Which Dress Are You???

So tonight is THAT night to remember…It’s the LAST day of 2010! This year has been an AMAZZZZZING year for us and I hope you can say the same! I strongly believe in ending the year in the way you want to start your new year! So why not end your year with lots of […]

Spring Into Spring

My love and obsession for the color nude, white and tan is a complete understatement understatement. These days i am completely falling in love with the minimalistic look. Forget all the layering its all about that one piece that fits you like a glove…baby, its all about shape and form. The styling in this makes […]

Just Ask Chriselle

So i’ve been running into many repetitive questions from some fellow fashionistas! So I decided to add a section onto my blog where you can ask me any questions! Whether its not knowing what to wear on that special first date, personal questions, how to achieve a certain look, etc…you can ask me ANYTHING! This […]

Beyond Blessed

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Tis the season to be grateful & thankful. I have been Beyond Blessed this past year to have crossed paths with some of the most amazing people, new career opportunities, and of course having such loving & supportive friends and family. Just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU for making all […]

The Black Swan

My love for the movie Black Swan inspired Michelle Phan and I to do a tutorial based on the movie. Here is one of my favorite looks from the Black Swan…obviously it’s not an everyday type of look…lol! But its something to be inspired by..the black lace, feathers, tulle…so hauntingly beautiful and romantic. If you […]