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So im not sure if i’ll ever get over my nude obsession but I believe that nude is the new black! My wardrobe is now 80% nude and 20% black.

Here’s my MUST HAVE list:

1. Nude underwear

2. Nude thigh high boots

3. Nude pumps

4. Nude trousers/shorts

5. plenty of Nude sheer blouses




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I promise you I have THE biggest sweet tooth ever (period.) My obsession with Macaroons can come close to my obsession with shoes (in which both are an expensive habit..one hurts the bank account the other hurts the waist). This thanksgiving week has been an overall indulgence in sweets..sweets…and more sweets.

Besides that..my obsession with thigh high stockings which I have been using these nude thigh highs in alot of my shoots. Every gal needs to own a pair of thigh highs..its an instant pick me up in order to feel sexy.

I must admit as much as I LOVE  Alber Elbaz I was not impressed for the Lanvin x H&M collaboration. (although I was VERY impressed with the marketing and promotion of the collection) I was sent several pieces (Thank you Katie! ) but the only piece that Im in LOVE with is this faux fur jacket..its absolutely perfect for any occasion!

I guess Im just hard to please BUT word on the street says that VALENTINO x GAP..and I saw some of the pieces and omg..it just seems too good to be true. But then again im not buying into this hype of collaborations anymore. More than half the people that buy these pieces buy them to sell them on Ebay for twice the price. and what? People actually buy them!

Anyways…I need to go on a Detox from macaroons & shoes.




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alot of gals have been asking me where I get my inspiraiton from when I dress myself every morning. I get my inspiration from many different places but as simple as it sounds I get most of my wardrobe inspiration directly off the runway. Seriously! I study each runway season like it’s the bible! Sometimes Runway shows make fashion seem unattainable or intimidating but i’m going to show yall how I get my fave runway looks and transform it into an everyday look… Lets call this chapter RUNWAY to EVERYDAY

Chapter 1: RUNWAY TO EVERYDAY:Hermes S/S 2011

Hermes Spring Summer 2011 collection was probably listed on my top 5 fave runway shows of this season. WHY? well they stayed true to their roots and used their own horsey heritage as their inspiration for this collection! From the Riding hats, riding boots, ultra high waisted pants, and sleek accessories..who wouldnt want to ride a hermes girl?

How I achieved this Look:

Pants: Alexander Wang High Waisted Tencel Sweatpants (These are so comfy u can sleep in them too!)

Blouse: Elizabeth and James

Belt: Long & Thin Zara belt looped around (this is an essential for this look…here is the LOOP IT tutorial)

Hat: Forever 21 Floppy hat

Watch: Michael Kors Rose Gold

Ring: Elizabeth and James Onyx Ring

Bracelets: House of Harlow

Boots Stuart Weitzman 5050 Over The Knee Boots

All I need now is my riding partna and my horsie!!



Dangerously Taking Over

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How bad ass is that diamond ear cuff….who needs 1 diamond stud when you can get all 8 diamonds in one? Our dear friend Vin not only hooked it up with his sick beverly hills estate but also with millions of dollars worth of jewels. His jewelry boutique is in his mansion so we were able to lavishly go diamond shopping in the luxury of his home.

Styled this look with some bad ass spiked louboutins,  the strongest shoulder padded blazer by Brian litchenberg, diamond earring cuffs by Vin Lee, studded dress by Zuhair Murad… i like my girls to be Dangerous.

We we have 4 covers that will be coming out on stands within the next month! It’s been a good good year….like i said. Me and my gals are dangerous…Dangerously Taking Over.



Unforgettable, Indeed

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So i’ve been eyeing this dress since it came out last seasons off the runway of Alexander Wang. This dress is the perfect example of pairing a strong silhoutte with a soft feminine lace detail. I love to feel sexy but I also hate to feel overtly & obviously sexy because its just too typical. what I love about this Alexander Wang mini dress…is that it’s not so mini from behind. From behind this dress atually looks like a long tuxedo coat because it has a coat tail! The off the shoulder lace details, with side pockets, long in the back, short in the front, the coat tail..OHHH EMMM GEEE..this dress is beyond perfection in my styling dictionary. And guess who picked it up from Neiman Marcus this past weekend??? :D

I had the honor of being invited to the Koream Gala “Unforgettable”  along with women such as Ameriie, Lindsay price, and Grace Park. “Unforgettable”  is an award show recognizing all the accomplishments of korean americans in the entertainment industry. Tons of beautiful and talented people being awarded for their accomplishments and talents. This past weekend made me realize how proud I am of my korean heritage and also proud of fellow korean americans going out there pursuing and striving for their dreams!

the Night…the event…the people….and of course my dress was Unforgettable, Indeed.




WARNING: XXX Major (Shoe) Porn

Here is one thing i LOVE about my job…when Christian Louboutin sends me their latest and greatest pieces of their collection. no doubt, I LOVE my job but there are some parts that are just not too glamorous….but recieving my loubloubs makes everything all worth it!

Not only are these $4000 Spiked louboutins made to walk in but also for your protection. Who needs pepperspray? just bust out your spiked loubs…your bound to hurt and kill someone with these babies.

These heels are made for walkin, rockin, and sockin.



Glitter Into Gold

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Penelope and Coco: The Oxfords from Penelope and Coco on Vimeo.

How ahhhhh-mazing are these little oxfords?

Recently i blogged about Tap Your Cocos and Make A Wish and YES…FINALLY …..now the much anticipated Penelope & Coco Spring Collection is here! We had the honor of styling this lookbook and are soooo thrilled to see Penelope & Coco grow every season with each collection. The women behind this line are to be adored because they are just sooo damn talented its mind boggling (not to mention…damn sexy too!!)  Follow them on twitter at Penelope & Coco .

Director: David Gallardo

Styling: Chriselle INC.

Photography: Karla Ticas

Hair & Makeup: Leibi Carias

We always keep it within the fam..im so proud to say I have THE best team….we can make Glitter into Gold yall.



How To Fly

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It’s that time of year again… The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

This show is ALL about the styling, the models, and of course those wings…..and has absolutely nothing to do with their cotton undies.

Why cant Victoria’s Secret actually sell those wings in their stores and teach us girls How To Fly.



Bloody Diamonds

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I’m tellin you…I’ve never seen a dress so iced out to the T that if someone tried to give you a hug ..you will be left with Bloody Diamonds. It looks so good that it hurts but really..it actually physically hurts too.

We had our little new years kick off 2 months early this year with a redhead, brunette, and a blonde at our friend Vin’s mansion in Beverly Hills. This shoot was for a cover editorial we did for Prestige magazine… a fashion magazine based out in Dubai.

I had designers from Christian Louboutin, Zuhair Murad, Catherine Malandrino, and Jill Stuart send me THE most amazing shoes & gowns from New York this week. It was a whole lot of AMAZINGNESS in one day and i cannot wait to share with you the editorial once its out :)

and oh that ridiculous diamond mask and obnoxiously long diamond earrings were custom made for us by the amazing Kirsten Kuehn Designs…shes sort of a big deal.

“What are you wearing for new years? “

I say “Absolutely nothing….nothing but diamonds…”




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As I am growing older (im not that old yet :P) I am now realizing the importance of classic pieces. I used to always want to be the trendiest and sassiest b*tch around town, but with trend theres ALWAYS  an expiration mark.

the little black dress has been around since god knows when… it’s still around and sexier and sassier than ever before. let me introduce you to my gals Anja, Monika, Anna, Kasia & Magdalena. LBD in your face!




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