Taking a look back and how far we have come, its quite exciting and encouraging. YES..its our 1 year anniversary since I got into this styling game. I am no one to brag but the amount of opportunities and doors that have opened  up for me this year is absolutely unreal. I couldnt have gotten […]

That Ring Finger

Heres a little preview to another editorial we styled for Vampd Magazine Anniversary issue. We shot this on the rooftop of the Chriselle INC office…and it was glorious. (behind the scenes) We also had a bit of fun with our Flip Cam during this shoot..check it out Joli Oiseau | A Fall Fashion Preview from […]

Chloe Will Be Me

If I ever had a daughter.. Her name would be Chloe and she would always have matching outfits with her mommy. She would play hide & go seek in her lace dress and will think boys have cooties. someday..Chloe Will Be Me. Xx Chriselle

Girl Crush Of The Day

Here is my much as I hated her on The City Olivia Palermo- she is my Girl Crush Of The Day. She’s feminine, dainty, sophisticated, and minimalistic. cat eyed frames paired with a neutral scalloped blazer makes me want to cry tears of joy. so maybe its just a closet crush more than a […]

Breakfast With Chriselle

A gloomy Sunday afternoon calls for a glass of my favorite wine… Chanel Teint Innocence compact that keeps my skin dewy & lightly covered. and my Kimchi Blue fur jacket that everyone has been wanting a piece of. Breakfast at Tiffanys? nahhh…. better yet… Breakast with Chriselle will you come join me? Xx Chriselle