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Sacred Place

posted by on 2010.08.28, under Chriselle Inc.


The fall preview of ASOS has officially gotten me excited for Fall 2010…the heat needs to leave NOW!

Lets talk 6″ Velvet heels, thick cable knitted sweaters, and mink fur scarves…. oh thank heaven! As you all know I am in love with the neutrals and khaki colors for this fall season but I think I will start transitioning into the rich royal purples and ruby reds for this winter! sacred online place. This gets me thinking…What were we doing before the ASOS days?



Real woMEN

posted by on 2010.08.26, under Chriselle Inc.

A little behind the scenes of the Cover shoot for the fall issue of Audrey Magazine that I styled, which will be out on stands early September!

One of my obsessions for this fall is men trousers with interesting draping. I love how powerful and chic women can look in men trousers! Here are a pair I just ordered from ASOS .  Also when wearing pumps or peep toe shoes make sure to add a pair of interesting patterned sheer socks/stockings to make an outfit look very well put together. This fall you will see me rocking my sheer leopard print tights (in the picture above from ASOS) with many of my looks.

Real woMEN know how to rock mens trousers and walk with sass and confidence….now thats sexy!

Rupunzel Dreams

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The only reason why I would ever want to grow out my hair again…..

Mama, im getting married…in BLACK!

posted by on 2010.08.25, under Chriselle Inc.

Been doing some research on our next cover editorial for Serendipity Magazine, which is the first bridal magazine targeting the asian bride, and I came across this editorial and was completely inspired. I come from the fashion editorial background which is one of the reasons why Serendipity Magazine wanted to collaborate with me. They wanted take more of an editorial approach for their wedding editorials, which is quite rare in the wedding magazine world. Weddings do not inspire me because everything is just so PERFECT. perfect hair, perfect make up, perfect picture, perfect couple. perfect white dress. I do not like creating Perfect pictures but perfecting the imperfect. I rather be called interesting than pretty.

In a perfect world my wedding gown would be a  black, sheer, and lace extravganza.

(but mama would kill me)

Meet Rose, Burn, & Vert

posted by on 2010.08.25, under Chriselle Inc.

Chanel is right on point with my neutral and khaki obsession these days. Introducing to you Khaki Rose, Khaki Brun, and Khaki Vert. Coming out on September 10th, 2010 for Fashion Night Out! You will see me sporting these colors during fashion week!


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