A Never Ending Journey

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I decided around a month ago that I will conquer a side I have never conquered…..and that is to completely redo & design my space. The thought and the idea always seemed amazing…so I would always get started but NEVER finish. But this time around I am sticking around until the job is done! Not only do I want my home to be a safe haven for me but I want to completely get inspired by my own pieces and space. Yes I understand this is a never ending process but here we go…

The living room, dining room, my office space, master bedroom, and guest room…hmmm which area shall I start off with? I get inspired by soft color palettes with strong accents, chandeliers, Rusty gold vintage pieces, cieling to floor dramatic curtains, lots of flowers, white light, and things that reflect light. Romantic, Vintage, and Glamourous would best describe my space…in fact that describes my personal style. So at the end of the day your house should be a reflection of you and your style! Like fashion….this shall be a Never Ending Journey. Wish me luck!



Ask Chriselle: What A Sweet Pair!

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The Morning After indulging into the most amazing food..do you wake up feeling like all that goodies went straight to your hips & thighs?? Well my lovely darlins’ God has graced you with amazing curves and a SWEEET Pear shaped body. FIrst thing First…do NOT try to hide your curves but rather BALANCE them.

So heres one MAJOR  balancing trick!

1. BALANCE BABY BALANCE- your hips with your shoulder detail. Usually girls with pear shaped figure have a narrow top half and a wider bottom half. So the key thing is to minimize the size of your hips by using detail at the shoulder to balance. Try Puffed sleeves, Strong shoulder pads, and shoulder detailing.

I dont know anyone better than Kim Kardashian that loves to show off her lady lumps but at the same time this girl knows how to balance! Now we all know that Kim Kardashian is known for her curvy bottom, but watch her slimming effect with her shoulder pads.

Do you see how strong shoulders can really have the slimming effect? On the left Kim is not wearing a shoulder padded blazer and looks way curvier than on the right.

2. SHEER LENGTHS- Wear shirts that are light and have great soft draping that hits right around the hip area. 

3. BLACK OUT- Monochromatic colors are slimming..especially black! 

4. TOOT IT & BOOT IT- Bootleg Jeans are your best choice in jeans! The oominess below the thigh area will make your hips look smaller! As your jeans tend to flare out on the bottom it evens out the wideness of your hips.

I’ve gotten many requests on “How To Dress My Pear Shaped Body” So i hoped this help! Now there s no excuse to be the Sweetest Pear out there!

If you have any fashion concerns..Just Ask Chriselle!



Green With Envy

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Here’s one of my fave editorials I styled last year with my team LOVE LOVE LOVE~ We shot this on the top of my rooftop of my office. So strange how some of the best places to shoot are right above you or below you!

And if you havnt checked out our small fashion film for this…enjoy :)

Joli Oiseau | A Fall Fashion Preview from Karla Ticas on Vimeo.

Stylist: Chriselle Lim
Photographer: Karla Ticas
Hair: Daven Mayeda
Makeup: Leibi Carias


Eat What You Wear, Wear What You Eat

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Not sure if my love of these bright colored blazers come from my lovely little obssession of french macaroons…but if so i’ll blame it on my beau. When we first started dating I would come home to a lovely box of freshly baked macaroons on a weekly basis..(sadly yes..2 years into the relationship..macaroon visits went from weekly to monthly to now bi monthly..Le Sigh, but i still love u boo!).

So here is one thing Olivia Palermo and I have in common….NEUTRALS. This past fall/winter all i wore were neutral and muted colors but hey as seasons change so do we. As much as I still love my neutral pieces I have finally decided its about time to add a pop of color! Sooooo my lovely darlins’ lets Spring into Spring with a box of macaroons and a bright blazer!  They say, “You are what you eat” but in my case its “Eat What you Wear, Wear What You Eat

(RULE OF THUMB: Love Olivia’s pop of orange on her heels but beware when trying to mimic this look do NOT match the exact same color shade  of your blazer to your shoes..it will look WAY too thought out and “Matchy matchy.” You still want to look effortless like Olivia does here. So make sure the colors are a little off …brighter orange on top…lighter orange/yellow on the shoes. )



Luxe Living

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Heres a little sneak peek of the editorial I styled for Vivid Magazine with the talented David Christopher Lee of Destination Luxury.
We shot this in a penthouse that was conveniently located across the street from my loft. It’s all about Luxe living in downtown LA.

