Sacred Place

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The fall preview of ASOS has officially gotten me excited for Fall 2010…the heat needs to leave NOW!

Lets talk 6″ Velvet heels, thick cable knitted sweaters, and mink fur scarves…. oh thank heaven! As you all know I am in love with the neutrals and khaki colors for this fall season but I think I will start transitioning into the rich royal purples and ruby reds for this winter! sacred online place. This gets me thinking…What were we doing before the ASOS days?



Real woMEN

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A little behind the scenes of the Cover shoot for the fall issue of Audrey Magazine that I styled, which will be out on stands early September!

One of my obsessions for this fall is men trousers with interesting draping. I love how powerful and chic women can look in men trousers! Here are a pair I just ordered from ASOS .  Also when wearing pumps or peep toe shoes make sure to add a pair of interesting patterned sheer socks/stockings to make an outfit look very well put together. This fall you will see me rocking my sheer leopard print tights (in the picture above from ASOS) with many of my looks.

Real woMEN know how to rock mens trousers and walk with sass and confidence….now thats sexy!

Rupunzel Dreams

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The only reason why I would ever want to grow out my hair again…..

Mama, im getting married…in BLACK!

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Been doing some research on our next cover editorial for Serendipity Magazine, which is the first bridal magazine targeting the asian bride, and I came across this editorial and was completely inspired. I come from the fashion editorial background which is one of the reasons why Serendipity Magazine wanted to collaborate with me. They wanted take more of an editorial approach for their wedding editorials, which is quite rare in the wedding magazine world. Weddings do not inspire me because everything is just so PERFECT. perfect hair, perfect make up, perfect picture, perfect couple. perfect white dress. I do not like creating Perfect pictures but perfecting the imperfect. I rather be called interesting than pretty.

In a perfect world my wedding gown would be a  black, sheer, and lace extravganza.

(but mama would kill me)

Meet Rose, Burn, & Vert

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Chanel is right on point with my neutral and khaki obsession these days. Introducing to you Khaki Rose, Khaki Brun, and Khaki Vert. Coming out on September 10th, 2010 for Fashion Night Out! You will see me sporting these colors during fashion week!


Chriselle Lim

Take Note!

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Say Hello to the Amber Notebook Clutch by Alexander Wang. Saw this off the recent Alexander Wang runway collection and now they are selling it on Net-A-Porter and also Shopbop! Woot! Thinking if I should get this one or the all black snake skin one. The power that Alexander Wang has…how can someone make a uniform that all models go GooGooGaGa over and coin the term “M.O.D” (The Model Off Duty Look), make a sports bra that girls once would’ve only worn to the gym,but now are running all over the streets of paris in their sports bra and calling it “Sports Couture.”  And now making a notebook as a girls most needed necessity as a purse? Take Note….He’s a Genius….




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any girls guilty pleasure, right? Looking thru my Harpers Baazar September Issue  got me a little too excited this morning. I mean good lord look at those colors and architecture on those Balenciaga heels, talk about incorporating all elements of texture, colors, and shape! In the middle goes that purple and orange MiuMiu’s … it just so dainty and girly I would want to laugh, giggle, and skip around all day in those. and then MY MY MY look at those Hair Rising hot pink heels by Yves Saint Laurent. Think a simple all black outfit with some crazy fierce heels this fall.  Every gal needs a little bit of Shoe Porn in their life!



Sometimes Less is More

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Maybe it comes with my job as a stylist? I am constantly surrounded by layers and layers of clothing and accessories every minute of my life, that these days Ive realized that I am much more minimalistic in my own personal style. As much as I love trying out new trends I have become much more minimalistic and neutral this season..especially in my color pallette. Neutral is NOT boring but they say Neutral is the new Black. Instead of your classic little black dress lets talk about your modern little neutrally tan dress! Last season I was more of your Alexander Wang and Balmain type of girl, but this season I can say I am your simple Chloe, Celine, and Miu Miu girl. Thinking about having a sample sale soon, to now minimize my life and my own closet…so yes..sometimes less is more!



THE space I dream in

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Sometimes its hard for me to leave my office space cuss this is where things happen. I always joke if I didnt have a boyfriend or my younger sister I had to take care of..I would probably live out of my office. Chriselle INC. has come a far ways from where we have started! This is where we dream, mastermind, plan, and execute….

Just a couple weeks back a Conde Nast photographer came to visit me in my office to take a couple of snapshots  of me in my creative work environment for a feature they are doing for me for Wallpaper magazine and also for the LA insider guide, where I tell you of all my secret hotspots in LA! Cant wait til it comes out to share with all of yall!

Heres an outtake from the shoot!



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lets all face it..sometimes we all feel so uninspired by our own closets that we forget the things we do have especially when it comes to your denim, not the most exciting topic right?

Well…. this past week we had the chance to produce, style, and be the JEANious host for the Jean Drive Event at the Montebello mall. One of my favorite things to do is teaching women of different shape size on HOW to wear outfits that flatter your body type the best. Jeans are an essential to every woman’s closet, right? well yes and no….I can say I was never a fan on jeans, I always found myself  much more comfortable in my leggings and an oversized shirt than a pair of skinny jeans.  As alot of you guys know I am HUGE on comfort, so when The Gap came out with the most amazingly fit and comfortable JEGGINGS (leggings  + Jeans) and they asked us to do  a segment on this for the Jean Drive event.. I was thrilled!

We also had  Macy’s, JC Penny, Gap, Anchor Blue, New York & Co. and Forever 21 involved with this event showcasing their latest and greatest denim pieces.

We had an awesome event teaching ladies how to fancy up their denim without going broke!  Whether its the “denim on denim” look or layering technique we all walked out of the event inspired to face our own closet!

Look how cute our model Hannah Mae is teaching the young and fresh fashionistas..they were asking us “Back To School” questions on what they should wear on their first day of school! ADORABLE!

Here are a couple of MUST know how to or Must Haves

1. Gap Jeggings- Cannot express my love for these stretchy and THE most comfortable pair of jeans I own. They have em in all wash of colors too!

2. Denim Jacket and know how to work the Denim on Denim look. Make sure the top layer denim is lighter in color and fabric than the bottoms to make this look work without it looking “80′s”

3. Keep your jean shorts around for the fall and just add a pair of sheer tights underneath to make them look Fall appropriate

4. Statement jewelry- this by far is my rule of thumb to any outfit, have the right jewelry that makes an outfit “pop” I love statement pieces against simple outfits (Think a pair of jeggings and a simple casual shirt and BAM an amazingly bold necklace!) Forever 21 has some amazingly fun and affordable pieces!

The Denim Drive will be happening all through out August so come donate your jeans for a great cause!  We will continue our Denim Drive event next week at the Los Cerritos Mall, so come learn, shop, and lets talk about your  Blue Crush!




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