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To be quite honest theres alot of styles  I love but doeesnt necessarily mean that i love it on me.

1. The HIPSTER look…that whole cut off tshirt with cut off shorts is cool when I go to the beach, but lets keep it for the beach.

2. The BOHO look…yes it looks amazing on rachel zoe, nicole richie, and mary kate & ashley but lets face it they are like 5’0 ft tall and 80 lbs… if I wore as many layers as they did I would look like  a giant homeless zombie.

3. ROCKER CHIC … been there, done that.

4. QUIRKY- Love alexandra chung but who can pull off that grandma cardigan with that granny skirt without looking like a complete disaster?

I think 25 years later I can now FINALLY describe my style without confusion and with absolute confidence. 2 words ELIZABETH and JAMES. it’s the Perfect Combo of Classic + boho & Femininity + Masculinity.

This is one line that I have always loved and continue to love more and more with each season that comes.

Sometimes we all get so caught up with the new IT factor and new trend..but seasons come and go and so will fashion…but your style should be Everlasting.




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Mary Kate wears round shades in Chanel….

Now who wore it better???

Let the Round Off begin!


The Ultimate SKINNY BITCH Diet

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i lost about 5 lbs in one week by being on this diet.

Today I ate my YSL’s for breakfast, for lunch I had my Louboutins, and for diner I will have my Camilla Scovgaard.

So some of you guys know I have a huge editorial this Friday for a Prestige Magazine based out in Dubai. I’ve been overdosing and bombarded with the amount of shoes that Louboutin, jimmy Choo, and my ultimate favorite Camilla Scovgaard has been sending me.

Sounds like a dream job right? I have been getting numerous amounts of request for me to talk about “How I Got into Styling” Im thinking of I should blog about it for you guys or Vidoe blog about it! hmmmm (Im actually quite camera shy)

Let me know your thoughts




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The long belt loop is seen all over this seasons runway! It’s a must to know how to loop your belt like this. Make sure you by an extra long belt (mine is from zara) and follow the steps accordingly.

So heres the deal Reed Krakoff came out with a tote bag with this belt looping effect…but does someone want to donate $6,900 to my purse fund? I promise i’ll put it in good use:) 

My next post I will show you how to own a $6,900 purse for less than $60. :)

Also keep in mind this looks better with a thin belt. no chunky belts please!

no joke..i think i wear this belt with every other outfit of the week. Some things are A-OKAY to put on repeat once in a while….fine every other day.

Would love your version of the belted loop~ you can post pix on our FB page or tweet us @Chriselletweets



Pieces Of Me

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I spent the weekend organizing and re organizing Pieces Of Me. I cant say I am OCD but when it comes to my material goods…im OCD to the max. I went crazy at the Container store…this is the one and only place I can spend ALLLLL day where they dont have a single visually stimulating material good to satisfy my fashion compulsion. I bought everything from filing cabinets to storage compartments on wheels to cookie jars for my accessories.

So here is another manic monday- we have everything from Tips Of D Day (TODD) for you, 2 editorial shoot this week for international fashion magazines, 1 fashion film we are shooting for a magazine based out in Paris, and then a huge campaign for one of my favorite clients! Indeed I will need some R&R by the end of this week…Rest and Reorganize. When Im stressed I want to 1. Sleep 2. eat 3. go to the spa 4. reorganize & clean the living sh*t out of everything.

Happy Monday my  darlins’




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You asked for it~ I will be delivering to you Tip Of D Days for all your fashionable questions and concerns! We will be serving you to look your up most best at every moment and occasion.

Here goes the first Question and TIP OF D DAY!

Q: I hate wearing flat shoes but I am on my  feet all day at work. Is there any way I can look cute at work with super tall heels and be comfortable at the same time?

