Its been one crazy month of May, and needess to say I am beyond blessed with all the new opportunities, new clients, and new experiences I have been able to experience this past month! I havnt been able to update my blog as much as I want to but I have tons and tons of updates with all the latest projects I have been working on . One of the exciting projects I worked on this past week was with my amazing partna in crime Miss Sunny An  , an amazing friends and make up artist! We worked with the amazing photographer Will Taylor  and a new upcoming Ping Pong Player/model Soo Yeon Lee .  Soo Yeon has a niche market because she is one of the top women ping pong players and making it a trend all over the world! She has recently worked with the boys of Entourage and taught them how to play Ping Pong and they were so in awe with her talent and skills they decided to make an episode around her! She makes a personal appearnace as herself on one of the watch out! She also recently made an appearnce on the Jay Leno show and taught him some Ping Pong skills! Anyways…we spent a day in luxury at the Goldstein mansion in Beverly Hills and had an AMAZING photoshoot with an AMAZING team. The Goldstein Mansion is where they filmed Charlies Angels as well as millions of photoshoots from Vogue to Playboy to Victorias Secret to every magazine you can imagine. ahh yes the life. Soo yeon and So Jung (my korean name!) The lovely and talented Jewelery designer GiGi dropped me off some of my favorite goodies :) THANK YOU! Metal Haven Will and I discussing concept while holding up my fave pair of heels! My partna in crime Miss Sunny An…love her to death! On the edge of Los Angeles and the verge of death with some killa heels… Hey someones gotta do it! Go team go! The living room of the Goldstein Mansion featured in the “Houses of Vogue” The archtiecture of this house! Killa heels for some killa legs All the editorials and shoots that were taken at the Goldstein Mansion… Here are some more The main bedroom, just imagine sleepin in this glass room. “Wait…Did the windows really just open?” LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE..of LA Jim Goldstein’s obvious obsession with hats.. RR Goodnight.