I decided around a month ago that I will conquer a side I have never conquered…..and that is to completely redo & design my space. The thought and the idea always seemed amazing…so I would always get started but NEVER finish. But this time around I am sticking around until the job is done! Not only do I want my home to be a safe haven for me but I want to completely get inspired by my own pieces and space. Yes I understand this is a never ending process but here we go… The living room, dining room, my office space, master bedroom, and guest room…hmmm which area shall I start off with? I get inspired by soft color palettes with strong accents, chandeliers, Rusty gold vintage pieces, cieling to floor dramatic curtains, lots of flowers, white light, and things that reflect light. Romantic, Vintage, and Glamourous would best describe my space…in fact that describes my personal style. So at the end of the day your house should be a reflection of you and your style! Like fashion….this shall be a Never Ending Journey. Wish me luck!