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PS its Proenza Schouler‘s Spring Summer 2011 collection. Probably by far one of my favorite collections for this new season. A lot of designers were going for the “no color ” and “all white” look, which I absolutely love, but it was a breathe of fresh air to see some neons in the mix. and as you guys know Im not a fan of color..especially neons. Proenza Schouler might change my mind in inveting into some neons for next years Spring/summer…

via TommyTon



Twas a Night To Remember

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And a goregeous crowd it was, the Whos who of the asian community from models, celebrities, designers, and artists..mix that with unlimited vodka? Ill let you use your imagination from there….

The models worked the runway in talented asian american designers such as Yumi Kim, Jenny Han, CC couture, Disaya, Mik Imik, Fleurt Lingerie, Mimi Kim jewelry, and Jellypop shoes! The models were provided to us by Wunder Model Management as well as some close personal model friends of mine.

We had SERIOUSLY , a seriously talented band perform their hit “Immaculate addiction” this song was a serious hit to the models, such a perfect song to walk and strut to! Paperdoll also flew from New York to perform their 2 hit songs before heading out to China for their 2nd tour in Asia. We also had IVY LEAGUE and BOXCUTTAHZ ….the finalist from Americas Best Dance Crew work their moves, and of course Amy and Minh from HM SOUNDSYSTEM to get us groovin and play those feel good jamz to start and end our night.

Justin Chon from Twilight definately topped off our night with his unexpected nipple tassles and cut off shorts that I think possibly might’ve stolen from a strippers closet? Endless laughs while he worked it and hosted our celebrity walk which included Allen Evangelista from Secret Life, Kavi Ladnier from Heroes, Sheetal Sheth from The Toruble with Romance, Lynn chen from The People I’ve slept with, Karin Anna Cheung from The People I’ve Slept With, Soo Yeon Lee from Entourage, and CS Lee from Dexter. Major Starspotting from Emmy winner Ashley Jones from The Bold & the Beautiful, artist David Choe, Amy Hill, Jason Wahler from “The Hills”, and the list goes on. Bloggers & Youtubers from Michelle Phan, Style with Benefits and Wrecked Steller , My Ninja!, Angery Asian Man, etc.

And of course 1300+ gorgeous people mingling and dancing the night away with unlmited Vodka (sponsored by Ketel One) was flowing..maybe flowing a bit too fast? Twas a Night to remember…until next time, next year.



Sleepless September

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We have been in production for the past month for Audrey Magazine‘s Audreys Night Out 2010. Chriselle INC being a one stop shop for fashion production, we put together everything from the initial budgeting, model casting, staging, lighting, sound, make up & hair, creative conception, marketing outreach and of course the STYLING.

From the sleepless nights in the  office  with my assistants to the late night Taco Mexico runs to fuel our fire, to the backstage madness, to some Fashion crisis (of course..what would we do without them?), and of course to poppin champagne backstage’s been quite a September!

I hate to brag and all but I have THE best team known to mankind- they outwork me and out-hustle me by far…DAMN!

Special thanks to THE team: Chriselle INC. girls: Christina Ghadanian, Patricia Flores, Kathy munoz, Analiese, and Tala. Glam Squad: Sienree Du & Leibi Carias. Photography & Videography fam: Karla Ticas & David Gallardo

Keep posted for more updates on Audreys Night Out and 1,0000 other things I must blog about my Sleepless September.



Power to the Maxi!!

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Power to the MAXI! Whether its a MAXI skirt or dress, sheer or lace, thick or thin…Models around the world were seen in their long maxis during New York, Milan, and London fashion week! Stock up on your longgg maxis for this season.



It’s a Wrap!

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so yes, i have my life back now! After being in production for 1 full month for Audrey’s Night Out, I can say Its A WRAP! Countless nights of unlimited emails, phone calls, and sleepless nights..i think I lost a total of 10 lbs while I was in production. BUT no worries..i gained it all back within the past 2 days of  sleeping and indulging in rich & delicious food. I even spent 5 hours at the spa yesterday, got a facial, massage, bodyscrub, and mani/pedi.

Needless to say this past month has been an amazing month working with Audrey Magazine and crossing paths with some amazing new people.

