The Morning After indulging into the most amazing you wake up feeling like all that goodies went straight to your hips & thighs?? Well my lovely darlins’ God has graced you with amazing curves and a SWEEET Pear shaped body. FIrst thing First…do NOT try to hide your curves but rather BALANCE them. So heres one MAJOR  balancing trick! 1. BALANCE BABY BALANCE- your hips with your shoulder detail. Usually girls with pear shaped figure have a narrow top half and a wider bottom half. So the key thing is to minimize the size of your hips by using detail at the shoulder to balance. Try Puffed sleeves, Strong shoulder pads, and shoulder detailing. I dont know anyone better than Kim Kardashian that loves to show off her lady lumps but at the same time this girl knows how to balance! Now we all know that Kim Kardashian is known for her curvy bottom, but watch her slimming effect with her shoulder pads. Do you see how strong shoulders can really have the slimming effect? On the left Kim is not wearing a shoulder padded blazer and looks way curvier than on the right. 2. SHEER LENGTHS- Wear shirts that are light and have great soft draping that hits right around the hip area.  3. BLACK OUT- Monochromatic colors are slimming..especially black!  4. TOOT IT & BOOT IT- Bootleg Jeans are your best choice in jeans! The oominess below the thigh area will make your hips look smaller! As your jeans tend to flare out on the bottom it evens out the wideness of your hips. I’ve gotten many requests on “How To Dress My Pear Shaped Body” So i hoped this help! Now there s no excuse to be the Sweetest Pear out there! If you have any fashion concerns..Just Ask Chriselle!




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