Into The Sunset

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Do I have any followers from Lebannon or Dubai? Our editorials for Prestige magazine is finally out! So excited to see that we were able to get 2 separate editorials in the January issue! “New Years In LA” and “Into the Sunset” .. love how we shot both of these separate editorials on the same day but the mood, lighting, and styling is completely different! Funny thing is I styled this a couple months before I partnered up with Michelle Phan…and I feel like the styling on my NYE glamarous fashion tutorial was inspired by my styling with Prestige Magazine!

The first editorial “New Years Eve” was styled more for your Sex Kitten type of gal~ who loves to be glamorous and sexy. Lots of glitter, bling, sheer, and fur… and YES she loves to show off her legs! Whereas  the second editorial “Into The Sunset” is for your hopeless romantic…(the same look as the Tea Party look in my fashion tutorial). A hopeless romantic love love loves her tulle, ruffles and lace!

Although its a bit late for NYE styling…here is my NYE fashion tutorial if you havnt seen it yet!

Big thanks to Christian Louboutin, Zuhair Murad, Brian Lichtenberg, Catherine Malandrino, Camilla Scovgaard, Vin jewelers, Kirsten Leigh Kuehn, Harry Winston, and Cartier for sending us stuff to make this shoot possible!

And if you are out in Lebanon and Dubai~ would love for you to take a peek because its not available here in the US..booooooo!

Styling: Chrielle Lim

Photography: Karla Ticas

Makeup: Leibi Carias

Hair: Sienree Du



Kick Up Your Heels and Prance Around

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If there is one brand that can best describe my style…that would be VALENTINO. Its romantic, soft, neutral, with a hint of sexiness with all that sheer black lace. Usually Pre Fall collections never impress me, but my my my Valentino has managed to sweep me off my feet once again.

Valentines day is weeks away! Whether you are single & ready to mingle or spending time with ur significant other…either way its an excuse to wear the daintiest and prettiest little dress…Kick Up Your Heels and Prance Around. Valentino…will you be my Valentine??? i love thee….



Champagne Anyone?

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I had the opportunity to style the cover editorial of a luxury magazine called Vivid Magazine for their February issue.  The past 3 days..i’ve been working non stop with less than 3 hours of sleep..but at the end of the’s the passion that keeps me going, energized and alive.

Here I styled the model in Louis Vuitton from head to toe…with a bit of 6o’s glamour…cinched in waist with a full skirt and oh yes Mikimoto pearls. The looks were all timeless and classic…  Cant wait for this editorial to hit stands alongside with 4 other magazine editorials that will all be coming out on February as well as our feature in 2 magazines :)

You guys asked what i wear on an everyday work day? well here it is…. when im styling on set…it’s ALLL ABOUT COMFORT! So  Black jeggings it is, a loose & breezy blouse or T, my flat thigh high boots,and a scarf for a pop of color! Who said you cant be comfortable and chic at the same time???

Champagne anyone?? (nah, its just water)



ASK CHRISELLE: From 5″3 to 6″3

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Q: Chriselle, it’s easy for you to look good in outfits because you are so tall, but how about us short girls? How can we appear taller and leaner?

Where are my short sassy sistas at??? I’ll tell you this much…almost ALL of my fashion icons are all under 5″3 and they appear to be 6 ft tall!! Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo being my top 2!

Here are some real quick and easy steps you need to think about every morning before you dress yourself!

1. WEAR MONOCHROMATIC COLORS- it helps create one long vertical line, and this works THE best with darker colors such as navy or black.

2. AVOID HORIZONTAL LINES & GO FOR VERTICAL LINES- horizontal stripes will shorten you versus Vertical lines will lengthen you. Whether they are vertical lines in print, or seam lines, stripes or trims their eyes are going to be going up and down which is VERY slimming. Anything that has a horizontal stripe such as nautical shirts with printed horizontal stripes, chokers, or ankle straps…will shorten you. Also stay away from checkered of plaid. Here Olivia Palermo is wearing a deep V neck blouse which creates a vertical line drawing attention to her face. The blouse also has a vertical scarf hanging down which enlongates her toros.

If you are wondering which pants elongates your legs the most! NOPE they are not short shorts! But its is high waisted wide lge trousers. Here Olivia Palermo wears these trousers and you can see the seems and the vertical creases which really elongates her legs! (im quite obssessed with high waisted trousers myself!)

3. ADD BLACK TIGHTS- Black booties can easily cut off and shorten the length of your leg since it stops at the ankle. When wearing black booties try adding a pair of black tights underneath so it can create a monochromatic look from the start of your leg to the end of your toe instead of getting cut off at the ankle.