I know I havnt been blogging much, but I have tons and tons of updates from this past month. This week will be about catching yall up, i swear!  I’ll be blogging about all the latest editorials from Serendipity, Jimon Magazine, Penelope & Coco Shoot, Teen Vogue, Fashion week, and of course behind the scenes of Audreys Night Out!!

for now heres my latest a & greatest fave editorial…



FUR your MAMA!

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Those of you who follow me on Twitter @chriselletweets or on my Facebook pg im always tweeting away about my LOOK OF THE DAY! Alot of my inspirations come directly off the runway but sometimes high fashion can be intimidating! So my job is to bring you the latest looks right off the runway and translate it into something wearable and obviously super chic at all price points (mixing highs and lows). Here is my LOOK OF THE DAY! Loving how Fall/winter 2010 collections I saw a hint of animal print on almost every runway show & designer. So this season a Leopard (faux) fur coat is  a MUST MUST MUST! As much as i  love Dolce & Gabbana’s leopard prints..mine is from H&M

EXCITING NEWS:I am producing the much anticipated Audrey Magazine’s Audreys Fashion Night Out this year! and they are looking for the next AUDREY GIRL to  WALK THE RUNWAY WITH OTHER Fashion Icons FOR AUDREY NIGHT OUT 2010! and NO you dont have to be a fact we dont care if your tall or short..thin or curvy! We just want to see that you got STYLE! all you have to do is either post up a picture of you in your favorite outfit here on our Facebook account or tweet us with your picture at @chriselletweets by September 21, 12:00 noon central time. we will be announcing winners shortly after! GOOD LUCK see you on the runway!!



Monday Mornings Not So Manic

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Monday Mornings are quite Manic..but today it was quite pleasant. Woke up to an article on Teen Vogue Featuring us about the Make Me Over Event.

Although this event was produced, coordinated and styled by us..every time I watch this gets me a bit sentimental and teary eyed. I wish we could make over all the ladies out there that truly deserves to be pampered! When a woman feels beautiful from the outside.she radiates with self confidence! And I love how Teen Vogue was able to notice just that “above all it is Self Confidence that they promote”.

A big thanks to Eva Chen and Phillip from Teen Vogue!

To read more on the article “Makeover Madness: Fashion and Beauty pros unite to make dreams come true!

Thank you for everyone who supported our very first Make Me Over event! With the impact we have made in these 3 girls lives we have been moved and motivated to continue this project as a yearly event! Til’ next time….



MakeMeOver..all over again!

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EEEEEKKKKK! I am so excited to finally show you what we have been working on for the past couple of months!

We had the chance recently to select 3 winners that we thought were so deserving to be pampered from head to toe. We flew out the Make Me Over winners Alexandra Becker, Samantha Llanos, and Sara Warren to Los Angeles, CA to spend the weekend with me and my glam crew: Michelle Phan, Leibi Carias, Sienree Du, and Karla Ticas ! What a blessing it was to get to know these three sweethearts and have the chance to pamper them!

So here goes our life changing weekend with our 3 beauties…. ENJOY!

The Make Me Over Event from Chriselle Lim on Vimeo.

Thank you to the Make Me Over 2010 team and all of our sponsors..This event was a success because of you!

“Building Style & Confidence in girls” -Make Me Over


Come Fly Away

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For those of you who are obssessed with Pretty Little Liars, as everyone should be, here is a little something something for you. The Fall issue of Audrey magazine is now out on stands and here is a shoot we, Chriselle Inc., styled and produced with Shay Mitchell on our rooftop.

As Shay plays tomboy Emily on Pretty Little Liars, I really wanted her girly and bubbly personality to shine in this shoot. We dressed her in a BCBG floral dress which fit her like a glove and a pair of the Capone combat boots from Penelope and Coco. Come Fly Away with a Pretty Little Liar…..

Photographer: Karla Ticas Hair: Sienree Du MakeUp: Leibi Carias Stylist: Chriselle Lim Produced: Chriselle INC.

Whips & Panthers

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On a typical sunday evening I just walk my black panther with my  whip and leather cape… dont you?

Frida for Vogue Paris September 2010


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