So im not sure if i’ll ever get over my nude obsession but I believe that nude is the new black! My wardrobe is now 80% nude and 20% black. Here’s my MUST HAVE list: 1. Nude underwear 2. Nude thigh high boots 3. Nude pumps 4. Nude trousers/shorts 5. plenty of Nude sheer blouses […]


I promise you I have THE biggest sweet tooth ever (period.) My obsession with Macaroons can come close to my obsession with shoes (in which both are an expensive habit..one hurts the bank account the other hurts the waist). This thanksgiving week has been an overall indulgence in sweets..sweets…and more sweets. Besides that..my obsession with […]


alot of gals have been asking me where I get my inspiraiton from when I dress myself every morning. I get my inspiration from many different places but as simple as it sounds I get most of my wardrobe inspiration directly off the runway. Seriously! I study each runway season like it’s the bible! Sometimes […]

Dangerously Taking Over

How bad ass is that diamond ear cuff….who needs 1 diamond stud when you can get all 8 diamonds in one? Our dear friend Vin not only hooked it up with his sick beverly hills estate but also with millions of dollars worth of jewels. His jewelry boutique is in his mansion so we were […]

Unforgettable, Indeed

So i’ve been eyeing this dress since it came out last seasons off the runway of Alexander Wang. This dress is the perfect example of pairing a strong silhoutte with a soft feminine lace detail. I love to feel sexy but I also hate to feel overtly & obviously sexy because its just too typical. […]