WARNING: XXX Major (Shoe) Porn Here is one thing i LOVE about my job…when Christian Louboutin sends me their latest and greatest pieces of their collection. no doubt, I LOVE my job but there are some parts that are just not too glamorous….but recieving my loubloubs makes everything all worth it! Not only are these […]

Glitter Into Gold

Penelope and Coco: The Oxfords from Penelope and Coco on Vimeo. How ahhhhh-mazing are these little oxfords? Recently i blogged about Tap Your Cocos and Make A Wish and YES…FINALLY …..now the much anticipated Penelope & Coco Spring Collection is here! We had the honor of styling this lookbook and are soooo thrilled to see […]

How To Fly

It’s that time of year again… The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This show is ALL about the styling, the models, and of course those wings…..and has absolutely nothing to do with their cotton undies. Why cant Victoria’s Secret actually sell those wings in their stores and teach us girls How To Fly. Xx Chriselle

Bloody Diamonds

I’m tellin you…I’ve never seen a dress so iced out to the T that if someone tried to give you a hug ..you will be left with Bloody Diamonds. It looks so good that it hurts but really..it actually physically hurts too. We had our little new years kick off 2 months early this year […]


As I am growing older (im not that old yet :P) I am now realizing the importance of classic pieces. I used to always want to be the trendiest and sassiest b*tch around town, but with trend theres ALWAYS  an expiration mark. the little black dress has been around since god knows when… it’s still […]