Just recieved my february issue of Yuhsung Joogang (the largest korean womens magazine) ..i gotta admit I was quite excited to see my 4 page spread in this issue. My parents happened to visit me the same day that the magazine hit stands..and I’m tellin you i’ve never seen my parents look so proud. They could care less if I was gracing the cover of Vogue or Elle…but they just simply were dying over the fact that this article was in my mom’s favorite korean magazine! (I guess it’s a cultural difference??) I was very pleased in how the article turned out, the article talks about how I got to where Im at, How I got into styling, My relationship with Michelle Phan, and my future plans! Heres an english translation on their blog . It’s an honor that they labeled me as a “Style Icon” Really?? nooo. but seriously…Im just your everyday girl that loves to dress up! Follow your passion and what you are great at and the world will recognize you  for it!  Thank you for your Love & Support!!




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