LA based designers stepped out into the spotlight on Thursday, March 18th 2010 with their muses. I believe that LA based designers do not recieve the recognition that they deserve. LA FASHION WEEK is a week to celebrate the coming forth of these merging designers from Maggie Berry, Jesus Estrada, Emiliano Moreno, Lourdes Chavez, David Tupaz, Mona Thalheimer, Mila Hermanovski, Oliver Tolentino, Hanna Hartnell, Michele Bohbot, Lauren Elaine, Jenny Han, Ella Brown, Sue Wong.

LA Fashion week is NOT  NY Fashion week nor will it ever be….but LA is charismatic, quirky, witty, and lighthearted.

(Thank you to Liz Sung for reporting and images. Stefhan from SHGfoto)

xxxx Chriselle


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