Which Dress Are You???

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So tonight is THAT night to remember…It’s the LAST day of 2010! This year has been an AMAZZZZZING year for us and I hope you can say the same!

I strongly believe in ending the year in the way you want to start your new year! So why not end your year with lots of glamour and sass???Whether you are gonna be partying the night away or wining and dining..lets end 2010 in a very stylish manner!

Here are the some screenshots of the looks I created for our NYE fashion tutorial.


For the girl who wants to be dangerously Sexy!


Your style icon is Audrey Hepburn, classy never goes out of style!


Why helllo Carrie Bradshaw, don’t go breakin too many hearts with all that tulle!


Are you that 70′s glamour girl? You’re alter ego must be Nicole Richie or the Olsen Twins


Menswear is the sexiest when women can pull it off, dont you agree?

Here is the full NYE fashion tutorial!!!

What style do you relate most to??? Please take pix of your new years eve outfit and post it on our facebook page we would love love lovvvve to see the looks you come up with! Hmmmm Im not even quite sure yet what Im going to wear…Im debating between the Sleek & chic or Rock & Roll Sex Kitten.




Spring Into Spring

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My love and obsession for the color nude, white and tan is a complete understatement understatement. These days i am completely falling in love with the minimalistic look. Forget all the layering its all about that one piece that fits you like a glove…baby, its all about shape and form. The styling in this makes me want it to be spring already! I know i know, im always complaining about how I LOVE the winter because i can bundle up in my layers. But if i can wear a nude one pieces with a fitted white blazer everyday….hell, LETs Spring into Spring!



Just Ask Chriselle

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So i’ve been running into many repetitive questions from some fellow fashionistas! So I decided to add a section onto my blog where you can ask me any questions! Whether its not knowing what to wear on that special first date, personal questions, how to achieve a certain look, etc…you can ask me ANYTHING! This section will be called “Ask Chriselle”

Heres one of the most popular questions that was asked several times:

Q: What do you do exactly? What does your day consist of?  What characteristics & attributes do you have to have to become a stylist?

A: I am a full time fashion wardrobe stylist and I also run a fashion production company. As a fashion wardrobe stylist my days are different everyday! Sometimes I am working on set for a music video, on loaction shooting for a magazine, or a campaign. Other days I am with my celebrity clients doing fittings with them, planning out their looks for the red carpet or simply just their everyday wardrobe. And some days I am in my office in downtown LA with my assistants planning and prepping for our next big shoot or event.

Obviously as a stylist you must have a great eye for style and also to be able to forecast upcoming trends. I am constantly on Style.com , WWD.com , and Vogue.com studying all day… everyday. You must be able to think outside of the box and be creative, take risks, and chances! You want your client and style to stand out! ALSO another important quality as a stylist…..you must be STRONG and physically in shape because you will be carrying pounds and pounds of clothing, jewelry, and shoes. Dont let all the designer goods fool you…this job can be tough! Another important thing….. Just because you love fashion does not mean you are a good stylist. As a stylist you dont want to think about YOU..but you want to think about your client! This means you cant dress your client in all the fancy things that you like for yourself….that is a big NO NO!

If you want to get into styling the biggest advice I can give you is  INTERN and ASSIST as much as possible! Here are some behind the scene images of how a typical day would look like for me!

You can either comment on this blog, facebook, or tweet us to answer your question! Just Ask Chriselle!



Beyond Blessed

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Tis the season to be grateful & thankful. I have been Beyond Blessed this past year to have crossed paths with some of the most amazing people, new career opportunities, and of course having such loving & supportive friends and family. Just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU for making all of this possible for me. Being able to seek out my dream & passion and actually living it!! I want to inspire and help the rest of  you fashionistas to go out there and take chances, risks, and GET IT!

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”



The Black Swan

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My love for the movie Black Swan inspired Michelle Phan and I to do a tutorial based on the movie. Here is one of my favorite looks from the Black Swan…obviously it’s not an everyday type of look…lol! But its something to be inspired by..the black lace, feathers, tulle…so hauntingly beautiful and romantic.