This was the 1st editorial I styled of the year using the new Spring/summer 2011 collection with some of my favorite brands such as Carolina Herrera, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Valentino, etc… ever since this editorial..all i want to wear are floral prints & bright colors!


Color My World Vintage

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My love for vintage pieces are undeniable….whether we are talking about jewelery, art, or furniture. What I love about vintage pieces is that they have this “rusty” look that has been built up for decades..and yes of course time is money and money is time..and that is why real vintage pieces are so darn expensive!

So here I will show you how to instantly age your jewelry. Some people might say it looks “dirty” or “rusty” but that is EXACTLY what we are trying to do…to take away that bling and quickly “age” your jewelry to give it more personality and character.

Lately I’ve also been OBSESSING over re doing my entire place with pieces that will bring more character and life into my living space. Again even vintage furniture can be quite expensive so what better way than using spray paint to re work your furniture?

I dont know about you but I have to look and feel inspired in my work & living space or else i get absolutely nothing done! So please lets get inspired and Color My World Vintage. If your a lover of vintage pieces..I  Would love to see some of your re worked jewelry and furniture pieces.. Share with us your work of art here  on our Facebook page and lets inspire one another! HAPPY MONDAY!



Heaven On Earth

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Angelic, Serene, & Romantic….this must be Heaven On Earth. These pieces are just heavenly!

Only if I could dress in all white, sheers, and lace all day everyday..



The Bad Girls Club

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Yesterday we had to leave our classy, sassy, and feminine style behind and explore our inner bad girl style….so we did! Here are some behind the Scene images.

So a bad girl rocks her leather jacket til death do her part. She layers on her jewelry like theres no tomorrow….there’s no such thing as overaccessorizing in her vocabulary. Stripper like thigh highs socks are a must with short shorts. She aint on the prowl without her leopard prints, fringe, black lace, and cut outs. She wouldNEVER leave the house without her worn out & undone combat boots. She doesn’t care what others think cuss she knows she’s a bad ass chick.

Welcome to the Bad Girls Club.



P.S These are the behind the scenes pictures..will be showing you guys the final images that the amazing photographer Karla Ticas took!


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Although this editorial is quite unrealistic to how I would travel (theres no way I would leave my louis vuitton & Dolce & Gabbana purse sitting around while I pass out on my random neighbors shoulder) I thought the concept was quite cute, creative, and somewhat relatable! This editorial has inspired me to do a tutorial on how to look chic when flying/traveling. Where all my Jet settin girls at??



Uptown in Downtown

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I can say after a weekend of beautiful spring weather…i am more than ready to turn my thick knitted scarves into the retirement bin (well until next season that is). I had a weekend filled with nude heels..how many Valentino heels can one have??? never too many!  And I must tell you  3d flowers decadently accessorized on your shoes, accessories, or dress  is a MUST for this season (this might be an amazing potential DIY tutorial!) Im starting to adopt the color red into my wardrobe…slowly but surely I am starting to really love strong colors. I’ve been muted and neutral for way too long…can it be that I might be growing out of my neutral craze?? NOOOO…not quite yet darlins’. There’s nothing better than living in a loft overlooking all of downtown LA. Downtown LA is not NYC nor is it anything close to San Francisco..but there is something that I love so much about this city..something I still cannot grasp with my own thoughts or words. But running around in Downtown LA in my Valentinos sounds about right. I like to be Uptown in Downtown ;)




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