just wear ALL black and you will instantly look chic especially in leather (or pleather) pants but i’ve been doin this all winter long (my go to look!) so I added a pop of color with a oversized boxy red coat. A pop of color is an instant “pick me upper’ piece from a gloomy day.

and my absolute fave is my gold metal plated choker. It reminds me of those crazy tribal days when women would wear metal plates to elongate their necks (I guess in some countries Beauty is really pain!). Crazy how an ancient beauty practice is now considered a huge fashion accessory. Strange how the world works but hey..history will always repeat itself and yes fashion will always repeat itself  for better or for  worse.

mmm…Have a sassy weekend my darlin’s



When All Else Fails Wear Black & Put A Bag Over It

posted by on 2011.03.25, under Outfit Of The Day

As you can tell im a wonderful photographer espeicially when it comes to self portraits! ha! Well I just wanted you to see the detail on this Junya Watanabe (Comme Des Gracones)  jacket. It’s probably one of my faves…sheer draping sleeves with a nice boxy tailored body…PURRRR-FECTION!

This LA weather is such a tease …the other day it was in the 80s and i was  happily skippin away in my romper…..but now its  been POURING all week long! When the weather is colder I tend to dress darker, sleeker, and a bit of grunge & rock n roll. So due to the rain..I am wearing a leopard sheer blouse by Equipment, Junya Watanabe jacket, and H&M pleather leggings. and i cut off my face because I hate wearing make up in the rain. But I might as well put a bag over my face in honor of Junya Watanabe and his recent runway show……..

Yes I love the dramatic and drapiness of Junya’s collection but c’mon no need to hire a pretty model for this show..nor do we need a hair or make up team for this one. I guess what I’m tryin to say is When All Else Fails Wear Black And Put A Bag Over It. (Im just joking..dont quote me on that!)



Colorpoppin’ & Hipshakin’

posted by on 2011.03.24, under Behind the Scenes

Yes another day another campaign..I recently got to style BesoBeso’s 2nd campaign and it was brilliant! Color poppin and hip shakin was the name of the game. Not only did I style the campaign but I got to style the owner Jacqueline Brown and actress Tiffany Thornton (from Disney) …Dressed Jackie in Diane Von Furstenberg & Rag&Bone….Styled Tiffany in the one and only Topshop and of course tons and tons of Beso Beso Jewels.

Moss Collection from Beso Beso Jewels on Vimeo.

If you havnt seen our last campaign that I styled for their Moss it is! Enjoy! BesoBeso*



Headturnin’ With That Turban

posted by on 2011.03.23, under Chriselle Inc.

So as you guys know Michelle Phan and I created a tutorial on how to usefully use your scarf in 9 different ways. Additionally we are helping raise $$$ for Japan…the scarf we used is by James Jean, and if you would like to purchase one 100% of the proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross. All the colored ones are sold out but the black&White ones are still available!

Anyways..after reading a lot of the comments from viewers most people did not understand how the “Turban” look could be fashionable. Well if you havnt read my last entry on the popularity on turbans’s another one for you! :)

Mary Kate, Beyonce, Rachel Zoe, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham, Kardashians, and Eva Mendes to name a few that  have been rocking this look for a while now. Not only did recent designers from Prada, Chris Benz, Yigal Azrouel, Rag & Bone use this trend from their past collection..But this trend goes all the way back into the black & white classics from the 1930′s and 40′s!

So whether you use your turban to wrap your hair, culturally, or simply as a fashion statement piece..Rock that will be Headturnin’ With That Turban…for sure.



Fake It Til You Make It

posted by on 2011.03.22, under Fashion DIY

Although this Burberry trench is a MUST HAVE…Some of us dont have the luxury in spending $2995 for an ahhhhhhhhh-mazing spiked Burberry trenchcoat. So why not DIY? I mean c’mon Fake It Til You Make It.  (Via WhoWhatWear)




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