A: So im HUGE on heels (im not a fan of flat shoes either unless they are some bad ass combat boots or oxfards such as my favorite Penelope & Cocos) and im also on my feet all day as well. So I’vebeen working and running around all day in my 5.25 inch platform heels from Jeffrey Campbell called the Litas… and OH EM GEE they are so comfy! The key thing when buying tall heels is to make sure they have an extra platform on the sole of  your feet. With this extra platform your feet is not arched but rather laying flat on a 5 inch heel! And oh the extra platform adds an extra 1 inch on top of the heel itself! cheers to being super tall and super comfy at the same time! ( I got mine from Nastygal.com but u can also get them on revolve clothing, sole struck, or karmaloop)

You can either post your fashioable concerns or questions on my FB page or email me at chriselle@chriselleinc.com and I will do my best to answer them as fast as possible!!



The Ridge

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Finally got my copy of Jimon Magazine and it looks damn good!  We took a a weekend trip up to Palm Springs to shoot our editorial The Ridge with David Leslie Anthony (photographer) with Creative 24 agency, Anthony Gordon (makeup) with Next Artists, and Tyler Colton (hair) with Celestine agency. Jimon magazine is a 11X14 large large large print magazine that is distributed in Paris, Belgium, Korea, Tokyo, and several other foreign countries. Jimon magazine is a independent magazine  that is published privately twice a year. Although its a bit pricey of a magazine … it is  a beautiful magazine that is definitely worth each dime! If your in LA  you can find a Jimon at the MOCA museum. If you are in any other country below is a list of  the millions of locations out in Belgium, Korea, and Paris you can pick up your copy!!

Spotted at the famous Palais De Tokyo museum in Paris!

and so ladies and gents..this is what I live for….



Your Girl Next Door…In Short Shorts

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So heres a secret…sometimes when im bored and feeling a little down i play in my office & start taking pictures of myself. hahha well I lied these pictures are taken by a friend of mine Jimmy who is a Conde Nast photographer. Here are some outtakes of our shoot that we did for Wallpaper magazine. I was shopping at Wholefoods today and suprisingly came across this lovely magazine (for the first time) and its quite THE magazine. The content in it is pretty amazing and although it is a interior design/ architecture magazine they have a pretty amazing fashion section that blew my mind away. So I am pleased and excited to say I will be featured in the up and coming issue~ woohooo!

so here are a few things you should know about me:

1. I prefer to wear short shorts and short skirts with extra tall tranny shoes because my legs look retardedly long

2. I love obnoxious jewelry

3. I know my angles and thats why I always tilt my head in pictures (someone actually had the nerve to ask me if I had a burn mark on the other side of my face since I always tilt it in pictures. HA! )

4. I cannot have enough white blouses. my favorite look is a simple white blouse with jeggings/leggings or a shorts and tons of amazing jewelry layerd and piled on. oh and a pair of bad ass heels.

5. my hair is always up in that same little do because its at such an awkward length that some mornings I rather hide in a large floppy hat than do my hair. should i cut it short again or let it grow out??

Besides that im quite simple and Your Girl Next Door…In Short Shorts, obnoxious jewelry, and with some bad asss heels.



Major Damage

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I still think im on vacation mode. As some of you know I am originally from the bay area (san francisco) and whenever I decide to take a random trip back home…i always indulge myself in my favorite things… The city, shoes, and some bubbly.

I picked up a pair of these ahhhhh-mazing shoes from BCBG.. and I cannot tell u how amazingly comfortable these babies are. I’ve been working, running, walking in them all day. It’s probably because of the rubber bottom and extra platform they have.

Ive been going on this shoe rampage and i really should stop myself before I hurt someone. I just ordered the Jeffery Campbel Litas in black and a pair of sky high heeled Alexander Wangs. Champagne & shoe shopping can cause some Major Damage and is definitely not recommended



The Secret is Out!

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via popbee

So I know everyone and their mom (including me) has been hyped about this whole Lanvin X H&M collabo.

I came across the linesheet as well as pricing (the images above are in HK dollars..not in US dollars) everything is about $200 + .

There are bits and pieces that I love but some that I dont love too much. What are your thoughts? Is it hype? Overkill? Or is it all worth it? The Secret is Out …so Let me know your thoughts!




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