Monday Mornings are quite Manic..but today it was quite pleasant. Woke up to an article on Teen Vogue Featuring us about the Make Me Over Event. Although this event was produced, coordinated and styled by us..every time I watch this gets me a bit sentimental and teary eyed. I wish we could make over all the ladies out there that truly deserves to be pampered! When a woman feels beautiful from the outside.she radiates with self confidence! And I love how Teen Vogue was able to notice just that “above all it is Self Confidence that they promote”. A big thanks to Eva Chen and Phillip from Teen Vogue! To read more on the article “Makeover Madness: Fashion and Beauty pros unite to make dreams come true!” Thank you for everyone who supported our very first Make Me Over event! With the impact we have made in these 3 girls lives we have been moved and motivated to continue this project as a yearly event! Til’ next time…. Xx Chriselle


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