Who doesnt love Nordies?

posted by on 2010.05.27, under Chriselle Inc.

Talk about how packed the mall was on a Friday morning! Thousands of people were lined up for the grand opening of Nordstroms of Cerritos mall! Wouldnt be suprised if all the women of cerritos ditched work that Friday morning so they could win goodies as well as makeovers from Nordstroms.

Chriselle Inc. had the chance to produce and style the whole 2 day event and what a success it was! From hiring models to the creative team to styling! We had brands from Metropark, Gap, True Religion, Forever 21, Bannana Republic,  etc participating in this event.

My favorite spring trend I tried to showcase as much as possible with each outfit was the socks under heels and also thigh high tights under heels!!!

We loved seeing the excitement of all the shoppers watching our models do their thang! We even had a lady who was so excited, she took pictures with her camera phone and ran to target to get these images printed right away, then came back to give the images to the models! Our models were that good..little kids were poking them to see if they were real, talk about models being troopers!

We love doing grand openings~ Forever 21 to Nordstroms….wait til our next one!




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