My love for vintage pieces are undeniable….whether we are talking about jewelery, art, or furniture. What I love about vintage pieces is that they have this “rusty” look that has been built up for decades..and yes of course time is money and money is time..and that is why real vintage pieces are so darn expensive! So here I will show you how to instantly age your jewelry. Some people might say it looks “dirty” or “rusty” but that is EXACTLY what we are trying to do…to take away that bling and quickly “age” your jewelry to give it more personality and character. Lately I’ve also been OBSESSING over re doing my entire place with pieces that will bring more character and life into my living space. Again even vintage furniture can be quite expensive so what better way than using spray paint to re work your furniture? I dont know about you but I have to look and feel inspired in my work & living space or else i get absolutely nothing done! So please lets get inspired and Color My World Vintage. If your a lover of vintage pieces..I  Would love to see some of your re worked jewelry and furniture pieces.. Share with us your work of art here  on our Facebook page and lets inspire one another! HAPPY MONDAY! Love, Chriselle


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