Hope this gave all the sassy short sistas some pointers how to look and feel 6 ft tall! There are about 50 different tips and pointers on how to look taller, but these are my top 3! Let me know if this helped…We can possibly do a tutorial on this!

If you have any fashion emergency questions or personal questions…JUST ASK CHRISELLE



That 70′s Girl

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What made you smile last year might not make u smile right now, in fact it might make you cringe! We are constantly changing and evolving and so does fashion…our taste is altered everyday by what we see, experience, and feel. So this is what im feeling right now…. a nice tailored and fitted blazer, delicate and lace sheer tops, dainty & sophisticated jewelry, and a pair of high waisted trousers! Reminds me of Bianca Jagger back in the 70s when she was rockin her Yves Saint Laurent crisp white pantsuit. and oh yes…my blackberry, the most needed and reliable accessory that I own!

Beyond the floral flowy dresses and floppy hats, I am completely inspired by the masculine-yet-sexy look from the 70′s. Its the sexiest when women look powerful & headstrong! What decade inspires you??

Photgraphy taken by the amazing KARLA TICAS




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Spring is just around the corner..u know what that means?? a new fashion season and a new wardrobe! What I love about fashion is that it NEVER stays the same, it is constantly changing and constantly evolving! This past weekend Michelle Phan and I had a photoshoot and we got to play a little dress up to showcase the 2 MAJOR trends that will be apparently taking place this Spring 2011!!

COLOR BLOCKING- yes! Not only is color back but the richest of rich colors were seen all over the runway. From Gucci (shown above) to Miu Miu to Proenza Schouler! Michelle loves her BLACK and I love my NUDES, so we decided to have some fun with this new trend and add some bright bold color to one of our looks!

NEUTRAL NUDES & CRISP WHITES- Thank God that neutrals and whites are still in this season. I cannot get enough of these dreamy looks from the Chloe runway. Invest into a flowy full skirt and sleek white/creme  blazers for this spring! Above Michelle is wearing the daintiest little white dress and Im wearing a sleek fitted blazer with high waisted trousers (which is also a must for this season!!)

How can two completely contrasting looks be on the same map at the same time during the same season? Fashion is like a box of never know what your gonna get ;)



P.S  Photos of our shoot will be coming out soon! We cant wait to share all the fun we had together!!


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One of my favorite accessories in the winter time is a scarf because it can instantly transform an outfit from casual to sophisticated with the right techniques. I’m quite the Magician when it comes to scarf techniques…I probably know about 50 different ways but here are my top 7 favorite that I share on this video~

All these techniques im showing u can also be worn in the spring/summer with a lighter/silk scarf! and what I also LOVE doing is wearing my summer scarves as a headwrap, headband, and my fave TURBAN! Would you rock this look, and would u want to learn from the magician herself??? ;)



Brain Fart Morning

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Ever had one of those brain fart mornings? When you simply just dont want to think about what to wear? ummmm *raises hand* yes I actually do have those days too! Here is my GO TO look when I dont want to think and still look chic. When all else fails throw on a white blouse with fitted pants and pile them gold accesories on! No one would ever know that you had a Brain fart moment…well except for me that is :P

Mix Master

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I’m not quite sure if its the ADD in me but i get bored of my jewelry pieces so fast (except for my vintage/antique pieces)! Do I have any fellow fashionistas who feel me on this? So I challenge you this….Before throwing out/ donating your old uninspiring jewelry pieces get creative and get re inspired! Grab a hold of all your random pieces and hook it into one big RANDOM piece!

Mix up your brass and coppers, antiqued chains, charms, glass beads and make it into one. There is something so perfect about imperfection. There is so much character and personality when the piece is a little off and when it doesn’t perfectly match! Heres a big tip from me to you… DO NOT try to match your purse, with your necklace with your shoes with your belt and with your purse! Become the master of mixing and matching and you will ALWAYS look effortlessly chic! You can call me the Mix Master!



Ask Chriselle: Lift Up Your Twins

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Dear Chriselle,

I need your advice. Actually I want to wear bandeau style dress to show my shoulder and I need to remove my bra straps. It’s really inconvenient for me because I could not shape up my breast and it’s quite big. Can you give me some tips to wear this dress confidently?


This is a GREAT question because I think many girls can put to use what Im about to share with you. Here is my secret weapon…it’s called a Body Wrap Bra Slip!  This bra also has underwire so it will Lift Up Your Twins while wearing that bandeau dress! What I also love about this Body Wrap is that it shapes and smoothes out the tummy, hips and midriff area! It’s made out of stretch microfiber so it’s super stretchy and super comfy! This is my go to item when im dressing my clients, especially when they are wearing that real sexy tight dress down the red carpet.

Wether its a fashion emergency, tips & advice, or a personal question…Just Ask Chriselle! You can either leave a comment here or on our facebook page!




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