Behind That Lace

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Behind That Lace. I find these Lace masks hauntingly beautiful and mysterious at the same time. Have an exciting project coming up that takes the direction in this style I will be announcing soon!

Via Vogue Paris



Private Peepshow

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A Private Peepshow for you for our 2nd editorial that we styled for Serendipity magazine. Here are some behind the scenes pictures. Dita Von Teese inspired- I wanted to mix feminine lingerie with dark and almost goth like accessories. This editorial was so much fun because I was able to go buy lots and lots of random fabric from the fabric stores and make a bunch of different accessories out of tulle, laces, and sheer fabrics.

and How freakin adorable are those undies? Thank you to Kiki De Montparnesse for sending us these delicate amazing pieces from NewYork! These babies are alot harder to get on and off then you would imagine…Burlesque girls definately not an easy access! ha!

Keep posted for our editorial that will be coming out in November out on stands!



Tap Your Cocos & Make A Wish

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like Dorthy needed her Ruby Reds…Chriselle needs her Penelope & Cocos for this season! I have this absurd obsession  with tranny sky high heels but after Penelope & Coco came out with their line..all I want to wear are flat combat boots and dainty oxfard heels. For me to transition from my trannys to  these flattys means that they these flats are ummmmmmm  enuff said.

I had the honor of styling their very first video campaign for their Classic boot collection as well as their upcoming Spring/summer collection which is a swarm of amazingly dainty little oxford heels.

Now tell me after watching this video you dont want to wear P&C flats all day every day!

Penelope and Coco: Classic Boot Collection from Penelope and Coco on Vimeo.

Video directed by: David Gallardo

Styling: Chriselle INC.

Hair & Makeup: Leibi Carias

Photography: Karla Ticas

Heres a little behind the scenes teaser for you. Cant reveal all the Goodies quite yet until the official Spring/Summer campaign hits!

For now Tap your Cocos & Make A Wish…..



Lost In Translation?

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Times like these makes me wish my korean mother would’ve spanked me until I got all my korean ABCs right. When Korean Daily Times came in to my office to interview me, I was quite ecstatic to have the largest & most well recognized Korean newspaper want to interview someone as myself. Although the interviewer and myself were quite Lost In Translation during this process, there is one thing that never got lost in translation….Passion & Excitement, its universal. She was able to see that I was passionate and ecstatic about what I was doing and where I was going which made this article in Korean Daily News a beautiful story.

Here is my article in the Korean Daily Times…. Click Click Here

And im sorry if you cannot understand or read this article, you and I are not much different!

It basically talks about how I started off my career as a model and then became a successful stylist and now the CEO of a Fashion consulting/ Fashion production company.

She asked me “Isnt it hard doing what you do..running your own business and styling and getting no sleep in between?”

and I answer “It is hard but I have too much fun in the process for me to even realize that its hard!”



Girls Gone Wild

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Girls Gone Wild over some 6 in. YSL heels.  Serve us more champagne and we’ll flash you….our credit cards! This is a long overdue Fashion Night Out post but we spent FNO at the YSL party on Rodeo Drive. It should be illegal to serve women alcohol while shopping. Wake up with a bad hang over and an empty wallet!



A N O 2 0 1 0

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So here it is the much anticipated official video for AUDREYS NIGHT OUT 2010 for Audrey Magazine. Twas a Night To Remember and an event that got people talking for days! Eyecandy, Alcohol, models, fashion, Music, alcohol , models, celebrities…did I mention models & alcohol already? Watch this video and you will understand why you wont want to miss next years event!

Event Produced by us Chriselle INC.
Event styling by us Chriselle INC.
Videography/Director- David Gallardo
Photography- Karla Ticas
Art Director/Make up- Leibi Carias
Art Director/Hair- Sienree
Models- Wunder Model Management

Big Thanks to our team that made this event possible: Christina Ghadanian, Patricia Flores, Lauren Fong,Tala Bahktar, Analiese, katherine Munoz, Janice Jann, Leley Chian, Anson Ho (arowana films), Daniel Gradilla, Darrin Nim, Danny Buonsanto, Robert Mchugh, Jessica Herrera, Maria Laxamana, jasmin Mejia, Alika, Eugene Choi, Mike E, Tiana, Christian, Therese, Stephanie A, Flora Wade, KC Witkamp, Cynthia Ventura, Jessica Yu, Carol J, Danny Villa, Jack Jones, Jaime Villa, Saulo Soloranzo, Andrew Yeater, and of course all of our amazing dressers andvolunteers!

“A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind”


Want To Ride a Cowgirl?

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You know what it is that i LOVE about HERMES? (besides their amazing leather and quality of their purses?) the consitancy of their designs yet they are still creative and innovative. I mean take a look at the detailing on those one piece jumpsuits…does the stitching and design look familiar? It’s exactly the same design on their hermes birkin purses. Talk about wearing a purse on your chest! And im squealing inside as i see the mini mini heremes birkin purse as a wristlet, where you can store ur phone and a possible lipstick.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bordeaux look with long braids, nude nails, riding flatboots, and of course the wild west hat! Funny just purchased a black and brown one 2 days ago before I even saw the Hermes spring summer 2011 show. Now for sure I will be rockin my flatboots and riding hat…Want to Ride a Cowgirl??

via Vogue




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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to VAMPD magazine! We had the honor of styling the cover editorial and another 2nd editorial in their Anniversary issue. In my opinion it is by far THE best issue that they have released. Vampd magazine is an incredible fashion and beauty publication, it stands next to magazines such as Oyster and Zink. Love these type of magazines because they have more of an appreciation for aesthetics, art and culture.  Which gives creatives, such as us stylists, an outlet to perform and show case our creativity to the max! Watch Vampd grow and get your issue here at

Also alot of these pieces & accesories were handmade by me. Our two faced spiked mask has been a hit and has been published in several magazines as well as musicvideos/celebrities.

Stylist: Chriselle from Chriselle INC.

Photographer: Karla Ticas

Makeup: Leibi Carias

Hair: Sienree

Nails: Julie Kandalec

Model: Caity from No Ties



A Chloe Moment

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It was definitely a Chloe moment. Chloe is like the roots to my tree…When all other designers try to create something innovative and a quick fix to mark them on the map for that season, Chloe always stick to their roots and never wander too far off from where they came from. They are a classic brand that always believed in clean lines, minimalism, and sophistication…and those are the 3 things that NEVER go out of style. If there was one sentence that could best describe would be these 3 words…. Chriselle for Chloe!

Via Vogue




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I Dare to dream

and one one day I will be just like you and not only wear a WATERMELON on my head but a whole FRUIT BASKET!! Take that!




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