If you havnt seen my first fashion tutorial yet…here it is!! and yes please support and subscribe!! I am so excited to share my passion with you guys!!


Mcqueen’s Heaven

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So If Alexander Mcqueen was God…I suppose this is how his heaven would look like.

Oh my lord here are the 4 things im lusting over…this backless buckle dress, white lace pump (image #4), Grecian off the shoulder dress, & my favorite Mcqueen brass knuckle clutch.

Yes, we are already planning our wardrobe for this Spring/Summer (hard to imagine with all this drizzle & rain, right?), it will come sooner than you know it! Beware..there will be an influx of white goddesses floating around this spring/summer….kiss your hot pink colored frilly dress goodbye because its all about minimalism in shape & color this season!

By far one of my favorite collections…ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SPRING 2011



10 fingers, 10 rings

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why wear one ring, when god gave you the room to wear 10? we’re obsessed with iosellaini’s digit delectables that have concocted the perfect combination of silver & gold, modern & vintage and  dainty & bold rings for every outfit.

we’re a bit curious to see what we can create by using rings what we already have in our jewelry drawers. best part is that we can create bracelet, necklace and ring combos! this sounds like a perfect challenge — pictures to follow! xoxo

Up Our Sleeves

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I apologize for not updating as much as usual..but Ive been quite busy with all these lavishly wonderful christmas and holiday festivities …and ahhhh yes….a HUGGGE fashion project I’ve been secretly working on with my oh so secret partner…and guess what? It will be launched tonight… (Tuesday, Dec 21)  Im so excited to share with you guys what we have hidden Up Our Sleeves..so stay tuned! It’s gonna be fashion mayhem from here on out!!



Red Haute Valentino Kiss

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Totally not planned..but it was a Red Haute Valentino Weekend. The bf and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary..and what better way can you celebrate it with lots of love, gifts, laughter, and of course wining & dining. I think im still recovering from all the gluttony practiced from this past weekend. I bought myself this bright red fitted long coat from Zara…its amazing how well fitted and tailored this jacket is…looks and feels like a million bucks! I swear I live by Zara! My Peter Pan collared Little Black Dress from Jane Oh (Who I had the opportunity to work with last year)..Fitted on the top, poofy on the bottom..makes u feel all girly and giddy inside.

And ahhh yess…been looking for THE perfect nude pump that would go with any outfit but didnt look like your typical nude Louboutins. Alas! Been eyeing these Patent Nude Bow Pump from Valentino since last season…I guess Christmas came 2 weeks early for me!! Unless you have a money tree growing out of your backyard….this is my motto..Splurge on basics and classics..they will NEVER be expired. Actually the value of classics rises as they are passed down……..Ok.. fine …i’ll stop trying to justify my addiction BUT you get my point, right?

FYI- I have a VERY VERY exciting project lined up which will be released at the end of this month…I hop you guys are ready beacause its gonna be AMAZZZZZZZZE-BALLS!

Here’s a Red Haute Valentino kiss from me to you *muuuuuuah



Cabin Fever

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Have I ever mentioned that my favorite time of year to dress AND to style is the fall/winter season? I love bundeling underneath layers and layers of coziness!

Here is Audrey Magazine’s Winter issue that we styled & produced! We shot this up in Big Bear Mountain in our cozy cozy little cabin.

Here are a few pointers on how to achieve this cozy look I styled on Angelina from LA Models.

1. Pair sheer Nylons under your Legwarmers  worn  with your combat/ knee high boots. so you still can look stylish and WARM at the same time!

2. I love bringing shorts into the fall/winter season…layered with nylons, leggings, and leg warmers! Show off those legs in the winter!

3. Thick knitted scarves are a must…wrap them around 2-3 times!

4. Try layering a chunky shearling jacket over a soft and feminine dress (remember..opposites attract in styling & fashion!)

With these looks I dont mind the freezing cold weather….Cabin Fever it is!!

Get your Audrey magazine copy at your nearest Barnes & nobles/ Borders for the full editorial!!

Styling: Chriselle

Photographer: Karla Ticas

Makeup: Leibi Carias

Hair: Sienree Du




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