sooooo HAPPY MONDAY darlins’s. As a freelance stylist there is one thing you need to get accustomed to and that is…there is No such thing as weekends! But blessed that I am able to make a career out of something I love to do. This past weekend Michelle Phan, Krista Bradford, and I got together and glammed up Shira Lazar. Shira was covering the red carpet for ..and Wowzaaaa tell me that she  looked dropped dead gorgeous! I styled her in a beautiful Ronald Abdalla fitted champagne colored gown…i mean this gown fit Shira like a glove and of course tone and tons of bling bling from Erica Courtney, and shoes from Christian Louboutin (not shown). She looked like a million bucks and  was very much so worth a million…literally…no pun intended! Shira is a natural beauty but with some extra help of our glam squeezy we turned her into the sassiest gal in town, well in this case, the Red Carpet. Busy Busy week shooting 2 lookbooks & campaigns, prepping for Aspen, Fashion tutorials coming ur way this week, and possibly some giveaways!




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