To be quite honest grocery shopping is probably my least favorite and least priortized things to do on my list (Thank God for my sister and bf who has an avid passion for cooking..), but today i found myself quite excited and pleased to be at Ralphs in downtown Los Angeles. Why? well I overheard a girl next to me talking to her girlfriend , “Inspirations of an Asian Bride? What makes an Asian bride different than anyone else?” Immediately I took glance at what magazne they were referring to and of course it was the one and only Serendipity Magazine. and YES Serendipity Magazine is the first asian bridal magazine targeted to the asian bride. Although I didnt anwser the girls question of “What makes an Asian bride different than anyone else?” Well I think the most obvious anwser to that is TRADITION. Anyways I was so happy to see the cover editorial of the spring/summer issue of Serendipity magazine that I styled and produced with my amazing team.

We will be working with Serendipity next month again to shoot for their Fall/Winter issue. So I guess Grocery Shopping Can be Serendipitous….sometimes.

Photography by Karla Ticas

Make Up by Leibi Carias

Hair by Sienree Du

Styling by Chriselle Lim





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