Totally not planned..but it was a Red Haute Valentino Weekend. The bf and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary..and what better way can you celebrate it with lots of love, gifts, laughter, and of course wining & dining. I think im still recovering from all the gluttony practiced from this past weekend. I bought myself this bright red fitted long coat from Zara…its amazing how well fitted and tailored this jacket is…looks and feels like a million bucks! I swear I live by Zara! My Peter Pan collared Little Black Dress from Jane Oh (Who I had the opportunity to work with last year)..Fitted on the top, poofy on the bottom..makes u feel all girly and giddy inside.

And ahhh yess…been looking for THE perfect nude pump that would go with any outfit but didnt look like your typical nude Louboutins. Alas! Been eyeing these Patent Nude Bow Pump from Valentino since last season…I guess Christmas came 2 weeks early for me!! Unless you have a money tree growing out of your backyard….this is my motto..Splurge on basics and classics..they will NEVER be expired. Actually the value of classics rises as they are passed down……..Ok.. fine …i’ll stop trying to justify my addiction BUT you get my point, right?

FYI- I have a VERY VERY exciting project lined up which will be released at the end of this month…I hop you guys are ready beacause its gonna be AMAZZZZZZZZE-BALLS!

Here’s a Red Haute Valentino kiss from me to you *muuuuuuah