Have you ever woken up and just stared at your closet not knowing what to wear? YES, even me as a stylist, just dont have the patience to dress myself every morning from head to toe in glitz and glam. My job requires me to make other people look and feel fabulous and sometimes i forget about myself, or catch myself in those “repeat” outfits. Well ladies, when all else fails just have a pair of FABULOUS shoes and it will make a dull outfit look simply AHHH-MAZING!


Here it is Alexander Wang’s FALL 2010 shoe collection. Alexander Wang’s Freja booties has been one of the most knocked off shoes this past season. I personally think this season is way better than the last, more variation, more heels, more shapes and different uses of textures. Pair these with any simple outfit, and it makes an outfit so bold and loud for you to make an entrance from miles away.


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